Higher Education Leadership And Administration Education Essay

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I work as a lecturer of English at University of South-East Asia, Siem Reap. Joining the university's activities, planning lessons, preparing assessments, meeting for development and working cooperatively with the academic staff are the duties and responsibilities I have to do.

Joining university's development and social activities is my first responsibility. I have to give some ideas to the gap points that the university has. Moreover, I have to help the university join the social activities. For example, every 9 September is the environment day of University of South-East Asia, and I have to join in order to pick up rubbishes in Siem Reap to make the town clean.

Planning lessons is another duty that I have to do. I have to plan every session I teach and submit my lesson plans to the head of teachers to check, and I have to follow the school's course outline.

Another responsibility is preparing assessments. I have to prepare two assessments: on-going assessments and examinations. In the on-going assessments, I have to prepare homework, assignments, quizzes and unit tests. In the examinations, also, I have to prepare midterm exam and final exam and submit them to the head of teachers to check before approving to put the test for students.

In addition, meeting for development is another important responsibility I have to attend. University of South-East Asia usually has a meeting with all lecturers in order to discuss about the problems the lecturers face. Moreover, there are workshops, seminars or conferences that requires lecturers to assemble so as to allow lecturer to get more knowledge beside their skills.

The final responsibility is to work cooperatively with academic staff. I have to have a good communication with all the staff so that I can suggest things I need and be informed regularly for any change in my teaching schedule.

In conclusion, I am achieving my career as a professional lecturer of English by performing these duties and responsibilities. Performing these activities make me confident and gain more knowledge in my teaching.

Describe specifically what skills and knowledge you want to gain from your study and how this study will contribute to your job after your return.

Research methods for improving learning organizations, strategic plan, needs assessment for learning environments, assessment strategies to improve adult learning, adult learning theory, instructional design, and successful leadership in higher education administration are the essential skills and knowledge I would like to gain from my proposed study in Master of Education in Higher Education Leadership and Administration. These skills and knowledge play vital roles in additionally fulfilling and sharpening my gap knowledge, capacity, and experience in order to strengthen and improve the role and accountability of my future job as a dean in a university.

Research methods for improving learning organizations are significant skills for me to apply fundamental research skills in developing and delivering adult education programs in my university. With these areas, I will be able to assist my board of directors in analyzing and evaluating the programs more effectively to ensure they meet both university's needs and the changing contexts of development of Cambodia and the process of reaching ASEAN Integration in 2015. Furthermore, I will be proficient in designing good adult education programs, which are the most important to reach the goals and requirement of an adult education, for better quality education in my university.

Another skill that I want to obtain from my study is making a strategic plan. It is very beneficial for me to define strategic thinking and a planning tool for improving my university. Moreover, I will be able to help my rector plan more effectively in improving the quality education of my university.

By taking part in meeting for development in a university, I can, furthermore, apply needs assessment for learning environment in order that I can help my university measure where it is and where it wants to be. Likewise, I will be skillful in demonstrating how analysis and assessment grow in importance as a university become more concerned with competitive advantage and employee expertise.

Assessment strategies to improve adult learning are another skills and knowledge I would like to gain. It is very vital for me to design a valid, reliable, and fair tests and scoring rubrics as well as provide evaluation and reporting results and cost-benefit analysis. Additionally, I will be able to write clear, concise and complete learning objectives in formative and summative assessment elements.

Another important skill I want to acquire is adult learning theory. Along with this skill, I will be able to know the teaching and learning strategies for adult learners. I can, also, apply this skill to discuss case studies, problem-solving strategies, collaborative learning, and distance learning techniques with my colleagues and board of directors.

Above and beyond, instructional design, is one of the skills mentioned above, is an further skill I want to attain. By studying this skill, I will be able to learn the principles and practices of using a system approach model for the analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of instruction for adult education programs. Correspondingly, I will be able to accurately and completely apply an instructional systems development model to adult education programs.

Most importantly, successful leadership in higher education is indispensable knowledge that I must gain. This skill plays a crucial role for me to explore theories, concepts, and behavior of effective leadership necessary to address the challenge of organizational change within higher education and training environments.

To sum up, the above specific skills and knowledge I obtain from my study are a major contribution to the provision and development of the wider scope for the role and responsibilities of my present and future career. That is why, this study is my lifelong scholarly interest to unlock my potential to improve my employment prospects.

Describe specifically how your study and research will enable you to contribute to education quality improvement in and the social and economic development of Cambodia.

I am convinced and optimistic that I can make a contribution to improving quality education, social and economic development in Cambodia throughout the application of my proposed study for Master of Education in Higher Education Leadership and Administration in a number of ways.

"The value of education is a factor or mean for individual improvement and socio-economic development, " P.M. Hun Sen said. Though my country has been developing the education for a few decades, the quality education is still low due to the fact that there are only few experts in designing good curricula. Therefore, throughout my study, I will hopefully be developed to be a quality research specialist for my country to cooperate with other existing professionals to improve the quality of education in Cambodia by designing good curricula in line with ASEAN Integration's perspective.

Applying my proposed study to make a positive impact on management and development of my university's strategic plans is another contribution to the development of Cambodia. To accomplish this, I will help my university establish a high standard research and research team in order to reflect strategic plans implementation regularly to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency for a long-time development.

In this spirit of development, I will also contribute my study and research that can lead others in strengthening and developing their capacity with high quality education in line with the goal of the Royal Government's Rectangular Strategy. Likewise, they can improve their standard of living and contribute to ensuring peace, political stability, and social order within human dignity, sustainable development and morality.

Teaching at other universities to develop human resources correspondingly to labor market is another way I can apply my study and research to participate in the country development. As it might aware that a greater the number of universities is increasing in Cambodia, some universities do not have adequate quality and qualified lecturers; therefore, I am willing to make a difference by utilizing my quality, capacity, analytical ability to transfer all my significant knowledge and skills to build up the next generations to be a great successor. Moreover, I can also make an involvement in the research development at any university where I teach to explore more new concepts of this course.

All in all, my proposed study will provide me with complete enthusiasm to serve the interest and socio-economic development of Cambodia throughout a host of work as mentioned above. With this in mind, I am willing to make them happen upon my return from my study.