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Task 1

Task 1 -20 marks

You should first start by familiarizing yourself with the equipment supplied and producing a formal action plan in order to reach the assignment objective. Clearly document all actions and processes to be followed in completing the assignment.

Formal action plan

I am a PC Support Technician of Belleview Inc. We need to perform network system between 500 PC each other. Therefore, we have to buy equipments of computers required for networking.

Consider for equipments are as follows….

Monitor, Keyboards, mouse , USB Ports, Floppy disk drives, CD-ROMs, Pentium III 500 MHz, micro-processors,40GB hard disk, Network Interface cards, RJ-45ports, CAT 5 patch leads, Ethernet hub or switch, Software for OS windows( eg. XP software, Vista software, etc….), Anti-Virus Software CD Rom and Printer. And I have a plan to buy above required equipments from some discounts public Show room and plaza.

Time Frame

Required Time may be consumed to buy above equipments will be about 5 or 6 days.

The plan to find and buy for equipments

Firstly, we should need to find Hardware and related equipments such as Hard disk, Pentium III , RJ 45 ports and some NIC( Network Interface Cards ).

Secondly, we need to buy Monitors, Keyboards and Mouse of reasonable price.

LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) monitor will be use instead of CRD( Cathode Ray Diode) as LCD can prevent for X-Rays regards and not harmful for health rather than wireless type will be used. And Mouse should be used optical mouse and should not use the wireless mouse.

Finally, the equipments we need to buy left are CD ROMs, RJ 45 ports, USB ports, micro-processors and Installation of Window OS software ( XP or Vista or 7) ,

Anti-Virus software and other application software. In CD Rom, we should to be used

Master disk. All of facts are the essential points for a networking.

That is all plan that we will ready to buy equipments.

Task 2

You will be expected to carry out the following procedures within the allotted timescale:

* Install NIC's.

* Using an appropriate hub or switch connect the PCs using appropriate cabling.

* Install the given operating system software with necessary configuration and fine-tuning.

* Install and configure the printer on one of the PCs.

* Configure the printer so that it can be shared by any of the other PCs in the LAN.

· Establish one shared folder (directory) called NCCJUNE10 on each of the PCs.

· Using the WordPad application or any other suitable word processing program create a test document (a single page is enough) on one of the PCs and copy the file to each of the other two networked PCs, placing it in the shared folder.

· Test the printer by printing the test documents from each of the networked PCs.

You need to create suitable test documents printed from each PC as documentary proof of the correct establishment and configuration of the LAN.

* Install NIC's.

Using the hub or switch connect the PCs

Installation of Window XP

Installation printer

Establish one share folder

Task 3

Task 3 - 15 marks

Produce a formal project completion report detailing the Tasks carried out the procedures followed. Your tutor needs to sign off each of tasks. Your completion report should refer back to your action plan (task 1) and note any changes made.


Time Frame

Practially, only 4 days required instead of 6 days to get a full result in order words, completely assembled not only buying things.

Things we bought are as follows:

We bought the things that we got reasonable prices. These are Pentium Processor (P III), Liquid Crystal Display monitor , Keyboards , Mouse, Hard disk, 2 Parallel Ports, DVD ROMS , Laser Printer, Network Interface Cards (NIC), RJ 45 ports, CAT 5 patch leads, Ethernet hub or switch , Network cables wires, Window XP software ROM and Kasper Sky Anti-virus software ROM and other application software version.

Only 3 out of 500 PCs was tested first. Procedure to set up a PCs:

Pentium Processor ( P III) type of PC was used as it was be reduce to spend much more money and its memory was enough for setting network. And then, monitor and graphic adapter were connected with PC. AVG graphic adapter was needed to attach with Monitor . 256 Mb RAM is possible to use as Internal Memory, that size of memory was suitable although not much as 1GB memory. Then we used 40 GB hard disk and parallel port. And we was set up Floppy Disk Drive and CD ROM for multi-media and data backup processing. Floppy disk drive, DVD ROM is used rather than CD ROM as DVD ROM is more upgraded and not much price.

For monitor, we used LCD( Liquid Crystal Display) because it was sharper, flat and more healthier than CRD. Keyboard was used for typing only. Optical Mouse and 2 USB ports for digital devices were also used.

Windows XP software , Anti-virus Kasper software and other application software were used for each computer.

For networking, we used one hub or switch was useable for connected. And Network Interface Card (NIC) was also placed. We were used laser printer for printed out because it was not much different money with ordinary printer. And then co-axial cable wire was connected for other three PCs. Then 3PCs were joined each other with NIC(Net Work Interface Cards). Whether network was function or not, it was tested by sharing folders and Print Out documents to assemble the printer function . After that, complete three network PCs will be get that ready to set other 500.

Task 4

Using the implementation completed in Task 2

* List the names, locations and contents of 5 Major system files in Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 as per the OS version you used in the practical

* List the 5 common technologies available for establishing Internet connectivity

* Carry out research on the latest Windows OS and list the major criticisms of the OS.

* List the names, locations and contents of 5 Major system files in Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 as per the OS version you used in the practical

5 major system files in Windows XP






Contains boot loader menu displayed on the startup screen.



Contains the main boot loader itself.



Contains the Windows XP core and loads its device drivers.


Contains the user-specific configurations.


Hardware detection file which is responsible for collecting information about the system's installed hardware devices and passing it to the NTLDR program.

* List the 5 common technologies available for establishing Internet connectivity

5 common technologies for Internet Connectivity

1. Dial-up Access

A kind of Internet Access that uses telephone lines. This access can be done by using a dial-up modem to connect a telephone line and dial into a ISP node to establish a modem-to-modem link.

2. ADSL(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines)

A form of the DSL technology that enables faster internet connectivity over copper telephone lines than a typical dial-up modem.

3. Cable Modem

Another form of internet access in the high-speed connection involves local cable television service. Companies providing this service act as ISPs and provide Internet access through their existing broadband cable television networks.

4. Satellite Internet Access

This technology is usually used in locations where terrestrial Internet access is not available, and also for users who move frequently.

5. Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity)

A trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance belongs to a class of wireless local area network. Users with wireless-equipped portable computers can connect to the Internet while in a Wi-Fi-enabled hot spot.

* Carry out research on the latest Windows OS and list the major criticisms of the OS.

Windows 7 major criticisms

List of Pros and Cons


-Faster boot time than other predecessor operating systems

-Take less disk space than Vista

-Less system requirements than Vista

-More stylish taskbar and it is convenient to use

-Improved GUI

-Easier to connect to the Internet


-Split bar cannot be moved by using keyboard shortcuts

-Too much space left between each of the Quick Launch and System Tray icons.

-Hard to identify quickly which window is active while Widows Aero is turned on.

-No small icons for the task bar

In my opinion, although there are some cons for Windows 7, it is still the best operating system for its many advantages over its predecessors.


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