Five Years Career Plan Education Essay

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My career goal is to become a Managing Director in the next five years. At the moment I am working as a group member in an IT company.

My first step would be learning new things and applying them in my job. I would be doing this for at least for next six months. In the next six months I would like to learn new things from my colleagues. I would ask every colleague to teach me new things in jobs. In the next six months I would ask my supervisors to help me learn new skills in my job.

The real aim for these things is for me to achieve my real goal of becoming a supervisor in the next one year. In the supervisor position I would manage people who are under me. I will motivate the staff to solve problems. I will direct them in work.

In the next two years I would like to be promoted to a Manager. In this position I will manage staff and would achieve goals set by the upper management.

In the next two years from becoming a manager I would like to become a Managing Director. I would be taking high level strategic decisions and setting the objectives of the company.

At the moment I have developed the following skills in my short career.

Listening: I am a very good listener. Listening is a very good skill which can help in learning about people and learn from their experiences.

Reading: Reading books, magazines and newspapers are one of my favourite things to do in my idle time. Reading helps to learn information about sports, recent technology, movies, political news and many interesting articles about the world.

Problem solving: This skill can't be possessed by everyone. It can be one of my best qualities. I like to solve problems no matter how long it does take.

Writing: Nowadays writing skill is very valuable for any purpose. People should write assignments in Universities and if the skill is not good they get low marks for this purpose.

Walking: This skill is one of the strength that is developed. It gives a relaxation to my body. Most people prefer to walk small distances while some prefer to walk long distances. Walking helps to keep the body up and running..

Time management: This is also a very important skill which can be developed while working in the company. Now people are more punctual at work.

Self motivation: It is another important skill. Motivation encourages people to work harder. I am a self motivated person. Motivation can come from family, friends, teachers, colleagues and office staffs.

Leadership: I am not a very good leader but I am trying to improve my skill in this field. Some people are born leaders and others learn the technique to be it. It's very important to lead from the front.

Teamwork: Its can be said that I can work very nicely within a team. In a team it's important to help other team members. Some people learn it form the family. Some people learn this skill while in school and working in groups.

Negotiation: I am good at negotiating with something. Most people developed this skill in school when they used to negotiate in school with their friends. This skill is important for the business to survive.

It is important for a person to learn new skills in everyday life. There is huge competition in the market for various skills. There used to be a time when people used to be specialised in a single area. They were skilled in one subject but times have changed. Now organisation wants to recruit people with muti-skilled person. They can obviously train them to acquire some specialised skills but some of the basic skills like working in groups, managing people, communication, listening etc are given much more preference. Employers look for these skills because they want 'work-ready' graduates. It is found through research that companies recruit people with these skills. If these skills are acquired then it would be easy for a person to help get and keep a job.

There a number of steps to self assess a person:-

Identify a suitable activity to demonstrate an employability skill

Collect the appropriate Validated Self Assessment Sheet

Nominate the appropriate Performance Level

Reflect on the criteria for the nominated performance level

Identify samples of evidence to address the relevant criteria

Life should be planned depending on the following issues:

Explore: Diversify and update the personal understanding of self and the world

Plan: Create at least two meaningful and achievable career/life plans.

Apply: Continuously implement and upgrade your action plan

My Learning Style

It can be easily seen from the learning style result that I am more a Reflective learner than an active learner. Reflective learners think about something before they do anything. They tend to work alone. They are more comfortable at taking notes and not do any physical thing. Reflective learners can help themselves by taking notes and reviewing the things that were learnt in a class. It takes some time for a reflective learner to take decisions.

It is evident from the learning style result that I am more a Sensing learner than an Intuitive learner. Sensing learners tend to like learning facts. They often like solving problems by well-established methods and dislike complications and surprises. They tend to be patient with details and good at memorising facts and doing hands-on (laboratory) work. Sensors are more practical and careful. They don't like courses that have no apparent connection to the real world. Sensors remember and understand information best if they see how it connects to the real world.

I am a Visual learner. The learning style result also gives plenty of proof about it. Visual learners remember best what they see-pictures, diagrams, flow charts, time line, films, and demonstrations. They learn more when information is presented both visually and verbally. Visual learners can help themselves by listing key points, enclosing them in boxes or circles, and drawing lines with arrows between concepts to show connections.

The learning styles result proves that I am more a Sequential learner than Global learner. Sequential learners tend to gain understanding in linear steps, with each step following logically from the previous one. They tend to follow logical stepwise paths in finding solutions. Sequential learners sometimes know a lot about specific aspects of a subject but they have trouble relating them to different aspects of the same subject or different subject.


It can be concluded that everyday a person is learning new things. The strategic plan of a person varies from person to person. The plan that was shown here is for the development in the next four years. It gives people an objective for their life to achieve. The strategic plan should be monitored to keep track of any deviations in it and rectified as the person gains more experience in a particular field. Some of the skills a person learns are very general like reading, writing, speaking, listening, communication etc. The skills learnt in a company are sometimes different like working in groups, problem solving, managing people etc.