A Personal history of a Students Educational Experiences

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A human always learns from his past experience, success, failure, emotions and self belief, I would always agree that experience is the best way to learn, reflect and achieve .every stage in my life has possible been learning curve, at the first stage of my life when I was around 6years old I lost my father who would have definitely been the biggest assets of my life, though I was very young to realise what i had lost? And what impact it would have in my future? I was very sure that I had lost something big in life ,but at some point I realised that this was the way of life and I had to move on ,I grow up with lot of support from my other family members it was a very comfortable phase of life because i had nothing to do or think I just followed the instructions of my family members but then when i was sixteen years old when I started to think on my own i realised that i had lost control over my life because everything was under my family members control i had to do what they wanted me to do, even things like school, subjects, cloths sports was not my choice it was kind of bureaucratic in nature i had no option but to follow their instruction this is where i went wrong in the second stage of my life ,i never did things of my interest so every time I did something was a failure, i didn't do well in my education, sports or personal life because i was never allowed to choice what i wanted ,we succeed and thrive when we have our freedom to choice what we want to do, stage three of my life was realising the fact that we can learn and succeed only when have a choice to make mistakes and have failures ,this is when i started taking decisions on my own, but it was not a smooth transformation as there were many hurdles i had to cross over on my own ,everything seemed new to me i had to take decision on my own whether they were right of wrong, but i was happy because i was learning .this stage of life was the most fruit full as i was able study and do things that i always wanted to do ,finally i did well in my education to achieve a bachelor degree in engineering ,this would have never been a successful stage of my life is hadn't received encouragement and motivation from my lecturers and well wishers ,with their support and guidance i decided to get master degree from abroad but this was not easy to come because i had to arrange huge funds for my education i knew the fact that things would not happen overnight so i had to plan things ,i struggled over a period of time to settle down and earn for myself ,with the belief that i could do it i starved for success and took up jobs at various places, joined work in the Information technology which was always my interest ,this gave me a opportunity to show my ability i worked hard and in no time my hard work paid off as i was soon designated to the senior post where i was responsible to lead a team and achieve company targets this move gave me a lot of confidence , over a period of two years i served for this company i learnt a lot of various aspects and got to know people from different background and different mentality ,i understood there past and learned from their experience, many were a example for my motivation ,along work i saved some money and also arranged for additional income from my family source. things worked out fine in my favour when i got a chance to take up my education at master level at uwic ,these three stages of my life was filled with sorrow, failures ,mistakes and finally success all this put to together is the experience that i have got and the confidence that i can face any situation life ,i certainly know that this is not the end of the life cycle but have created a path for the future from my experience.

Future focus

There was time when i said let me take life as it comes but when the situation came i was not prepared for it that led to downfall in a few situation of life, that is when i realised that i should set short term goals and achieve one by one .My ambition in life is after my masters in business i would like to work for a fortune company for a short period of time say about two years , learn from the experience and focus on setting up my own fortune company in the near future ,I realise Life is very challenging at every stage and every day of life, I would be glad and happy if I can achieve my ambition as that will be my biggest achievement from time I started taking decisions on my own .its better to look back at our mistakes than ignore them to commit more mistakes.

Reflection on action

Reflection on one's life is the best way to understand ourselves and take action , it gives us a opportunity to look back at our life and see what we have achieved and at what we have failed. We should always valuate ourselves using the method called SWOT analysis i.e. strength, weakness, opportunity and threats.

Strength and weakness


No man is alike ,everybody have their own strengths and weakness ,to clearly understand our strengths and weakness we should always look at our previous success and failure ,and answer a few question like how did we succeed? or why did we fail ?,seeing my success i could achieve quite a bit because i was determined to do so and had the courage to face any situation and always did what i wanted to do, my main strength is to analysis the situation and give a deep thought and analysis if i can do or should i take help from others to complete the task, i never hesitate to ask help from others if its fair to take help ,i can approach the situation in a clam nature ,i plan things before i start off which is always helpful and keeps me updated on what has to be done next,

2)Team member

When I am working in team i am more comfortable because i get many input and and support from the team which will help me or the team to achieve things in a organised manage ,i am always ready to contribute to the teams cause and never hesitate to argue on what's right and wrong ,i take pride from the teams victory ,my work experience has thought me how to deal with different kind of people at different situation ,as i was leading a team of five members at office the situation would go out of hand on quite a few times because everybody have a different option for the situation, it was up to me to decidewhich was the best solution for the problem ,it was sometime impossible to come to a conclusion then i would take the help of my seniors at work to defuse the situation.

3)Time bound

Everything has a time bond either its work, play or studies everything is directly depended on time, I can agree that I am not a very good time manager not because i don't keep up the deadlines but I work till the last time for the fear that i might have missed out on something ,i get nervous when the deadline approaches even if i have completed my task in time ,this is because of the negative feeling i carry thinking that i might have gone wrong somewhere ,when multiple tasks are assigned to me its a havoc because i tend to get confused on what to do first , this is a sticky situation where i spend most of of time analysing which is important.i tend to loose my confidence and patience of things are not done on time this leads to anger and frustration.

3) Confident presenter

As a team member or a individual we should be able to present anything with confidence ,whether we do a project or a small presentation we should always have the proper content and well prepared to face the audience,this is where i excel as i am always well prepared for the presentation with lot of revision and also a list of answers for the expected question ,but i do have a weakness where i fear that i might forget something during my speech or presentation,i always try to overcome this situation by lot of practice which might be time consuming but its worth the effort than standing speechless in front of crowd ,i am blessed to have quite a few oppurtuinty to present myself in front a huge crowd during my school and college days this is where i forgot the words called stage fear.

Stratiges for changes

During my days in school and college i have always looked back and corrected myself from the previous mistakes but now i realise if we keep looking back and don't concentrate on the future its difficult to survive therefore now i have made it a point to look forward for the problems i might face during my MBA and after it so that i will be well prepared ,few threatrs that i might come across is that i might be in need of financial help during my course therefore i will have to look out for oppurtuinty to work and earn some money which might cover a part of my expenses,the other treats may be in my skills ,team work and time management ,i will have to attened many more debate sessions and look for chances where i get to learn new skills like writing and reading various books ,work as a team on my projects get more ideas from my team and to lead the team in the right direction ,the main problem is with the time management where i spend more time on analysisng ,i will have to take a different approach like starting early may atleasta day or two before others get to work,i should over come the fear of negativness in myself and be confident ,this way if i am able to stick to the time bond then i will never have to frustrated about anything and work things out in planned manner.

To maximise my opportunities i need to get along with different people from different background and understand them, i would always starve to find different option where i would get work and understand the culture ,build confidence in others that they can relie on me and trust me that i can achieve anything,to achieve all this i need to be academically strong and be ready to grabs any chance to showcase my abilities and build trust among people .sincere ,hardwork and commetiment to what i do is the most important thing that is going to get me up the lader.

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