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Geometry is traced for over 2000 years back from the ancient Greece. World renowned science pioneers like Pythagoras, Aristotle and Euclid were greatly associated with geometry, which its real denotation could be established from Greek language.”Geos” in Greek is simply, earth and “metron” is referred to as measure. The technique used in measuring the earth is derived from geometry .The science of geometry was widely used in building, surveying, astronomy and even navigation. Historians acknowledge Euclid as the farther of real geometry after realizing that the geometry text he wrote known as Elements at that ancient time is still applied to the present world. In general geometry is the study of area, perimeter, angles volumes and triangles whereby mathematics is applied and endorsed. The ancient astrologers greatly relied on applied geometry that saw many discoveries seen at an earlier stage of civilization. This science had tangible impact on environmental science, history and music to the devise of complicated digital world of the modern occasion. Geometry has fundamental values based on logic. Logistical ideologies are legitimate inference and applications that have confrontational scholarly arguments. Argumentative reasons and ideas based on principles are termed as logic. Conventionally logic was categorized to be on philosophical side of studies .Before the end of the nineteenth century formal logic had some symbols that resulted to mathematical backgrounds. The progress of formal logic and its execution which resulted to the computing technology to the end result of computer science .The current neuro-sciences have acknowledged in a meticulous sector of the individual brain a population of neurons which allows the intelligence to function skilfully (Mendelson 1964).

The advancement in this area of logic had reflective sway on both sides of political divide, especially to scholars who are from English speaking nations; that have been subjected to mandatory study of this discipline. Informal logic that dwells on arguments of natural languages is probably borrowed from the dialogues of Plato.Contemporary geometry has as its entity all that is quantifiable such as surfaces, lines and solids. In Masonic verbal communication, the phrase geometry is identical with command and synchronization. For instance, it can be asserted that the vast men of artistic writing have power over their own scrupulous geometry of explanation; that geometry is at hand in musical and architectonic installations. Geometry at the present time is known as the discipline which deals with the theoretical form of matter as well as the science of measure. This discipline is a first substantial hypothesis of authenticity, which is viewed as the link connecting mass and the frame of universal relativity. The theory of inventiveness is inserted into a philosophical-individual measurement and related to vast concepts such as: talent, ingeniousness, encouragement, and connection that have seen geometry and music remained basically the same. Pythagoras in his period, discovered that when a blacksmith hammers his metals, a change of sound was experienced which he later distinguished as the different weights of hammers. In geometrical music; Pythagoras also found out that in temperate tonal system, a string two times longer than the other could, produce sound at a period of one fifth. Theories and statistical findings of this great scientist are remembered through out the world and it is not easy to shift away form such a sparkling and crucial artefact of the intelligence in those earlier times. The great precise discoveries made earlier are still crucial this present world.

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