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Google Code And Xerox Code Of Conduct

Serve Our Users:

Users give great respect and value to the Google by not their delivery of great products and services, but because of their high standards in treating their customers and also due to the principles followed by them. The basic and standard principles that Google follow are: Integrity, usefulness, Privacy and freedom of expression, responsiveness and action taken by them.

Respect Each Other:

Google ask their employers and the users to create a respectful workplace culture that is free of nuisance, terrorization, bias and unlawful discrimination. In order to prevent any disrespect in the googlers, Google have prepared a handbook of how the people need to conduct themselves at work. It involves in detail about (i) Equal opportunity Employment (ii) Positive Environment (iii) Drugs and Alcohol (iv) Safe Workplace and (v) Dog Policy

Avoid Conflicts Of Interest:

The working organization of Google has a responsibility to provide always the best for the customers and also for the employees. Google has implemented some sort of queries that makes us question ourselves and need to avoid conflicts. They say, whenever we face any potential conflicts review the situation with the manager and ethics and compliances and ask us to get their approval.

Preserve Confidentiality:

Preserving the confidential information is one of the difficult tasks and the confidentiality need to be preserved in order to prevent the leakage to other companies as they may suffer huge losses. They have notified some points which are to be kept secret like the Confidential Information which includes financial product and user information, Google Partners, Competitors; Former Employers and Outside Communications and Research.

Protect Google's Assets:

The well-earned reputation of Google for its generosity with the employee and openness of the confidential information, shared by the working staff. Google have discussed certain points that deal with how well the company can conserve the recourses and protect their information and assets. They include

(i) Intellectual Property (ii) Company Equipment (iii)The Network (iv)Physical Security (v)Use of Google's Equipment and Facilities (vi) Employee Data.

Xerox Code Of Business Conduct

Purpose and scope: The main purpose is to help the people find a better ways to do a great work by constantly leading in document technologies, products and services that improve our customers' work processes and business results. The Code of business conduct is designed to assist us in piling our actions and decisions with our core values and compliances requirements as we move through our requirements. Its scope is to help us in recognizing the ethics and compliance issue before they arise.

Satisfying our customers: The basic principles that Code follows are: Conducting the sales and marketing with integrity, Avoids conflicts of interest, Respects Gifts and Entertainment restrictions, being aware of special restrictions posted by government customers and safeguarding the customer information. These are the basic principles which satisfy their customers. The other reason is by delivering good quality and Excellency in their working towards the customers.

Delivering quality and Excellence: Xerox code sets high expectations for them as they deliver high quality products, services and solutions. This type of hype in the business is a good sign as the expectations of high standards from organization results in the same expectations from the customer about a product. They exercise a proper control over fiduciary, respects and stands up by policies, procedure and regulations, it also follows protocols for any need to release information and promotes proper procedures and conduct throughout the supply chain.

Valuing our employees: The competitive advantage mainly depends on their people and their energy and creativity. Employers being diverse, talented and motivated people are aligned to a common set of goals. Because of conducting their communications among all levels of their employees in an open and a honest way subjected to legal and competitive restraints. They also focus on certain type of activities that value their employee. They are: Non-discriminatory Employment Practices and Anti-Bullying, Focus on Diversity, Health and Safety, Alcohol and Drug Misuse and Privacy Rights of Xerox People.

Requiring premium return on assets: Due to the better principle, the code conduct may get premium return on assets. They follow particular set of orders for a smooth flow on assets, they are: it safeguards all the company assets, it protects the intellectual property and the copyrights, prevent insider trading and also maintain business records in accordance with creations and retention policies.

Compare and Contrast the two Policies:

Satisfying Our Customers:

The Google and the Xerox code of conduct, give equal importance but their ideas differ in the following manner:

(i) Xerox code of conduct says that, they earn their customers by maintaining trust, fair, honest and lawful dealings and by delivering great values. On the other hand Google not only deliver great products but win their customers by holding themselves to high standards in how the users treat them to be.

(ii) Xerox code of business says that listening to their customers can meet the business requirements by having a good customer interaction where as Googlers believe, trust in the customers is their valuable assets and earning them is all that they need and will be doing anything for the sake of them to earn it( in a legal way).

(iii) Xerox code provides accurate and complete information so that they make informed decisions where as the Google products features and services are provided to make their product more useful for the customers.

Delivering Quality And Excellence:

Both the organizations develop good quality and Excellency in their way of working and showing respect to their fellow customers. They differ in:

(i) Xerox code delivering high quality products, services and solutions, are critical to their business success where as Google make the products more useful to their customers.

(ii) In order to deliver a good quality and excellence the Xerox code meet the expectations which obey the legal, policy and financial control where as Google preserve the trust which requires respect and protecting the privacy of the information.

(iii) Xerox code doesn't take any action that damages or scrutinises the company reputation as an ethical company and also ensures an accurate financial records which reflects a true transactions where as Google company secure, label and when appropriate dispose confidential matter.

Preserving Confidentiality:

(i) Google organization safeguards the confidential information that receives from other customers or the company employers under non disclosure agreements where as Xerox code of business says that each of us are accountable for safeguarding all valuable information like the assets, patents, copyrights and so on.

(ii) Business records which are legal, historical financial and other purpose are taken appropriate steps to ensure all the documents are authenticate and reliable by the Xerox code, but the Google don't accept any confidential information from any of the companies before signing a non-disclosure agreement approved by legal. Even after their approval the Googler's try to accept only that particular information that is needed to accomplish their business objectives.

(iii) Google Company respect their competitors by not taking any confidential information of their competitors but the Xerox code takes the material information that's required to affect the other companies or organization.

Valuing Our Employees:

(i) Xerox code believes that primary advantage resides on the employers and their energy and creativity where as Google organization is committed to a supportive work in which the employee has the opportunity to reach to their full potential.

(ii) In both, Google and Xerox code does not tolerate the harassment on the basis of race, colour, religion status, national origin and anything which affects the personal feelings of any person in the organization

(iii) Coming to the alcohol and the drug usage, both the companies prohibit their misuse but drinking alcohol is not totally banned in Google organization.

Obeying The Law:

(i) In Xerox code the responsibility of the employees depends up on the values and their standards where in the Google code they will follow all the rules and regulations according to the laws which are running in the company.

(ii) In the Xerox code an action taken by them are very serious and leads to disciplinary action where as in Google it may be not as much as serious in Xerox code and they will violate the decision without any problem.

(iii) The products and services can be import and export to other countries but it more in U.S where as in Xerox the business mainly runs in other countries and have the same import and export as in the Google.

Conflicts Of Interest:

(i) In Google code the employees work better and hard for the company to prove themselves and also for the users where as in the Xerox code the interest of the workers is mostly depends on the company.

(ii) The responsibility of the employee in the Google code is best and where as in the Xerox code it is same as in the Google code but they follow different ways.

(iii) Google code has the better users to better users because they offer some loyalties for the personal benefit where as in the Xerox code they given free based on the employee.

Recommendations For Improvement:

For improving some of the rules and regulations in the companies at present what they are following at this moment to change in to the correct path and maintain the quality of the products.

For Drug And Alcohol:

Now a day's many companies are allowing drinking alcohol at working place. Among the companies alcohol usage is not totally banned in the Google code, I suggest the Google code to ban the alcohol at working place. It may reduce the productivity and damage the relationship with the clients. If this is implemented the good results will appear and bring the drastic change in the employees behaviour also, by introducing this type of suggestion many people will appreciate and change the mind to work mind and bring better profits to the organisation. Moreover, company must also think about the employee's health and safety under many Acts (1).


Many records must be kept in safe place and with better security to keep the information not to leak from one company to another company. The way they follow to implement some of the good policies in future as well as in current circumstances are too decided by higher officials in the company for better results.

Provide Confidentiality:

I suggest for both the Google Code of Conduct and Xerox code of conduct to keep the financial documents better safe, because documents are set of records with employees data as well as the financial matters in better place. The steps must be taken from initial when the company is implemented and have separate database for the documents and some contract policies of the employees. The competition must be higher than each individual to enhance the standard authorization in the company. Moreover in people life is also a factor that comes in to consideration what to do and how to do in time with special interest.

Skills Must Be Improved:

Skills can only be generated and known the experts who think in logical way and in depth analysing the concepts at work in organisation. When they started thinking on the concepts well the gain will be automatically obtained in the results for developing some new products and services. It is not only deals with the people but also some of the practices come in to it (2).



Any employee must work for an organisation to better benefits rather than his own benefits. If company is self motivated to respect themselves as well as others to guide where to present the ideas and knowledge in different cases. The employee will plays the major role in the Google and Xerox code also I suggest the Google code and Xerox code to keep some development programs to build the knowledge by keeping programs in different ways. By keeping all this methods the employees will be happy and they support the company when it is trouble. The success of the employee can only see by the result of the company.

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