How Can I Improve All These Skills

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All of these skills need improvement. I need to plan how to do that, since they are four and time is short. I think maybe they should combine. I can research how to research then research the other three. After researching I can make a plan for each area of skills sets. By following the plan and recording the progress I will have the content for a report, but unless I track it well I will have no organization in it. So I think this will be the plan, to combine where I can and make PowerPoint to report my progress.

Learning styles are important and mine is by doing. I think most guys learn more by doing than any other method. Girls learn more by discussing things with others (Learning Styles 2010) . Of course that proves the point that learning only happens when it is applied. So, I will apply my learning to this PowerPoint, Then visual learners have to see something and I know that helps me, but not as much as hands-on. Learning by writing works for note takers and I am not one of those. I do learn my organizing. So often I borrow good notes and organize them into a study guide. I give a copy of the study guide to the great note taker and we both benefit. Basically we learn stuff by memorizing and how to use it by practice. These have to be combined or it is no use to study, because we will forget all of it.

My Current State: Where I Am Right Now

Time Management

My time management is better now than when I first tried to make it better, at the beginning of high school. I did improve then, but not enough for university. I have spent most of my time in school catching up. Since this has really been a challenge, I think maybe I will do better in a life with a little less pressure, but I still need to improve, even for a job. I go to bed late, because I have to spend time doing things that did not get done. So I oversleep and then run to classes, sometimes without much breakfast. No I still do not manage time well. Maybe I need to get a great job where I make a lot of money and hire an assistant.

Presentation Skills

My presentation skills are not good. I get really scared and I need to learn more about the software. I want to be a better speaker and I need better research skills. I think if I have better content the presentation will be easier. I have a guide to making presentations. I will try this. It helped my friends. I may never not be nervous, I know, but maybe I can become more interesting. I think that I am not interesting, because I am so afraid, so if I get better I will not be so afraid and then I will be more interesting etc. It seems to be what they say is one hand feeding the other, so I have to learn to make good content.

Understanding and Using Financial Data

I can make it through the month without running out of money, but I do not save much and I have never invested a penny. I think it is something I need to know. So I will find some sites to help me and I will learn how to read financial data and make sense of it. I am ok in mathematics, but finance is more than this, so I think there are many things to learn about it. I do not want to become a broker, but I would like to be able to talk to one without feeling really stupid.

Communications Skills

I think this is much more important than I used to think. It seems that everything depends upon these skills. Almost everyone has to be able to write a little, but those people in power in companies, the government and everywhere in the world are good communicators. All the management textbooks emphasize this. I do not think there are many job where this is not needed, and all of the best jobs certainly require it. I want to be a good communicator, because it will hold me in place if I do not.

My Plans Where I Want to Go and How I Will Get There

Time Management

Nobody ever has enough time it seems. I think it is like the ecological niches, the things one has to do will increase to fill the available time. I know I am not alone, because a lot of research shows that most people do not have enough time. (Hawkins & Klas, 1997; Major, Klein, & Ehrhart, 2002; McConalogue, 1984; Teuchmann, Totterdell, & Parker, 1996;Weissberg, Berentsen, Cote, Cravey, & Heath, 1982). Hafner did a big study on time management and he found that even going through training may not actually help. In his study half the people were trained and half were waiting for training. The half which trained felt better about their time management, but the actual performance results were not better, I think this is curious. So mybe spending money on a time management course is not a good method. I think I will try to research this and create my own improvement method. That will have the extra benefit of increasing my research skills.

I think The skills I can learn in The Good Study Guide (Northedge, A. 2005) will help with time management, at least this year, and more if I continue with more education later. I wish I had read it sooner. I also looked at Wikipedia. I know we are not supposed to use this as a source, because there is no control over the content, but sometimes there is still good information there, so I still look. It often gives me some other good places to look also. In this case, the reference list is very good. A lot of it looks like very interesting reading and some videos. There are also some helpful websites listed. I will begin with Stephen Covey. What I must be careful about is that I do not spend so much time doing fun research that I never actually do anything. I do sometimes get caught like that. One teacher I remember called it going off on a tangent, like in geometry. That fits. I must avoid the tangents.

I think I can help myself and improve my research skills to by planning how to research this topic first. I know I have already got a lot of interesting material, but I do not have a plan, so I need to make that also. Maybe I should research the planning process too, so that it is in logical order and includes everything.

Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are really important to school and for a lot of jobs also. My presentation skills are not great. I think that my language skills need improvement and this will also improve my presentations. However, I think the best presentations are the ones that people create on subjects that interest them and mostly in school this is not true of school presentations. I have a great looking guide from my friends they got from a teacher at MBA level. She specialized in using MS Office to enhance the job. So I will try that first.

I will have to report on the progress made by the end of the term, so I will create a presentation for that. This should help me both ways. It will help me organize the research and the process of improvement and I will have practice making a presentation in PowerPoint that really interests me. It is seeming to me that all of these subjects are related a little and that they combine to help each other very well. Maybe I can give this presentation at the end of the term to see how well this works.

Understanding and Using Financial Data

I am certain that this will be important in most jobs I will seek and it will also be important for me, personally. I have always been interested in this, just not enough to actually get down and study it. There is a lot if information on the Internet for free. The Motley was recommended by the father of one of my friends. I will begin there. OI will also get an accounting program somewhere and see if I can track it. Then I will find software for management. If I can learn these I will automatically learn how the market works. The rest I will get from the Fool, what I find in research and what I learn from simulation. I think the problem with simulation is that it is a simulation, and not real. By elevating it to a game it is fun and easy to learn to make good market decisions.

Communications Skills

My reading will be improving very fast as I read everything I find in my research. By reading it all and deciding upon its place in the category I learn what is in the sources. By creating a PowerPoint I can show that I can organize my thoughts and put them into a good presentation. What worries me more is actually giving the presentation upon my planned study course, I am certain there are tutorials on how to best use PowerPoint. By creating a good one I can save time and interest people


All of these four areas where I am “challenged” will combine to make me a course of improvement,