Globalisation Affects On The Countrys Culture Education Essay

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In the developing countries, such as Africa, children were not supposed to view themselves as individuals. On your own and without the constant intimate presence of others - is the worst kind of punishment (Penn, 2004) In this way, children may not be able to have his own decision and thoughts. People viewed themselves as a whole as community working as together. Children were trained to run errands from the moment they could toddle ( Penn, 2004) Children are to help out in the family and perform the given work the same as everyone. They are to work and contribute to the family.

However according to Penn (2004) of rich countries, notion of helpfulness and obligation is rarely seen as an integral part of childhood and bearing.

Children's satisfaction and pride in being able to contribute to the economy of their household, and be part of a family collective.( Penn, 2004) Although children working in the family does help to built a small portion of the economy but children without proper education may not help to have better income and economy in the family. However. it becomes a trend in the family and community of having children to work and help in the family. Practices and cultures passes down in this manner from generations to generations. Poverty will not be improved in the developing countries.

However, there is advantage as children work as young age, they were able to use tools and knowing the directions very well when they were in the padi fields. Children learns through observations and experiences. Without much learning in schools, they were still able to perform well in the given task when helping out in the family. It has also been experienced that although the majority of children in India today have access to school education, all of them are not receiving quality education for various reasons. (Govinda, 2011)

Gender in the community is an important issue as boys and girls are viewed differently. it is regarded as practical to see them as having different roles.(Penn, 2004)

In developing countries, the environment is an advantage for children to picked up different languages. Pre-school and schooling experiences sometimes damage ...(Penn, 2004) Children taught with inappropriate methods will not be able to have good understanding of rhymes, chanting and recitation. Their education are not delivered correctly and children will be deprived from learning. Educators may not be equipped with the appropriated skills as monetary is an issue to sent them for training.

According to Penn (2004), developing countries has increasing number of women are seeking out to work. The women and their families are moving into the cities. Therefore, they would sent their children in to childcare and mothers will be able to go out to work. The need of having childcare services would increase and proper education will be able to be delivered to children.

However, there is a percentage of children who do not receive or receives poor education in the cities. People pay for what they can afford ... (Penn, 2004) Children whose mothers are working leaves their children in the care of their older children or leaving their children without any care. Leaving children without any proper care leads to accident to happen. Parents may not have the knowledge of leaving their children alone without any care or leaving them to the older siblings care. Older siblings may not have the experience and knowledge looking after young children too. Accidents or death may happen when negligence takes place. This shows poverty still exist in the developed countries and cities. It is essential giving proper care and sending children to schools with proper education. The children most affected by poor quality schools and therefore facing problems of locational disadvantage; and the influence of gender and social background of children on their access to quality education. (Govinda, 2011)

When initiatives or funds were given to the needed country, the people in the country may not work and tends to rely on the funds to support themselves and family. They do not see the importance to work to improve in their home economy. They 'lack capacity' of they deemed too lazy or dishonest to undertake the work that is necessary.(Penn, 2004) It becomes a cycle of helping the country and it may not be constantly other countries to help all the time.


In developed countries such as America, governments plays an important role in the country. Government have a role in promoting early childhood education and care (Penn, 2004) Government supportive of early childhood education will influence the parents thoughts and views about education. Funds to help in early childhood education area will improved in the quality of education. For example, employing skilled teachers and sending teachers for professional development to be updated with the latest information and skills. Now they are beginning to focus on children's experiences before school. (Penn, 2004)

All government in the North have a national framework for the development and support of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). (Penn, 2004) It shows the government emphasis on the importance and commitment of ECEC. In this way, it promotes equality for mothers and fathers to be out to work. Encourages mothers to come out in the workforce. Child's poverty and education disadvantage will be improved.

Children began to develop some communicative abilities in English and enhanced their listening and speaking skills. (Hall, 2008) Children begins to learn and built on their communicative skills that helps them to be skilled and be able to contribute economy to the workforce and their family.


The trend is for professionals from developing countries, such as South Africa, to fill gaps in the labour market in developed countries such as the United Kingdom. (Manik, 2009) In globalisation, children receives good education in the developing countries which will help in the economy . In globalisation, poverty can be a broken chain as children enters early childhood and mothers are encouraged to enter the society to work. When both parents are out to work it will help in the family economy at the same time.