Flash On Mobile Phones

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The basic mode of communication in these days is MOBILE and it has become a need of common man these days because of its variable features and the utilization rate of this medium has increased rapidly as observed from past few years.

There are many companies in the market that design and come up with new technologies that could be induced into these gadgets covering all the features like Bluetooth connectivity, WLAN and many other features and these days the mobiles are designed to compete with computers there are few mobiles in the market that could be used as a pocket PC as well in this ways there are many ranges and types of mobiles that could match to the needs of individuals.

The features which are there in the mobile phones are being used by the corporate companies likevideocool.comwhich are trying to expand their business by marketing their products over these mobile phones.

Flash Lite:

Flash lite is the software version which has been created and developed by Macromedia specifically for use on mobile devices.

The flash lite software came into existence and was created in the year 2003 by macromedia

It's basically called as an adobe flash and it is a software being used for the various mobile and consumer applications which benefits' the manufacturer and developers.

The first version of flash lite which has been launched is Flash Lite 1.0 and it was released in February 2003 initially it was designed only for few mobile handsets like “NTT DoC0Mo 505i” in japan at that time it was designed to put flash content on to mobile phones so that it would be useful in marketing.

Why Use Flash On Mobile Phones?:

Flash is used in mobile phones to develop rich, creative graphics which are interactive with users and which are user friendly.The applications which are developed by using flash are easy to market and it takes less time to market them and even the cost involved in creating and developing them is even less compared to that of creation of same applications in either JAVA or C++.

One of the major advantage of the usage of Flash platform on a P.C is the 1 million + developing group who have the experience of creating and developing games, animations and e-learning applications.

The same kind of content is also required for the mobile market so it is easy for a flash developer to use the same skill set used in P.C to use in mobiles in order to develop content for mobile devices.

As with Flash on the desktop, Flash Lite also gives user the power to create content of their own wish The only limitation is one's own creativity.

Versions of Flash:

Since flash has been released there have been many developments and every time new versions of flash have been released.

* Flash Lite1.1whichsupports flash4's Action Script.

* Flash Lite2.0, which is based on Flash Player7,and it supports the new action script of Flash7

* Flash Lite3is developed based on Flash8.

In the process of creating a promo for thevideocool.comthe mobile phones we have used the flash lite software as an important toll which is used by the systems to provide the connection between the many individuals or multiple applications such as videos and YouTube.

By using the flashlite we can play the online videos without having any other new players because of this reasons we can see that the branding opportunities can be increased.

Flashlite is software which could equally compete with the J2ME and brew flashlite is a technology which us not same as the mobile operating system where as in it is the technology by using which we can develop the applications that could be seen on the mobile operating system. Flashlite is a development that could replace the j2me or that could be seen on the top of java ME.

By using flashlite could make the software testing really easy when compared with the other systems

In the flashlite the extra graphics and animations could be used without losing the graphic quality.

Moreover flash lite is more flexible and can even support videos which are of higher quality, flash is easy to work on as it deals with the graphics side

Keys used:

* HOME-this key is used to navigate to the main menu.

* NEXT-this is used to navigate to the next page.

* MOVIES-once we click on this it automatically displays the list of videos which are available to be viewed.

* SONGS-after clicking on this a list of songs which are available is displayed.

* SPORTS-used to view videos of sports.

Report on market research & analysis:

As seen above we see that the usage of flashlite is very high on the latest mobile phones and when market survey is done are by comparing the present situation we can forecast that within two more years there would be developing application using the flashlite software.

The main advantage of using flash lite is that it is very simple to use and easy in application and even a small kid can browse the files which are available on the website.

As we know that YouTube videos can be watched on the mobile phones by decreasing the resolution of videos, so this could be greater achievement of software and there could be a development on this aspect in near future and videos which are of higher quality can also be played in mobile phones.

More over due to the induction of WLAN into the mobiles through which web browsing is made easy, and we can connect to internet wherever it is possible to connect i.e in hotspots.

There are mainly two software's which are used to implement graphics on mobile phones they are

* Flash Lite


Flash lite has many versions the version which we are using isFL CS4Professional which is the latest version released in the flash lite application.

In this version there are many types of devices i.e emulators which are used to produce our output or watch the videos which are on the website, nowadays almost all of the mobile devices support flash videos.

Flash lite is very simple to design and is user friendly and .Generally when J2ME and flashlite compared flashlite has an advantage with all benefits of array, functions, twins and text field etc.there would be quick developments on this application using flash IDE.

In future, there would be different development on vector based graphics animation and graphics which would make flashlite as the best software in the near future through its going good now.

But in general people use to prefer a flash player to play video files instead of java as in java coding is more complicated when compared to flash as it uses graphics rather than complicated coding.

Microsoft is working on “SILVERLIGHT”, a tool similar to Adobe's Flash, which should eventually become compatible with devices running on its Windows Mobile platform. Nokia had earlier announced that it is working on making “SILVERLIGHT” compatible with Symbian S60, a platform on which the vendor's smart phones work.