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I) Cove page

II) Version history

    1. Version 0.01

III) Overview of the game (one page GDD)

This game is a first person shooting game, the game character textures will be hand painted. It will have cammera shake to enhance the game play experience. The game will have sound track according to which the gameplay happens. In most of the other games people playing will have to do lot of similar tasks and it will effect the reaplayability. This game will not have such things. And the one new feature added inn this game is that player can save the game at any time and if the player dies he will be shown the person who killed him and the game will rewind and go to the last saved location, it will be more like watching an action movie. And if the player do any brilliant tasks it will be shown to him again in slow motion. The target audience will be people aged in between eighteen and fourty.mostly the game will attract male audience. There are lot of firstpersonshooting game in the market,reason is that people love fps and they always except something differnent every time. This game will have most of thing that a gamer likes. because of all the above reason the game will sell.

IV) Backstory

Edwin Heuman is a MARCOS comando. His father James Heuman is a famous scientist. James is working on some secret project. James suddenly disappears one day Edwin go searching his father. Edwin from his father assistant Piyanka comes to know that he was designing some secret weapons for Indian army. And he had some enemies. So Edwin goes search for his father. With the help of Piyanka finds out his father's lab from there he finds out some powerful prototype weapons. Finally he rescue his father from bad guys and Pamela kills his father. Seeing this Edwin shoots Piyanka and later he comes to know that it wasn't his father it was some one wearing a flesh mask. Later he comes to know that Gauga a terrorist leader is the one who captured his father. Edwin go and finds his father.

V) Gameplay mechanics:

Player can run,walk,crouch,cover himself from bullets,can ride vehicles,jump,climb ladders. Melee. Player can carry a side arm and a primary weapon. Also can carry a back up weapon. Before entering the game player can select his own weapons. There will be recommended weapon and necessary weapons listed in the selection menu.

VI) Game modes

There will be multiplayer and single player missions. And in multiplayer player will have an option to add bots. This will be a first person shooting game but if he performs some brilliant moves game will get pause and will show the move again. And if the person get killed, the camera will turn towards the killer and the game goes as like a movie rewinding and goes till the previous checkpoint.

VII) Characters list and description

Edwin Heuman---------------hero of the story

James Heuman---------------father of the Hero

Piyanka------------------------Heroine and also James personnel Secretary.


      1. Player characters 1
        1. Name:Edwin Heuman
        2. Control mode: SP, MP, Co-op and Online.
        3. Description: Handsome, smart and skilled.
          1. Well build.
          2. Casual dress with a bullet proof west and guns. Casual dress because he is not doing this for his job, bulletproof west because he is fighting.
          3. aggressive
          4. skilled, good with guns
          5. have a tattoo on his neck.
      1. Playable characters 2
        1. Name: Piyanka
        2. Control mode: SP, MP, Co-op and Online,.

Description: cute, fair, intelligent.

          1. Lean,fair.
          2. Full trousers and design top.
          3. calm
          4. Artwork: have a mehanSdhi in leg.

Art work

      1. Non=Playable characters
        1. Name: Gauga
        2. Control mode: SP.
        3. Description: bad guy,tough,cruel.
          1. Average,have a scar in his face,dark skin.
          2. Casual shirt and pants.
          3. Cruel,so aggressive
          4. have a golden teeth.

VIII) Prop list

      1. Utility - M4A1 with holographic sight and transparent magazine,.
        1. Effect: average damage.
        2. Other descriptions
        3. artwork: description of the weapon and the manufacturing logo.
      1. Utility - can be usable
        1. Name:Laser Sword Gun
        2. Effect:high impact.
        3. Other descriptions:this weapon is a laser gun designed like a sword,this can be used as a sword also. The laser once fired hits on the target will destroy him fully leaving heap of dust. It will take some time to kill, before it creates a cover around the victim, while in this time victim will not get hit but can hit others. Hold it for long to kill the victim, the same weapon can be used to protect your teammates.
        4. artwork :artwork: description of the weapon and the manufacturing logo and a logo of a crown.
      1. Non - utility - exists
      1. Enivronmnets

IX) Level description

      1. Level Progression:
      2. Level progression structure:
      3. Level 1
        1. Name:
        2. Plot description:
          1. Backstory
          2. Aim to finish the level
          3. Challenges on the way
          4. Interesting twist and turns
          5. Entities of advantage
          6. artwork
        3. Visual script:
      4. Level 2
        1. Name:
        2. Plot description:
        3. Visual script:
      5. Level end Choice 1
      6. Level end choice 2
      7. etc

X) Technical design consideration

    1. Engine from point of view: unreal engine 3.0, because its a free engine and support
    2. System requirements:will be a processor with 2.0 gigz speed and 2 gb of system ram.

XI) Market study and comparison

XII) Asset list

    1. Level 1 : these props, cinematic, these character, level, audio

XIII) Frequently asked questions

XIV) Project market