Examination paper:Chinese Oral English examination

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Unit 3

Select any English language examination paper at any level and set out how you could best prepare your students to successfully pass.

Examination paper:Chinese Oral English examination

I have worked in China for several years as an oral English teacher.There is an important exam for junior school students applying for high school which is called ZHONG KAO.I prepare my students for oral English exam for ZHONG KAO from the aspects of pronunciation,listening and speaking.

1.The structure of the oral English exam in ZHONG KAO


It will give the student 50 seconds for preparation and require to read the given article in 80 seconds.

2)Question & Answer

The computer will raise 2 questions and require the students to answer the questions in a limited time.The studetns should give response in 15 seconds.


The computer will provide some pictures and notes.The students are required to tell the story with the given materials with six above sentences.

2.Some skills for the “oral English” exam

1)Preparing for the “Reciting” part:Pay attention to pronunciation

1.1 Some mistakes always occur in pronunciation .

If we want to speak fluent and pure English ,we should make correct and clear pronunciation.Here are some traditional mistakes we should notice, "th" this pronunciation gives Chinese students many troubles .They always mispronounce it as "s". A good example to see whether your pronunciation is right or not is to check if ,when you say it ,your tongue touches the bottom of your top-row of teeth in order to properly pronounce the "th" sound .In order to learn this sound, you can exaggerate the movement required by sticking you tongue out of your mouth, then bringing it up against your row of teeth rests on your tongue, now slide your tongue back into your mouth quickly, thereby dragging it along your top row of teeth and finally back to its normal position. This movement makes the "th" sound.<1> The reason I tell the whole process of the pronunciation is that I want everyone to take it seriously. We should try our best to pronounce every word correctly, so we can be understood well. If you do not obey the rules of pronunciation, you will speak English with foreign accent.

1.2 Some rules in reading sentences.

a)I teach the students to separate the sentences into small parts according to the meaning and logical structures.Then they read the long sentences with the separate parts easily.

Last Saturday afternoon, /I was visiting my friend.//She knocked a flower pot/ from her window by accident.// It broke on the ground below/ and narrowly missed/ some children.// No one was hurt, /so we said nothing /and went to the cinema. //After we returned, /we learnt /that the police had been to the flats/ and questioned everyone/ about the pot. //My friend /was too afraid /to talk to the police. //Now/ I feel guilty /and don’t know /what to do.//


In rapid speech some consonants and vowels tend to diappear.Consonante are sometimes elided before another consonant or in a consonant cluster.

Goo(d) morning, Mr. Bell.

Goo(d) morning, dear.

Uncle Li’s fa(c)tory is qui(te) near to the cinema.

I wen(t) there alone a(t) nine las(t) night.

-Do you know his bi(ke) number? -Sorry, I don’(t) know.

The forty-firs(t) lesson is qui(te) difficult.

Goo(d) luck, Lin Tao


The place of articulation of a consonant may shift to that of the following consonant.

For example: She is reading in bed. [im bed]


English is stress-timed language.The words which carry stress in a sentence include:

Nouns,adectives,main verbs and interjections,most adverbs and some pronouns,some determiners which are emphasized.

Words which are normally unstressed include:

Conjunctions,prepositions,auxiliaries and modals except as above

For example: I see ˈanimals in the ˈzoo.


English speakers apply an intonation tune to a stretch of speech.The stretch is as small as one syllable or short sentence which is called a tone unit.There are basically 4 intonaion tunes in English.We use different tune according to different meaning.

For example ,

The â†-young →man / is my â†-brother / whoâ†- joined →the army / →three years ↘ago. Three â†-passions, /simple but overwhelmingly â†-strong, / →have governed my↘ life: /→the longing for â†-love, /the search for â†-knowledge, /and →unbearable pity / for theâ†- suffering of↘ mankind.

2)Some practical skill for “Question and Answer ”part and “speaking” part

2.1 For “Questions and Answer” part,the students must understand what the questions mean first.Its target is to evaluate the students’ basic communication skills,for example:expressing congratulations,showing sympathy,providing suggestion,asking for support etc.

2.2 For “Speaking” part,the students will pay attention to the folloing points:

–Tense:Fix one tense and use the coincident tense through the whole story.

- Sequence:Fix the correct sequence of the given information or pictures

-Fluency.Use conjection to connect the sentences together to make the whole story smoothly.And try to tell the story fluently instead of using “er…..,en …” and avoice pause for a long time.

3. Practice is an important approach to improve oral English

When I taught in China,I found the Chinese students are quiet , they always want their teacher to talk , they don’t want to talk by themselves .So I encourage the students to open their mouth and speak out bravely.

3.1 Strengthen English listening training , Increase the input and storage of language .

The input of language is necessary to language output and communication. Listening is not only an important way to acquire language , knowledge, and information ,but also the first step to learn speaking . A large quantity of listening training is the basic approach get the sensation of language and learn how to express one’s own thought .

American psychologist Wilga. M.Rivers think that the process of listening Is not only the process of acceptance but also the process of setup .The comprehension of listening can be devided into three stages : the first one is called sensation stage . In this stage , the English learners can get the superfacial impression and grasp the general idea . This is a passive and acceptable stage . The second one is called recognise stage . The English learners can recognise every signal they accept ,and connect them .This is an active process . The last one is called comprehension and setup stage . From the process of listening comprehension , we can conclude that : The English learners should begin their study with listening . Listen what others have said again and again , and know how to say ,what to say .So that , we will arise strong willing to open mouth to speak . That will inevitably improve our oral English .

I regard listening as the foundation; expand the amount of inputting language to the students.I choose suitable materials and require them to listen to them,understand and imitate.

3.2 Cultivate the habit of using English thinking , Intensify English thinking ability training.

English thinking means that we should eliminate the disturb of native language, comprehend, judge,and express in English directly when we speak English . Learners who don’t get English thinking traing will translate the information to their native language and store in the memory . Finally, they will translate into English with the native language thinking way subconsciously .Under this circumstance, it will arise some Chines-English . For example :[You go first or Go first ,please ] This is an Chinese-English sentence. The correct express is [ After you ] . It will lead to communication failure . We can see the importance of educating English learners to speak English with English thinking . Therefore , we should cultivate the students with the habit of using English thinking.

3.3 Develop an English environment for the students and encourage them to speak English.

I try to set English environment by all kinds of ways in daily study. For example,I encourage the students to form English thinking with self-expression in their daily life.They may describe the whole process of an interesting thing. They can also tell their classmates what they saw during the whole day. If they feel nothing to say, they can read an interesting English paragraph, and retell it in their own words. As time goes on, they will get the habit of thinking in English and speak English.

4. Conclusion

To have a possitive result in oral English examination of ZHONG KAO needs a good preparation and practice in daily study.The above paper mainly discussed some ways of improving oral English, such as, pronunciation ,fluency, grammar, and content.Every aspect had corresponding ways to improve .I also talk about some specific skill to get a possitive result in the examination.Whatever theory is ,they will not work until they are put into practice. English learning is a gradual progress and also a long way to go .

Remarks:One sample examination

1.To read the article

Most of us think that people are the most important things on earth, but we aren’t. We are really much less important than plants! If all the people on earth die tomorrow, life will not stop. The plants, animals and everything else will go on living. But, if all the green plants die, Earth will become a very different place. The air will change and neither animals nor people will be able to live in that air. All living things need plants to make the right kind of air. But they also need them for something else --- food. Living things need food to grow, but only plants can make their own food. Green plants get light from the sun and water from the ground and turn it into food. Nothing else can do that!

2.To answer the questions

1. When and where were you born? 2. What’s your nationality? 3. Which class and grade are you in? 4. What should a student do in class? 5. How often do you have a class meeting?

3.To introduce your American classmate Anna

Notes:1.Annd has been in China for 2 years

2.Anna like Chinese food.She is interested in Chines culture.She made a lot of Chinese friends.

3.Anna is good at sport.She likes stamp collection.She has collected more than 100 Chinese stamps.She will go back to US next year.。