Homogeneous education system

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Even in this fast moving technological world, nothing productive has been done on educational grounds for disable people. Not a single institute in this world providing a system where students with impaired vision and/or hearing disability can sit in common classroom with normal students to acquire pioneer education. The fundamental idea behind this paper is to convert the heterogeneous education system (HeOS) into homogeneous education system (HoES) i.e. to provide a platform to special people by using speech technology, artificial intelligence and mathematical modelling. The Learning and Collaboration System provides possibly the best education to special people so that they can be confident and stand firm in this world and compete with individuals.


Homogeneous, Heterogeneous, Artificial intelligence, Speech technology.


Disability is usually defined as a loss or restriction of functional ability or activity as a result of body or mind [1]; therefore the This paper presents the idea that how disables (blind, deaf, dumb) can sit with normal students in a single class room, can take lectures and can study well.

Through 'Learning and Collaboration System' a teacher will give lecture to the class it will be displayed at multi media for the deaf and dumb student so that he can see and can query through keyboard and pop up will be displayed on multi media and can be answered where as the normal and the blind will be able to listen the voice of teacher. Also recording and printing facility (in English and Braille) will be provided of the same lecture. By this system the teacher and the guardian can simply teach and talk to the special person doesn't need to learn the sign or Braille language first. By acquiring high education from good institutes they will be able to get good jobs and can lead a normal life.


The segregation of these disable people by creating special schools, has been an immense blunder which is been committed by this world. This is because; these schools have resulted to prove special people as an isolated part of the society. Apparently, these schools have liberated the society to take these special people as their responsibility to formulate them as responsible citizens.

However, it is a very illustrious actuality that receiving education in a mainstream school is not a solution because responding to the requirements of disables is very important, and providing them with a proper and consistent syllabus is a biggest challenge of all times.

Moreover, Pakistanis believe that persons with disabilities are a social burden and a curse on the family. These beliefs lead to the misunderstanding of disability. They prevent people from obtaining appropriate information and being educated. Employment opportunities for persons with disabilities are very limited and so they are a financial burden for their families.[p]

  • Third row represents normal students,
  • Second row represents blind persons (wearing black glasses) and
  • First row represent deaf persons who has normal computer keyboard in front.

Speaker is the one who speaks in mike and record sound in an environment which is absolutely noise free in order to have a loud and clear voice recording for the first time use, so that when the instructor when ever take class and delivers lecture it will pass through the pitch equalizer.


The designed pitch equalizer will minimize the error arises due to the difference of male and female voice pitch and frequency. The equalizer will map the voice wavelets up to a mentioned levelled in this way remove the errors and then pass forward to be converted in text.


Also known as speech recognition. The lecture is first converted in to text form before delivered to student. The normal student can listen and view the text of lecture simultaneous which increase their understand ability.


The deaf and dumb student can follow the lecture by their visual sense to the text of lecture.


Now here's a display of the interfaces of 'The Learning And Collaboration System For Disables' that how it works.


Creating a Pre-primary section is an elementary step because if students would have an acquaintance about the system, then it would be easy for them to acquire advanced education from different colleges and universities.

Setting screen as shown above, helps students to choose sign language (for deaf students) or Braille language (for blind students) which ever suits then the best.

The print preview option allows having a quick glance on the page of which printout will be taken. Printout of Braille and sign characters can be obtained.


As Pre-primary module was designed for alphabets demonstration. The higher education module is extended module of the first one. Designed basically to show how the complete sentences or lectures delivered by the lecturer are converted accordingly and understandable by all type of students.

the special (blind, deaf and dumb) students.

  • The pitch equalizer will minimizes frequency and wavelength error arises due to difference in male and female voice.
  • For deaf student all the lecture spoken by teacher is converted in to text and appropriate sign language. So that he can easily understand the given lecture.
  • For blind people the software produces suitable brail printout and English language print out for the normal students benefiting them to have it in a book form which is portable and could be used whenever they want. As it is rightly said by Barbara Tuchman that "Books are the carriers of civilization. Without books, history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill."
  • To provide students with ease of recording facility of the same lecture.
  • The Software will minimize the domestic problems of special persons(very common in Pakistan). In our country there is a great problem for girls to move alone. If a girl is blind than it is difficult to move alone, therefore homogeneous system will provide very friendly environment and a girls with disability can easily acquire high-quality education and can get a good job opportunity in this way.


person with disabilities means a person who, on account of injury, disease, or congenital deformity, is handicapped in undertaking any gainful profession or employment, and includes persons who are visually impaired, hearing impaired, and physically and mentally disabled.[p] So we can say persons having any kind of disability are termed as "Special Person". The term "Special Persons" is use being all over the world; special persons have some deficiency than normal person therefore they depend on others in some matters and as a result of this disability is seen as a problem.

Persons with Disabilities face overwhelming barriers in education, skills development and daily life. [3]; The role of the professional is to assess the individual and help them function as near normal as is possible for them, to help them adapt psychologically and physically, to help them by treatment and rehabilitation to achieve the level of physical and intellectual functioning they are capable of.

To be a participant of the society, it is not confined to be a normal person who leads a ordinary life. Persons possessing disabilities, to an extent are capable of participating actively in society. With the passage of time, every effort is made to defeat all the hurdles which are faced by special persons, so that they would not feel indifferent and lead a normal life.

Barriers, mostly experienced by disables in periods earlier can maintain to have negative consequences on society even in present world. Special people attending their specific segregated schools still fail to achieve significant qualifications as compared to their non-disabled aristocrats. This failure may be a result of inability of their schools to provide them with a proper and normal prospectus. Disability is a removable problem which is created by people themselves. Therefore, controllable barriers may be removed through a productive and proper social approach.

Our initial reading As per the Quran also indicates that people with disabilities are to be treated with fully regard and to have the same subject-to-subject relations that are granted to the non-disabled[2]

The theme behind our project is to provide excellence, pioneer education to children with impaired vision and/or hearing disability under a single classroom of the top most institutes all over the world.

When we talk about special person here we are dealing with two categories, i.e.

  • Blind students
  • deaf and dumb students

Learning and collaboration system for disables is endowed of providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere so that special people does not feel isolated. It consist a lecturer and group of students which includes normal and special, forming a healthy and responsive classroom environment. Classes conducted according to this system is shown below in figure #1:


When the pattern is matched from the database then we get the display on the screen in alphabets, Braille and sign.



reply to everyone by typing text in the chat room format.


After the selection of options, main screen appears on which it provides with particular alphabet which is actually spoken.

In speech synthesizer, whatever sentence or word is typed can be spoken by the system after pressing the "speech" buttons as given.

Like setting option, the above figure shows printing options which provides various choices regarding printing purpose, that whether to print a page or in a book form for portable use.

When the lecturer speaks a sentence it will be displayed on screen in sign language as shown in figure # 7 and in this way a deaf or dumb student can view the lecture. The same sentence can be displayed in Braille if Braille language is chosen from the setting window.


The main features of 'Learning and Collaboration System' are mentioned as under:

  • Proposed System basically works to provide a common platform practically for both student and normal students so that both groups of students will have same sense of qualification achievement.
  • 'The Learning and Collaboration System' works in a very user friendly environment.
  • The instructor does not need to learn the sign and Braille language to educate

The prime and initial objective of 'Learning And Collaboration System' is to create a real time environment for normal as well as in special students like blinds and deaf to understand and respond all class teachings in a very effective way with high quality of education. This will address the day to day problems being faced by the Deaf and blind so that they feel at ease in their normal life and never think of their disability at any stage as compared to normal persons.


Our ultimate aim is to further advance this concept to a very friendly atmosphere and to increase comfort level by embed it as a mobile software to deliver the same concept through mobile phone .This will eliminate all problems from the root and is convenient for all type of students including normal as well as blinds and deaf by simply sitting anywhere of their own choice.


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