Giftedness which makes a student to get or achieve

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The giftedness is the quality which basically makes a student to get or achieve its goals by his extra ordinary talent and his interests and think ability relevant to those tasks or goals. This giftedness makes a student to achieve his career goals and enable to utilize his potential by his different interests, hobbies and personal relationships. This giftedness enforces a student to remove all of the obstacles and hurdles which used to come his way while going to the way of success. By the use of this giftedness and his personal talent, a student used to have a confidence to attain the things which he has focus in his mind to gain the goals and the other successive things. (Al-Hossaini., 2000)


The gifted students are those students who used to have extra ordinary abilities to work among their own age fellow peers and children. The gifted students are basically those students who are advanced by the God a power of judging the things and object in a very quick way. They are not like some ordinary students. Their IQ level is higher than the other students. They can easily reach the things which are normally difficult to come in a mind of some ordinary student. This is the basic thing which makes them unique in a group of their fellows of ages, experiences and society. (CCEA, 2006)


The gifted students have high power of abstracting the ideas; the regular school teaching is not adequate for them. First of all, they should be polished, their abilities should be cleared to them then it becomes necessary to make them realize of these inner qualities. The people with whom they live, the students with whom they study, the teachers who used to teach them and some office place where they used to work, they all should make effort combine just to make them assure about their abilities. After this process, there is a need of some special arrangements of these students. Proper learning environment should be created for them, so that they could be able to boost there selves. The major people who are used to be around such gifted students are having very much importance, because they play a very vital role in enhancing their abilities. (Farouq & Ismail, 2005)


The ability of the giftedness is awarded by the Allah Almighty to the talented children. So the utilization of their capabilities is very much necessary to make them more enhanced. The gifted students in Saudi Arabia used to face many obstacles in the way of their success. Mostly the gifted students feel that they are different of their other peers, so they are supposed to have more attention than others. When such students do not get proper attention and care they get frustrated and feel stress in result of it. There is lack of providing a care program to gifted students, and there is no measure to remove the obstacles of providing knowledge on the basic level in Saudi Arabia. (Al Gamdi, online)

Most of the gifted students are having view that their teachers do not give importance to the ideas and views which they have according to their talent and different mentality. Teachers do not give importance to understand them and try to give them a stage to show their talents and their extraordinary think ability. This under-conception becomes a cause of a frustration in the students and they do not get a good confidence to show their abilities and their talent. Mostly the students do not get permission to select their favorite subjects, this thing become a cause of diminishing of their talent. (Taisir & Alberet, 2006)

It is finding out by making a research on the gifted student that most of all students are unaware o the thing that they are ¿½Gifted Students¿½. The gifted opportunities are not provided them and this is the reason that they never participated in the development program. Researchers find out that the gifted students do not get free with the counselor and there is some hesitation among them that is why they can not go to the counselor because of his negative attitude. When there is some existence of shyness or hesitation between teacher and the students then it would be so much difficult for the student to utilize its talent and giftedness. (Julie., 2008)

Most of all the representation is not use to be properly available of Gifted and Talented (G&T) students. They are mostly not under the approach and that is why out of the reach. There is any proper advancement in searching such student properly and make them find by using some areas of talent. A proper structure is basically required for the finding the talented students. A real development is required for applying some tools and taking some measurements in a way to maximize some presentation of the Gifted and Talented students. (Rangimarie., 2007)

It is the basic problem, which is faced by the Gifted and Talented students that the teacher not properly arranges any learning program for such students, they treat them in a very casual way and do not take any step to give them preference and do not also try to make them utilize for their skills which they already possess. School is a place where teachers can easily assign some assignments and tasks to the students which can enhance their learning abilities. When the teachers are not conscious about making some plans to create some interest in learning programs for the students, then the Gifted students especially loose a chance to become some asset alike. (Deborah., 2005)


Most of all the representation is not use to be properly available of Gifted and Talented (G&T) students. They are mostly not under the approach and that is why out of the reach. There is any proper advancement in searching such student properly and make them find by using some areas of talent. A proper structure is basically required for the finding the talented students. A real development is required for applying some tools and taking some measurements in a way to maximize some presentation of the Gifted and Talented students. (Rangimarie., 2007)

Normally the gifted students are having complain that they are not provided by the challenges to make their talent be used in the solution of their problems. They think that there are no environment to make them enhance and for the utilization of their talents in the high potential. The provision of the difficult tasks are not been provided by the student. The teachers used to adopt the old way of teaching but there are no new utilization of ideas and methodology to teach such talented students. There should be some ways that the student could have a complex learning. (Donal. & Scott., 2005)

It is duty of teacher, counselor, parents that they should keep an eye on the student¿½s progress, they should know well that the student is achieving its goal properly or not. If there is some occurring of hurdle or problem, then should help them to solve it. There should be freedom of expression in the classroom for all of the students. The teachers should make effort for the children to demonstrate them to make participate in all of the goal and tasks achievements. (Deborah & Jennifer., 2009)


If the school administration will make counseling for giving guideline to the gifted students, then it can also make some help in making such talented and extra-ordinary students their school¿½s asset for better presentation. But if there would be no planning about the behavior problem, anxiety, stress controlling of the students, then the students could be like a burden for them. There should be proper counseling of the students to reduce the burden of their stress. The teachers should compromise with the students about their way of doin the things in different or unique way. (Jean., 2006)

Learning Disabilities (LD) programm in introduced in the Saudi Arabia. It is especially for the primary grade students. The programm skills are based on the first to third grade because this is the basic age to learn the skills. If students do not get these skills once they are made to learn it again. So this is the process of learning skills again and again. The fundamental skills of this programm are reading, spelling and the mathematics. These are those skills which should be taught to the students in the small age where student is ready to learn the things. (Al-Hano, 2006)

The provisions of services in counseling centre are three types of which are mentioned over here that they used to assess the giftedness of the students as well as used to make some planning for the development in the education side. There is also some training and counseling about student career. There is used to be counseling of parents about the social, emotional behavior of the student.There should be proper knowledge to the trainer of the gifted student. When the counseling centre will make completion about its proper requirements then there would be more chances of making student learn. (Dettmer. et al., 1993)


Without the provision of challenges, students can not learn by their selves. If there would not be provision of challenges, they would not get to knew that how to make a struggle to achieve their tasks. The students would also not learn to control their emotional and social behavior without challenges. The talented students should be chosen first from the society then they should be provided with some challenges and then should be given some platform for getting solution of their problem by the usage of their own sense. (Al-Rasheed, 2001)

There should be proper provision of the trained and the professional monitors to give guideline to the gifted and talented students. There should be proper and planned guidance program to the gifted and talented students. The counselor in the school should have proper training and ideas that how to make the counseling of the gifted students and how to make them more enhanced for making development in their education field and other activities of the life. The counselor should have some degree in the field of administration, psychology or in the area of some social working. (Saleh, 1987)

There is a need of developed program, help the students to solve out their problems, proper explanation of the education to the gifted students. But these all are possible by making a counseling to the students by the trained counselors. In the counseling there should be proper training of the parents as well as the teachers that they should be fully trained for making development for the gifted and talented student. There should be evaluation and proper guidance to the gifted students. ( Ryan., 1978)


The king Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz made announcement about the establishment of King Abdulaziz and his Companion Foundation for the Gifted (KACFG). It was the organization which worked without the sake of profit. It used to search out the students in the Saudi State and used to provide them high level education, so that they could be able to utilize their talents in the state and as well as in the whole world. By this way the students got a good support from the high level people and the non profit organizations. (Omar, 2006)

For providing the basic skills for the learning process of the students, one program in Saudi Arabia was introduced in August 2009, in Saudi Amarco¿½s Summer Gifted student Program, near about 200 of the Kingdom most talented students participated in it. it really helped them to achieve the chance of learning about the studies of the mathematics, science and as well as the studies of engineering. Students were provided the skills that how to utilize the things for making their career and for the easiness of their studies. (Stephen., 2009)

The gifted student should be offered some in new advancement in their educational institutions. The practices are being made in the Arabian Gulf for the gifted students. There should be adoptability of new conception and terminology of new ideas for the betterment of the gifted and talented students. There should be new efforts for the development of the gifted students in their enhancement and encouragement. There should be new educational technology for the usage of the gifted and talented students. (Taisir., 2009)

Catalyst program in urban school is developed to provide gifted education to the learners. There is a collaboration of teachers with the students as well as the techniques are provided by the teachers to the student by the consultation and their implementation. By the use of this program in the teaching institutes, the students and the teachers both took the advantage from it. It was very much advantageous for the gifted student training and the development. The students got more efficient and developed by it. After this program utilization, the student satisfaction could be seen over there. (Theresa.,, 2008)

The counseling is being provided in the Saudi Arabia, but there are complains by the counselors that there is not as such support of the parents of the gifted and talented students. If there would not be proper guidance and support of the parents of the children then it would become a big problem to guide and train such students. So this trend should move in a god way that the parents should help the students to help them out in their counseling and their trainings. By this way, it would be easy to develop the potential of the student. (AL-Rebdi., 2000)

The more and more importance is given in the area of counseling of the gifted students in the Saudi Arabia. The efforts are being made for increasing the counseling institution for giving proper guidance to the gifted students and let them provide with the proper education and providing them the ways to utilize their abilities and just for this purpose, by the 2003 the number of counselors were increased up to about 4000. More efforts are being made after that to increase the number of counselors for the gifted students training. (AL-Rebdi., 2004)