Hazardous substances

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UK and EU laws for the control of hazardous substances:

United Kingdom and the European Nations have regulated a law regarding the usage of the hazardous substances at workplace or any other places. Some of the laws are COSHH, ROHS, and FHSA etc.

The control of the substances hazardous to health (COSHH) related to the control of the hazardous substances that are harmful to health when the substances come in contact to the person.

COSHH can prevent the people exposure to perilous substances by finding what are dangerous to health and the methods to prevent that harm the health and provide the proper control measures in working order and providing the training for the people about the substances.

Many companies and the businesses uses the substances for the different purposes like cleaning etc where the substances contain many harmful concentrated solutions such as paint, bleach etc .

What are hazardous substances?

The substances such as chemicals, dusts, gases, biological agents, substances that contain chemicals etc are called hazardous substances. Most of the chemical substances are indicated with the hazard symbols. The law COSHH do not apply to the metals like lead, asbestos and radioactive substances like uranium etc. The chemicals are indicated with the symbols depending on the stage of its harmfulness.

The hazardous substances are very harmful because they stay in the environment for long time after they enter into the air. The ecosystem and the human health are affected due to the increase in the harmful substances in the atmosphere. [2]

Review of the law:

The main objective of the COSHH is to stop and to control the contact to the substances that are harmful to the health to prevent the illness to the health.

Ti is possible to control the substances that cause harm to the health by using the controlled equipment in a correct and controlling procedure. The training and the usage of the chemicals only on under the supervision of the experienced person will be helpful to stop the dangers that would be caused by the substances.

The equipment for the CSOHH is general and exhaust ventilation, respiratory protective equipment and personal protective equipment.

The way of using the equipment includes the operating procedure under the supervision and training of the experienced staff. Also testing the equipment regularly to find out if it is working properly and there the record of all the testing should be maintained.[1]

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