Growth As A Writer Through Education

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Writing English papers may be perceived by many people as a relatively easy affair but this is far from the truth. Many people face challenges writing English papers although some do not acknowledge the difficulties they face when writing such papers. Last year I had difficulties writing grammatically correct papers partly due to a mental disability I had. I suffered from ADHD since I was young and although it affected my ability to learn and grasp concepts fast, I eventually overcame this challenge through support from my parent, teachers and fellow students. During the past year, I had challenges writing English papers since I had not grasped many concepts relating to writing. I never knew the importance of an outline when writing a paper and many times I wrote content which was out of context. I also had problems with grammar, sentence structures and referencing. However, with support from my teachers and peers, I gradually learned writing skills and became one of the best writers in my class. I believe that I have grown as a writer over the past year and that I have the necessary skills to write a good English paper both in terms of content and grammar. This essay will discuss my growth as a writer, my weaknesses and strengths and my general experience in writing.

As I have stated before, I am confident that I have grown as a writer especially over the past year. This is my second year in college and I have learned effective writing skills including steps involved in writing a paper. I first learned topic selection, which is extremely important because it determines the content which will appear in the paper. I was also taught the importance of the thesis statement. I then learned research skills especially when writing academic papers. I learned how to use academic journals and books to obtain credible information. In my first paper ‘The Media Sets the Standards’, I was forced to redo the entire paper after using a biased website as a source. During the past year I was also taught how develop an outline. I also learned to write a rough draft, which is followed by the final draft. Both drafts ought to be proofread in order to remove any errors which may exist in the paper (Elliott 22-25). Finally, I was taught about referencing using the Modern Language Association (MLA) referencing style. I never knew all these steps during my first year and the fact that I am comfortable applying them in writing English papers proves that I have grown tremendously as a writer. I am one of the best writers in my class, something I never knew I would be able to achieve since I was young.

My major strength in writing is the aspect of research and presentation of content in a smooth manner. I have had experience using different research tools including the Internet, journals, books and primary information sources such as interviews. I am able to process information gathered and to separate what is important from what is not. I believe this is one of the most important qualities any student should possess since this is the only way I which knowledge can be gained (Rogers, 11-13). I am also able to put the research obtained into writing and to interlink all ideas in a manner which enables readers to easily grasp the information presented. Many people are able to read books and journals but they are unable to convert what they read into words which are easily understood by all (Princeton Review. 34-37). I believe that I have the skills and experience needed to carry out research and present findings in a clear manner. I recently wrote a paper on abusive relationships and homelessness and although there were issues relating to grammar, the professor commended me on my research skills. He explained that if I improved my grammar skills and matched them with the research skills I would be one of the best English students he had ever met.

I believe that my major weakness lies with grammar and referencing. Although I have been taught grammar and referencing for a long time, the health problems I had when I was young limited my knowledge for basic writing skills. I suffered from ADHD when young and during this time I did not muster effective grammar and referencing skills. There are many referencing styles which I do not have knowledge about including Chicago style, Oxford referencing and Harvard referencing styles. However, I have been keen to learn effective use of grammar and proper referencing in order to make a good writer. I have mustered to use the Modern Language Association (MLA) referencing style and I am working towards learning the other referencing styles. I have also increased the books I read in order to muster the effective use of grammar. In addition, my research skills have helped me understand the different referencing styles present and I am practicing their use. I have made significant strides as far as this is achieved and I am aiming at improving my writing skills.

Technology has played a crucial role as far as learning how to write English papers is involved. The thesaurus and spell-check features in modern computers have assisted me in reducing grammatical errors made while writing (Popper 59-63). The advancement of Internet technology has assisted me in learning research skills which have in turn helped me understand referencing skills as well as many other writing skills I possess. Technology has played an important role in the classroom since I was growing up. Having ADHD made learning challenging and various technologies applied to the classroom made learning easier and more comfortable. I would say that technology is one of the most important factors which have enabled me learn not only writing English papers but understanding other diverse subjects at large. I would encourage all students to take advantage of available technology and especially the Internet to learn issues they have no knowledge of.

In summary I am confident that I have improved my English writing skills significantly over the past one year. I have mustered research skills and writing content which is within context. However I have weaknesses in referencing articles and books used and using grammar accurately. I am applying Internet technology together with knowledge from the Professor to improve these two attributes. I would like people to know that in addition to academic skills, I have the relevant social skills needed to live in harmony with other people. I have developed tolerance for other cultures and I am in fact interested in learning new practices from different cultures. My parents taught me the importance of religion as I was growing up. I believe that religion has helped me accomplish many goals and overcome challenges throughout life. It has allowed me to have inner peace and to remain calm even when faced with the most difficult situations. I also observe certain principles such as honesty, empathy, respect, responsibility and accountability, which were imparted in me by my mother. I believe that these skills and principles are as important as academic writing skills and will enable me to assist the underprivileged in society in future.