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The background to this report is how to write a proper personal development plan in professional way considering all the factors which relevant to my life. For that I have analyse my personal and professional skills, learning style and personal SWOT, then I come up with detail action plan how to achieve my objectives within time period, facing challenges and many sacrifices. At the end of this report I produce very clear personal development plan for myself and it will help me to drive my life to achieve future goals in successful manner.

Task One:

01. Methods to Improve Personal and Professional Skills


Counselling is one of the systems of advising to people with personal difficulties. Counselling helps to people to understand the cause of the problem, how to improve or change their behaviour in particular situations and assisting to a final decision.

First counsellor recognises the feelings about the matters in different situations and then they contact counselee. There are two approaches in counselling

1. Directive counselling: counsellor recognised his or problems and offers an action plan. Sometimes it can be a long term action plan.

E.g. drug addiction- if a person wants to give up drugs. There will be a long term action plan in step by step. So counselee has to follow the instructions.

2. Indirect counselling: counsellor suggests more than one solution counselee can choose one from that.

E.g. carrier advises- the counsellor can show different directions so counselee can select one of the options that she or he need.

Mentoring is a method in a particular area, a person who has more experience and more knowledge, he is motivating and empowering another person to achieve and identify their own goals and giving hand to reach the aim.

And also help to achieve their carrier aspirations and develop the skills.


(1) A junior member of staff can mentor a new member of staff few weeks in a new post.

(2) Parents can mentor their children to behave in special events of the life.

The difference in between counselling and mentoring



Advising only

Not only advising motivating as well

Helping people with personal difficulties

Helping people to achieve their life goals

There is no specialisation in particular area

There is a specialisation in particular area.

There is no specific time period or limit

There is specific time period.

Personal and Professional Skills

Identify personal and professional skills required to meet your organisations and your own goals and explore methods to improve them.

The personal skills are the abilities to serve lives on positive behaviour and deal challenges effectively every day.

The professional skills are abilities that help to achieve the aspirations and carrier goals. By having proper training and can improve skills.

The personal and professional skills that i need to achieve my life goals and objectives and how I will improve those in future.

Personal skills

How to improve

Professional skills

How to improve

Carefulness:-it reduced chances of mistakes that I can do.

Before act I have to think twice if I do this what will be the result. It means I have to follow think and do method.

Multi tasking skills:-this will be help me to save my time and I will be more creative, more productive so it will help me to complete my targets before the time bound.

I determined and confident the ability of tasks. Well focus on the work and being practise to finish work as soon as I can.

Personal skills:-this helps me to understand different attitude and expectations. I will be more confident with dealing different clients and customers

To improve this I always build up a team and plan resource

Communication skills: - good communication skills with each other make clear vision to complete the life goals.

To improve communication skills I have to listen well and understand the points. It is easy to complete the task most accurate.

listening:- listening gives more clear picture and can achieve my goals without mistakes

Before talk I think and realise whether I listen well to this person and understand the points.

Leader ship: - to reach my carrier goals most effectively and efficiently.

Always being confident to make own decision and improve presentation skills.

Time management: reduce the stress and I can achieve my life goals effectively and confidently.

Proper early planning and schedule the tasks and prioritize it.

IT skill: - this will affect to develop my carrier and education.

Having a good knowledge of IT makes life easier because today we can do all through the internet.

Being practise on it.

The personal and professional skills that need to achieve organisation goals and objectives and how to improve those in future.

Personal skills

How to improve

Professional skills

How to improve

Personal responsibility:-being more creative and complete task on time

Do the work more accurate with less mistakes

Leader ship: to arrange right people to work on right time.

Being more confident of interpersonal skills develop leadership

Discipline:- without any distracted or board complete the task

Being more interest of work and enjoy the work

Time management: to achieve target on time and also for more productivity.

Make a list of work to be done.

Listening skills: better understand of organisational goals and can complete the task on time accurate

Listen carefully before start work

Creativity: give more ideas and methods to develop the organisation

Keep on touch with new technology and develop more new ideas.

Friendship skills: friendly behaviour makes working environment more attractive.

Build up communication skills with smile all the time

Communication skills: good communication makes better understand of organisation goals and objectives and it is easy to reach on time with less mistakes.

Arrange more presentations and meetings when needs.

Time Management

Explain time management. What are its benefits? Explain how it can enable

You to use your time more effectively

The time management is to achieve a specific task or a goal by planning, setting goals, scheduling and prioritising the needs adjusting the time most efficiently and effectively.

The benefits of time management

Best productivity


Achieve goals on time

Less stress

Fewer mistakes

I have more concern about the time management because of the role of mother, housewife and as well as post graduate student. My future aspiration is complete my MBA in HR specialization. And work as a teacher. To achieve my goal I have to work a hard on my studies specially.

As a mother and a housewife I have plenty of responsibilities and duties to be done. So I make a weekly plane according to special events and days on my personal diary and I priorities them according to the importance.

In this case I can manage my day to day activities without any stress. I can reach my goal on time more effectively and efficiently. Because of time management I am confident.

The continuous professional development is an ongoing process of education and training to improve and broaden the knowledge, skills and to develop qualities which required the professional life.

1.4 Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The value of CPD



Develop self evaluation

Training for new responsibilities and change the roles

Plan long term carrier aspirations

Updating professional knowledge

Develop an individual learning plan

Extending skills

Develop personal and professional effectiveness

The practice of new areas

Apply CPD to Budgens stores

Budgens is a retail supermarket in UK. Some of the stores are franchised. The head office does certificates awarded training programmes such as fresh food, BWS, health and safety. In this case employees work on those departments they update their professional knowledge. They do business promotion activities, community activities so staff improve and develop skills and performance. And also short courses like leadership, management training for carrier development and for new roles and responsibilities like assistant manager, team leader, manager. Budgens stores runs Visual merchandising workshops as a professional support.

Task Two:

2. Personal Skills Audit

Carry out a personal skills audit which identifies preferred learning styles and that focuses on the skills required for effective management and leadership. Your answer must explain stages of personal skills audit as well as preferred learning style explain and evaluate the methods to monitor the effectiveness of your own learning style

I am going to carry out a personal skill audit which focuses on the skills required for effective management and leader ship and also to identify preferred learning styles.

2.1 What is Skills Audit

A skills audit is a method which helps to understand current strengths in relation to key skills and evaluate possible plans for future. It shows easiest ways to collect information that available capabilities of people for a specific task.

2.2 A Personal Skills Audit

This will lead me to identify my strengths, weakness, opportunities and treats which will address to identify certain gaps and the way fulfil those gaps by taking necessary actions.

Learning styles

Learning styles are the different ways of learning. The learning styles are assumed on learners' attitude, behaviour and available recourses.

People learn in different ways

Some people learn through visual

Some people learn through auditory

Some learn from reading

Some learn through kinaesthetic

2.3 The Four Different Learning Styles

2.3.1 Honey & Mumford Style


Listen and observing others

Think before act

Activities lack planning

Activist Learn From

Team working

They take passive roles

New challenges and experience


They do all as a part of a model or theory

They are asking analysing evaluating generalizing by themselves

They act or decide on basis policy principles


By understanding real world they do learn

Have a clear structured plane

Opportunity to practical

In this case very strong effective learning styles are theorist and pragmatist.

By practising activities develops their abilities in this learning style

Pragmatist develops the skills by practising like activist.

Theorist is identified as low. So by practising the activities theorist can increase their learning ability

Reflector is identified as very low. So reflectors should adjust more activities to improve their learning.

2.4 Effectiveness of My Own Learning Style

According to honey and Mumford method I am a pragmatist learner.

When we understand our learning style we can improve our learning power.

This learning style questionnaire result are designed to:

How they can learn best.

How they can develop learning skills

2.5 Methods to Monitor the Performance of Pragmatist Style

I can monitor my MBA performance on pragmatist style by

Doing assignments

Doing course work

Self assessments

Personal skill audit

For personal skill audit I use a detailed action plan

Form A

Skills /knowledge/personal characteristic

Need level


Inter personal skills



Business professional English



Presentation skills



Time management



Leadership skills



My strengths identified as the above but my weakness areas not reach level that I want. So I have given points 1-10 which i am expecting to have and at present I recognise my ability level.

Form B

Skills knowledge/ personal characteristics

Training activity

Date for action

Interpersonal skills

IF interpersonal course

August 2010

Business /professional English knowledge

IFA interpersonal course

August 2010

Presentation skills

Try to improve through MBA

Staring on April2011

Time management

Maintain a log/diary

August 2010

Leadership skills

leadership training programme

December 2010

2.6 Skills Need for Effective Management and Leadership

The effective management skills can improve my goals and objective as well as organisation.

I understand my organisation culture, the productivity of staff and thereby assessed its success or failure. I have developed the ability to direct supervise, encourage, inspire and proper coordination and guide change the staff.

Planning skills, leadership skills, communication skills are more essential for effective management.

For leadership I give my first priority for time management. In this case i can reach the organisation goals, targets on time.

An interpersonal skill helps to understand staff interest and requirements. I can easily identify how to deal with different people

Communication skills

It makes to have better understand about the work.

Fewer mistakes.

Give right direction to achieve goals.

Task Three:

3. Personal Development Plan

Where I am now?

At present following post graduate diploma in business studies at Edexcel through London school of management and science which is leading to Master of Business administration programme in Glyndwr University.

In addition to that Pavithra has admitted to an on line course of leadership training. That's supposed to start in September in this year.

3.1 Position, Company

At present I am employing at a retail company.

Tesco express

Tesco is fast the growing retailer in UK. I am working as express customer assistants from end of July 2010.

And also as volunteer teacher I am giving studies for some students.

3.2 Education Background

I have completed information technology at Singapore informatics.

I have completed advanced diploma of computer studies.

Computer awareness programme at Open University.

I have completed diploma of teaching at Open University

3.3 Aspirations

To be completed ph D programme

Start my own business in retail in Sri Lanka develops and run through management team.

Develop my carrier in Tesco through promotions.

Buy a new house in UK

Current objectives and goals

My current objective is to complete my MBA programme which is going to be finish by august 2011. Meanwhile finishing leadership training programme and try to add come more value to my carrier.

As a goal, planning to start my ph D programme and complete in future. But before that coming two years I will improve my skills and carrier position.

3.4 Skills: Interpersonal

This is my main ability which i recognized myself. I can understand well the behaviour of people. I know how to deal with them and how to work with them and take more contribution from them. Basically i use to identify them, try to find out what they like to know and what kind of topics they interest to talk or what they like best?

3.5 Business Skills and Multitasks

I recognise myself i have ability and doing better in retail. I can do best attraction to the customer and customer satisfaction. I catch whatever the gap to be filled on the shop floor before others i can see it and i can deal with all the work very quick, nice and properly. I have ability to continue more than one job/ work at a time.

Team work

I believe I am capable working as a team and improving the productivity of the department of organisations. Recently our team being selected best team within the Tesco. And also in my collage team work help me to improve my communication skills and others attitudes and knowledge.

My personal SMART analysis plan

This helps me to set and reach my goals

Specific - all my goals are well defined. To achieve my MBA i do my studies regularly.

To my carrier development for managerial level, I improve my leadership skills by doing specific training

Measurable- I do my studies every day an hour in the night. I do saving every week 50 pounds.

Attainable - I drink a lot of tea so I cut down it only for 3 cups per day

I eat chocolate two bars in one week

Relevant - If I think how relevant mu goals are

Academic I am studying hard for my pg diploma so if I submit assignment on time it's possible I can complete it on time. And as well as my MBA and ph D

Professional carrier- when I develop my leader ship skills, and professional skills with relevant experience I can achieve my managerial level goal in carrier

Time-bound - I have set up a time bound for each goal. E.g. complete MBA on August 2011

PESTLE analysis gives me better understand about my business environment.

Political- external influences like government policies.

E.g. To be a manager i have to work full time so government rules and regulations affect on it.

And open a retail in Sri Lanka, have to understand there policy, rules

Economical- government tax percentage for salaries and income

Social- As a mother I have a lots of responsibilities about my kids. So time management made stress to my work


I need computer skills to be improved to reach my goals. As a manager i need technological knowledge to complete my duties

And when start business in Sri Lanka. I need consults there. So new technology may affect for my business


For my studies I need money but I can work only 20 hrs per week. So these kind of legal situation can

Affect my goals

Environment- the competitors may influence my goals.

My personal swot analysis


Interpersonal skills

Team work ability

Multitasking skills

Business skills


Professional communication skills

Opportunities to explore

Need to attend a personal development programme

Threats pose - problems

Commitment for family members

Allocate funds for studies

Allocate time for studies

Commented on my skills and self assessment


Need to improve business/ professional English


Need to improve report writing and presentation skills

Problem solving

Need to improve finding best solution and balancing both parties.

Personal effectiveness

To me I am good at effectiveness comparing to others

Time management

Need to improve more and daily record

Team work

I am doing my best at the movement

Implication noted by Pavithra

Stress factors

Time management

Family problems

Financial matters

More study work

Tightness of house work

How to identify stress trigger and stress signs

The way presenting facts

More mistakes


How to tackle this as well as the work load

The proper time allocation and manage work little bit slow but confidently. Take more extra time and do peaceful mind.

Future aspirations and goals

Where I want to be

Take a part of management and complete my ph D

What next after being there

Develop my organisation and also looking more studies in different areas to full fill my knowledge.

What opportunity being there will bring to me

Personal development and reputation

Moving carrier for better opportunities

Steps to achieve my own goals and objectives

Learning style

For me I preferred pragmatist style.

Skills to achieve this-

Improve problem solving ability

Work well to do deadlines

Professional skills need-

Professional business English

CIPD membership

Personal skills needed-


Time allocation

Allocating funds

How skills will contribute to both personal and organisational goals and reputation within the organisational objectives

Skills add the value for the personal life

Make higher demand for managerial jobs

Good reputation

Skills add the value for organisation

It gives clear path

Improve effectiveness

Improve productivity

The methods to improve personal and professional skills

Improve communication skills

Do leadership training programme

Keep a personal diary and records

Do a professional development course

Unfeasible goals

Reduce drinking a lot of tea

Cut down eating chocolates

Short - medium and long term goals

To complete pg diploma within 9 months time

To complete MBA within 7 months time

Medium term goals

Saving some money for future purpose than present

To promote managerial position

Long term

Do my ph D

Buy a new house in UK 2012

Start a retail business in Sri Lanka 2013

Planning to expand my business and open branches in different area in 2015

My concludes


To become a top management level with high level professional qualification and experience and leaving considerable gap to next person


I will reach my goals as mentioned above (short term-ling term) by end of 2015

Precisely- I will do exactly the above mention target with confident and within time I have allocated.

4. Conclusion