History of motorola

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The reputed worldwide Motorola Corporation had its humble beginnings. Going back to the history  it was first called “Galvin manufacturing Corporation” bearing the name of the brothers  Paul and Joseph Galvin, who bought a small business  in 1928 that dwelt with ‘Battery eliminators. It was a device that allowed battery-powered radios to run on standard household electric current.

Today “Galvin manufacturing Corporation” is a global leader in communications and electronics with the well known name “Motorola”.

Galvin brothers in 1930 introduced their first commercially successful, viable car radio and named the product “Motorola”. They continue to produce radio equipments like two way radio systems and FM technology. As the company grows the “Galvin Manufacturing Corporation” becomes “Motorola Company” in the year 1947. In 1962 the company introduces fully transistorized walkie-talkie.

As the company grows it establishes a research and development facility in Phenix, Arizona, USA. They anticipate the great potential of the transistor in the electronic world, and become one of the world's largest manufacturers of Semiconductors. The growth and the vision of the company are so enterprising that MOTOROLA begins to establish itself outside the USA. In the 1970 ties, it has its branches in Canada, UK, France, Germany, and Australia, Mexico and South American continent and many more countries.

The car radio industry was a big opportunity for MOTOROLA to begin Radiotelephone service in USA. The company produced mobile telephones for cars called ‘car phone'. This was a two-way radio, connected to the landline telephone system. By early 1970's, MOTOROLA announced plans for high-capacity mobile telephone system based on cellular technology. When MOTOROLA engineers began researching cellular technology, their vision went far beyond than car phones system. The company's idea was not only creating a portable wireless phone but also the system base to support it. The MOTOROLA mobile phones were finally introduced in 1973 which operated using radio technology and computer science.

With growing technologies there was no way of stopping the imaginative, far-sighted and resourceful Motorola Company. It begins to face stiff competition from other companies. But with its resourcefulness is goes on growing.

In 1994 it develops world's commercial digital Radio system that integrates paging, voice dispatch, wireless telephones in a single radio net work and handset. In 2002 it produces GPS chip. (Global Positioning System) This breakthrough technology helps to add this feature into portable consumer electronic products.

Though we identify ‘Motorola Company' with cellular phones, the company from its very inception had shown its capacity to venture into many fields in the electronic industry and continues to do so. We see it provided radio transponder technology to NASA in 1969 and it helped the first man on the moon to communicate with Earth. NASA's lunar roving vehicle MOTOROLA FM receiver to communicate between earth and moon. In 1980 MOTOROLA is the first company to introduce computerized, electronic engine modules to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Besides in the medical field it introduced using ‘Motorola health solution' to monitor patients with chronic heart disease etc. Patients carry A Motorola A1000 phone which detects and transmits medical information to doctors.

So goes on the growth of Motorola Company. With its marvelous and successful cellular phone it goes on adding new technologies. In the future the worlds will see more and the history of ‘Motorola' will continue.