Gratifying And Beneficial For Future Learning And Motivation Education Essay

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"Consequences of self-assessment such as reviewing and evaluating portfolios, are immediate gratifying and beneficial for future learning and motivation."

Paris S.G, & Turner J.T (1994)

This assignment will focus on my personal development portfolio. It includes personal skills review, where I will do self analysis of my skills using management models and tools. Moreover I will review my personal aspiration and will explain my goals and objectives of my life including mission and vision statement of mine. This assignment will also highlight the labour market review of my personal aspiration. This assignment will also include the personal action plan of myself where I will explain the skills that has to develop and how and who will help me to develop those skills.

Personal Skills Review:

This part of assignment will review my personal skills using various management models tools and technique.

SWOT Analysis of Myself:

SWOT is the abbreviation of strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. SWOT can be used to measure the degree of "fit" between the organisations strategies and its environment, and to suggest ways in which the organisations can profit from strengths and opportunities and shield itself against weaknesses and threats (Adams, 2005). In this assignment I will apply SWOT analysis to myself to understand my skills using strengths and opportunities, weaknesses and threats will help me to realize any hurdle that I will face to reach my objectives and how to overcome them.


Time Management

Critical Thinker

Weak Technical Knowledge

Lack of Work experience



Highly Motivated

Self Controlled

Managing Conflict

Active Listener

Good Communication


Good Contacts/Successful networking



Competition in my field

Economic crises leading to fewer jobs

Weakness lead to threats

Globalization e.g. have to work away from family


Deadlines helps me to achieve targets

Positive trend in my field

Opportunities for personal development


Above diagram shows my strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. Strengths are the skills and my positive factors that I have controlled on them and which help me keep motivating towards my goals. Weaknesses reflects the factors which I am not good at, opportunities shows the factors which are helpful for me in future and present life and threats reflects the factors that can affect my goals and objectives. SWOT analysis helped me to realize the potential within myself and the factors I have to work on and developed them.

Learning Style:

During the study of this module I have been given a learning style questionnaire which helped me to find out my learning style. The learning style questionnaire was VAK (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) learning style self-assessment questionnaire. The questionnaire contains 30 questions and I scored most in auditory and kinaesthetic that means I learn more when I listen and do things physically. The filled questionnaire is attached in my portfolio.

Theory X and Theory Y:

Douglas McGregor is an American social psychologist, he suggested the well known X-Y theory in his "the human side of enterprise" in 1960. In theory X management consider employees congenitally lazy and will refrain work if they can and if they dislike work. In theory Y management assume employees are self-motivated, ambitious and exercise self control and believed employees enjoy their mental and physical work duties. The theory X and theory Y questionnaire I filled reflects management style and or managed by theory X or theory Y. The score shows I strongly preferred theory Y in both cases that means I am self motivated, ambitious and enjoy the task I have been given. This questionnaire helped me to realize what type of management I like or in work with. The theory X-Y questionnaire is attached in my portfolio.

Others questionnaire and tests to review my skills:

Apart from above questionnaire I have done personal skills time management and emotional intelligence test. Personal skills time management reflected the various factors of my life in which I am good or bad in keeping time management. The emotional intelligence test I carried on website called which shows my emotional intelligence is not extremely good. The personal skill time management questionnaire is attached in my portfolio.

Personal Aspiration review:

My aspiration is to finish my ongoing bachelor's degree and will do masters in international business and join the department of foreign affairs back home Pakistan or if I do not successful in this I will continue my studies and will do ACCA and join any good multinational organisation in management field and settled my career in same business industry. My aspirations are inspired by different models and tools:

Lewin's Field Theory:

Lewin (1947) quotes

"A successful individual typically sets his next goal somewhat but not too much above his last achievement. In this way he steadily raises his level of aspiration."

"If you want to truly understand something, try to change it."

Lewin in well known for his development of the field theory. The theory is the proposition that human behaviour is the function of both the person and the environment. Field theory basic statements are

Behaviour must be derived from totality of coexisting facts,

The coexisting facts make up a dynamic field which means that the state of any part of the field depends on every other part of it.

Behaviour depends on the present field rather than on the past or the future. This is in contrast both to the belief of teleology that the future is the cause of behaviour and that of associationism that the past is the cause of behavioe.

I mentioned this theory my aspiration was not same as they are now, my aspirations are focused either this or that. My aspiration used to become entrepreneur but while doing degree course I realised this not easily achievable as I thought. As mention in Lewin field theory the environment does affect and an individual should have achievable goals, so I decided my goals and I am very focused on them.

SMART Objectives:

SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed. I applied SMART to my aspiration and got following results:

Specific: my aspirations are specific either join department of foreign affairs back home or career in management job.

Measurable: my aspirations are measurable it will take another 3 year, I have six month left to finish my degree course and year and half more for my masters degree and one year for unseen circumstances.

Achievable: my aspirations are achievable to finish my degrees with good grades and look for job.

Realistic: my aspiration are realistic I will get help from my parent to pay my masters fees and pass an exam to join department of foreign affairs or look for managerial job in multinational organisation.

Timed; my aspirations are achievable in three years. I have given an extra one year for unseen circumstances.

Labour Market Review - Relevant to my own Aspirations:

Higher education career services unit is known body in UK providing details about labour analysis and new market trends for graduate. In their July 2010 issue they have discussed that UK market is saturated due to globalisation and new agenda between European Union and UK authorities.

Job one - Joining the department of foreign affairs: to get this job as section officer I have to pass an exam called CSS, this is civil services exam and requirement of this job after passing this exam I have different future career opportunities in civil service of Pakistan but I will join foreign affairs. The starting salary is average but time to time you promote to higher position and salary goes up.

Average Finance Manager Salaries by Region

In GBP as of Jul 15, 2010







South East  



East of England  



South West  



North East  









Yorkshire and The Humber  



North West  



East Midlands  



West Midlands  



Job two - find a management job in multinational organisation: if I do not success in my first job I will do masters degree along with ACCA and join good multinational organisation in management field my priority would be as finance manager. Below are the figures of salaries of finance managers in different cities:

Adopted from (

Maslow's hierarchy of needs:

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs


Maslow's theory is that human being motivated by unsatisfied needs, while choosing my aspiration I considered Maslow's hierarchy of needs it is basic needs of an individual at work place.

Discuss of Alignment between skills/aspiration/current labour market opportunities:

I have wider scope of my aspiration in labour market my first job I have to go through the civil service examination of Pakistan and will get opportunity to obtain a job. My skills are good enough to help me to achieve this objective of my life and have successful career in specific job. In some circumstances I do not successful to obtain this job I will have good qualification to obtain job in corporate industry in management field but some of the skills I have to work on them and developed them to be successful such as time management it plays vital role in an individual's life to be successful.

Personal Action Plan:

Skills Need to be Developed

Why this skill important to me in relation to my ambitions

How I will work on this development. Who or what can help me support me in this respect

Time Management

Time management is important for me to become a successful man. If I manage my time well I can more concentrate on my studies.

I have to do a bit of struggle I have to make a time table and fallow it strictly after a few weeks I will get used to of this. I think no one can help me on this its all on me to manage my time.

Critical Skills

It will helps in my higher studies where I have to do research's and make thesis

I have to read more gather more information on specific topic and I can get help from my lectures they can help me to give better advices

IT Skills

IT is in every field basic skills of IT don't help much. IT can help me in my education, personal life and work life.

I am planning to do some IT courses part to improve my IT skills and can get some information's from my friends.

Decision Making

It is always important for team leader or managers to take some quick decisions.

I will discuss this with my lecturer and take some advice.

Research Skills

For university student I must learn research skill that will help me to make my assignments and thesis.

I have to give extra time to studies and read in depth and can get help from lecturers.

Thinking Skills

I have to work on my thinking skills because that will help me in my academic life and work life.

I must think positive and always think about planning my studies and time. It's up to me how I think about something.


Personal development and making portfolio helps to realize skills and ability an individual have. During this work I have learned and realised most of my skills that I was not aware of them. In this assignment I have done my SWOT analysis and I found out my strength and opportunities. I also review some other skills of mine during this assignment and I also reviewed my personal aspiration and labour market for my aspiration. The final part of this assignment I draw personal action plan where I mentioned some of my skills that I need to develop more for my aspiration.