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History about GPS

GPS stand for the Globe Positioning System, it was emerged early in 1950s. The GPS was slightly developed its technology until 1970s by U.S Department of Defense (DOD), Ivan Getting, and the Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT). Moreover, the official name of GPS was called NAVSTAR (Navigation System with Timing and Ranging), it consisted of 11 orbiting satellites. The GPS was mainly used for military at 1978. After a decade, GPS became much wider used in the society, due to the wide selection of function can be able to detect and search for location. It helps user much saving time to do research about location and direction. Nowadays, GPS is wider used in car instead of map to guide the driver and it can be able to calculate the present location as well as itinerary based on the relevant information. It likewise applied in tourism and the traffic direction.

Hotel using GPS

GPS firstly occurred in the hospitality industry by the Rosewood Hotel Group at 2005. Rosewood Hotel Group offered the GPS device instead of paper maps at three of their properties: The Manison on Turtle Creek, Hotel Crescent Court, and The Carlyle in New York City.

The concept of the GPS device in Rosewood Hotel Group is about helping guests to get the correct direction by using the GPS to save time and save the energy. Function included, routed for walk, highway, river, it had been covered most of the area around the location. It is also easy to use, with a large icon and it offered the function of finger touch, visitor can easy to learn how to use by themselves. Meanwhile, the integrated speaker also would give voice-prompted to guide the visitor to a correct direction.

The Rosewood Hotel Group had also mentioned about the investment of the GPS device in its 12 others properties over the world.

Hotel point of view

GPS advice emerged in the hospitality industry is most likely concern about Globe Warming issued, since this is the topic that mentioned over decade. The report regarded the G20 meeting at 2009 in Copenhagen. The sources that used in the hospitality industry are absolutely the most serious topic during the meeting. Therefore, from the hotel point of view, the GPS advice rapidly became more focus on planning for their forecast. On one hand, it can be able to decrease the huge amount of paper waste in addition to paper map, on the other hand, it is easy to use and by providing the GPS advice, hotel can increase itself international reputation within the hospitality industry. Nevertheless it helps very much for either individual or brand hotel in term of development.

Customer point of view

Following the information that the GPS product had been already existed in the market based on the sources from the internet. We found out some information regarding the customer point of view. Firstly, speed of detection and the price structure would be the most considerable point for them. Other than that, direction information and up-to-date information, the size of the product and the size of the screen would also be the point that they are looking for. Nevertheless, customers would also consider about the function accessible when they buy or rent the GPS product.

The Technology of the GPS

This GPS portable has a similar function as the other GPS. However the only different is that, instead of using it in the car, this GPS will be use for tourist on foot. So basically we have to change the technology of this GPS to fit the right requirement, however the basic component or the idea of this GPS is not that much different than the other GPS. These GPS consist of processor, memory card, map navigation software, RAM, screen, speaker and touch screen pad. (The GPS navigation help you possition the accurate location, 2010) Moreover, it also consist of Bluetooth, tracking sensitivity, charger circuitry and connector interface for battery, also more than 10 hours of operation. (GPS components,2010) The size and the weight of the GPS are, height: 109 mm, the depth: 14.1 mm, the width: 60 mm and the weight: 122 grams with battery while 90 grams without battery. This is not your ordinary GPS because it also a translator that providing the local language of the located hotel but the main language is English. Basically, in the GPS, we insert the SD card of Translator. (SD card Translator, 2009)

We provide three different bits of information in this GPS portable. The three different bits of information are ephemeris data, pseudorandom code and almanac data. (GPS Technology, 1996-2010) All this three bits of information provide different function in the GPS. Ephemeris data contains the most important information about the satellite status. The information consist of either the satellite status is healthy or unhealthy, in other words is that this information will let us know if the satellite status in a good condition or not. The other function include transmitted information from each satellite and also record the current date and time. Hence, this part of information is important to determine a position.

Pseudorandom code is simply means an I.D code that indentifies the satellite transmitting information. (GPS Technology, 1996-2010) It also provides the identification of the satellites that you're receiving. The last bits of information is call almanac data in where the data will inform the GPS receiver in where each of the satellite should be throughout the day and at any time given. Almanac data show the information of the orbital information for that satellite and for the other satellite system too. This is the technology of our GPS that we trying to provide to the hospitality industry.

The Cost of the GPS Portable

The cost for this GPS is basically base on what it can provide to the potential customer and the cost of the GPS also base on how much cost we need to produce for one GPS. As this not only GPS but it is also a translator with the latest technology included, the cost will be more expensive than a normal GPS. The cost for this GPS can be around $1350 as this GPS is not available for everyone because we are focusing on the sale toward the hospitality industry, however if hotel or resort would like to buy them in large quantity than there will be a small reduction on the price. This price will break down as follow:

  1. The Software: $ 850
  2. The Portable: $ 500
  3. The SD Translator Card: Free

With this price, we will give our potential customer a 3 years warranty when they purchase this product. However if they wish to extend the warranty to 4 or 5 years, all they have to do is just add another $ 66. There's also an additional cost in where if you wish to purchase extra mapping software, then it will cost around $200.

Base on the pricing that we already put up in the market, we suggest that the hotel should charge a loan fees to it guest whom wish to use the GPS portable. After all the calculation, the hotel should charge $ 30 per day however if they borrow it for the second day then the price will be reduce to $ 25 for the second day of loaning. This is a briefly explanation of the cost of the GPS.

The Policy of the Warranty

Once the hotels purchase this product, we will give them 3 years or more warranty in where we will provide the complete coverage for 3 years or more. The complete coverage include repairs cost and replacement in those 3 years or more, free of charge. Also it includes the labor and part coverage. This simply means, if the GPS is broken or not functioning then we will be the one who are responsible of taking the GPS from the hotel and to our own outsource maintenance to either have a look at it or simply repair them and we also be responsible for the delivery once it's fix.

Advantage of GPS

v Size

Our GPS portable is mainly using in the hospitably industry, the size of our GPS is smaller than the one we are normally using in the car, just like a PDA or I-phone , which is easy handheld, more convenient for you to carry to walk around the town.

v Up to date information

Our GPS portable unlike other tradition paper map, you can download all your information from the internet though our GPS to get the up to date information. Once the customer requested from the hotel, they will upload all the up-to-dated information. In addition, Our GPS provide an accurate map, attraction place and the terrain structure of the land, different kinds of language, region and few mainly language translator for customer to travel around the town. Customers can use our GPS potable to translate into your region and language. Therefore, this GPS is useful in the hospitality industry. Moreover it will convince the hotel guest to visit around the place more efficiency.

v Facility of personalize information within GPS

When you are travel around somewhere, sometime you might need a highlighter to high light down some main location and place that you really want to go around, so you can create an individual folder in our GPS portable and you can save all the data in the specific folder for you to travel within our GPS portable, which will ensure that you will be saving time by searching the information.

v GPS navigation system

Our GPS portable has the function of GPS navigation system. It will reduce the time for you to do the map search when you are travelling around the city. When you are walking, it will let you know exactly where to go. One of the other useful functions is that if you get lost, you can use our GPS to send the signal to the hotel. The hotel will immediately solve the problem by sending the correct direction from where you are to the hotel.

Disadvantage of GPS

v Cost

To compare with the normal GPS, the cost of our GPS portable would be more than the normal. It is because of the translator is included in the function list, and also our GPS is mainly focus on the potential hotel guest.

v Battery life

GPS portable mostly depend on the batteries, which mean if the batteries run out, you could properly lost your informat

Using method

Actually, our GPS portable is very simple to use, which is the same as how do you use your mobile phone or I-Pod. Employees who worked in the hotel such as the front desk or the concierge can help you and by teaching you how to use it just in case the customer do not know how to use.

The GPS can control either by voice or handwriting, we can verbally give order to our GPS for the direction or the hand-write to check for the language. After you set up the all the update information and language that you need into your GPs, then you can set up your own preferred routes for you trip, it will be easy for the customer to get all the information that they need from the GPS.


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