How Did School Form Education Essay

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Nowadays pupils take information from their parents, friends, books and media, but the main knowledge is taught at school. Moreover, the school is the part of human's life, where he makes his first steps in the world of education and gets acquainted with such feelings as confidence and responsibility for the first time. Furthermore, school helps children to learn mobility and resourcefulness, to take initiative, to make friends and to look after themselves. So, every day every student goes to school and studies, but not every scholar thinks what school means and how the first school formed. Thus, my question is how did school come?

First School

Many centuries ago, children were not gathered in groups and taught by teachers. Undoubtedly, parents gave basic education skills to their heirs, but there were not schools, diaries and marks.

The first schools appeared in ancient Greece and Rome, where first teachers were the first researchers too and taught such subjects as philosophy, astronomy, history, biology and geography. Of course, their knowledge was not ideal, because it was time when theories about the structure of the surrounding world were born and died, when the attainments about environment were not collected together. For instance, ancient scientists looked to the night sky to explore bright moon, enigmatic stars and planets, which are close to Earth. As a result, some people believed that the Earth is round whereas the others believed that it is flat [1] , whose evidence seemed more credible. Thus, those times were very interesting to discover something new about people, Earth, philosophy, astronomy and so one.

But education remained an expensive pleasure, which was not available for the majority of people. Even 200 years ago, schools were few. Children, whose parents were rich, were taught at home [2] .

The teacher's work

Many years ago, when there was no division of labor, the oldest people could be teachers, more experienced representatives of the community. In the transition to the division of labor, the teachers were people who practiced a particular craft and passed on a particular skill and knowledge. Only in the 18th - 19th centuries, the teaching profession was recognized as officially profession in Europe and another piece of the world [3] . Teaching is the most ancient and essential. The teacher's work is not easy, but it is honorable. One of the first teachers was Socrates. I think, he was philosophy teacher, because he always thought about matter of life and death, issue of what is bad and what is good. The main idea of ​​the Socratic philosophy is a self-knowledge as the path to wisdom. Once he said: "I do not regret the time, because I do not take the money, I teach for free". So, in my opinion, teachers should teach from the heart with pleasure. Bad person is person who does not like his profession.

Teachers are people that can help make the right choices, they teach, conduct. All this, in order that in the future we will become real people and will be able to select suitable jobs. A challenge for student is to listen carefully and to keep all the knowledge in his head. In my school there are many experienced, intelligent and good teachers. They always help me and other students to understand new topic. Skill teachers in the classroom is primarily a skillful possession of a training and education, the creative application of new achievement of good pedagogy and teaching experience, management of cognitive and practical activities of students, their intellectual development. I think that the work of teachers is very difficult. They should prepare materials on a particular topic lesson. Check our work. But we should to look at the teacher as a person first and then by profession. So we can say that the teacher is a great profession.

Schools in Kazakhstan

Nowadays there are about 100 schools in Astana and 7755 [4] schools in Kazakhstan. It is very different number of schools between the ancient world and nowadays. Today's generation of children is very happy, because today pupils in school can use computers, books in big and rich libraries, get marks, take more knowledge. There is set of conditions in order to learn well. Today children study 6 times a week. At home they do their homework.

The value of study

Education is one of the main points of a person's life. In ancient times, people have come to the school to rest, as in other days they worked. It does not seem to present days. Nowadays student should study with excellent marks and then in the future get a high-paying job. I know it because of history. Nowadays, not everybody thinks about today's history, notices how the time and our achievements remain in school history. So we need to think about the present, the prosperity and future. School helps to understand the value of life. Also it promotes the development of students' knowledge and abilities, increase enthusiasm for learning. Teachers guide students in the right direction, the students discover the world. The stock of knowledge helps them to be good people in the future.

My school

So, what about my school? I am a student of Nazarbaev Intellectual School. My School - it is very spacious, bright and large building. Each room is equipped with various appliances and furniture. But the school is not just a building where you study. School is life, because there are most of my friends here. This is where people can help you and explain. School also can be compared to a bridge that connects my childhood with adulthood. When I go across the bridge with every step I know something new. In my school every child wears school uniform. I think it is comfortable, beautiful and stylish clothing. At school we eat three times a day. Our chefs prepare tasty food. Also, students can develop their talents here. There many classes in our school. For example, dance club, art classes, music classes, debaters club, volleyball and others. I go to dance studio. It helps me to save my form and be energy and plastic. I like it. In my opinion, if I am a student at the school named after the president, I must comply with all the indicators and implement plans of Nursultan Nazarbaev.


Year after year, century after century, people wanted to learn new things. They taught each other and created a school, which developed their skills. When people created schools, they left a huge mark on history, because now students can study fully and improve their knowledge.