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During the college years, I had multiple hurdles that I have encountered. One of the biggest hurdles was time management and procrastination. Throughout my education, I have always been a procrastinator, even in finishing up this essay. I go into my assignments with good intentions and plan on getting them done early so that I will not have to worry about doing them. But, life seems to get in the way. I always find something else that needs to be done immediately, while my assignments are not due for a few days. I also find it very difficult to motivate myself if the assignment is not due right away. I have myself convinced that I do better under pressure. So I always end up putting myself in that situation. Although throughout my education so far this technique has worked, I do not believe that it will work through university.

In order to change my ways of thinking about assignments and deadlines, I need to set some concrete rules to follow to accomplish them. First off, I need to set realistic goals. I often set goals that cannot be realized. To improve this, I will break my assignment into parts and give myself more than enough time to accomplish each task. That way, my time will be fully utilized instead of wasted.

In co-curricular activities, I realized that I had done little in games and clubs within the university, despite having a number of athletic teams, training personnel as well as other facilities. I was not able to attend any of the activities and even spent much time playing games on my personal computer rather than being involved in real athletics.

Therefore, I have made strict schedules to allow me attend my favourite games which are football and rugby.

Through the hurdles, I also realized some of my strength. One of them is that I always get all of my work done. I always make the time and find the ability to get them done. This takes a lot of self-discipline, because I could always been distracted with other matters. If I get all of my work done, then I will always get A grade. I am also learning all that I am given in order to expand my knowledge and do well on assignments. This will ultimately help me to be more knowledgeable throughout my life.

During my college years, I represented the student in Student Council as the Vice President and it has polished my leadership and team work abilities. Being the project manager for a dual celebration of College Birthday and Teacher’s day, I have become more mature in making decisions and dealing with people in all ages. This grand annual celebration was a proof of my ability to work under pressure as we were a freshly elected committee and it was our first major event. While the task was daunting at times, its success showed our perseverance. There was some feedback from seniors that our event was far better compared to previous years. This great achievement not only boosted our team morale, but also improved our respect among each other.

Physical fitness is important for all, and is the main core for engineers to go the distance. Football and rugby have seasoned me to be mentally and physically fit. In life, we are bound to encounter challenges, thus sports have helped me to steel myself in coping with them. In my previous school, I represented Petaling District for the Rugby Finals. Excellent teamwork, enthusiasm and the thirst for success drove us to be crowned as the champion of the state tournament. As the key player, I had to think critically and plan strategies for my team’s victory. Also, as it involves precision, which is fundamentally linked to engineering, it helped me develop natural traits of an engineer.

Discuss / reflect on general principles being a professional engineer and how you might apply in your career.

Engineering principles and personal assumptions

Can confidently evaluate and discuss general principles regarding being a Professional Engineer. Effectively challenges own assumptions/opinions. References correctly cited

Being a professional engineer, it means that I have to work to enhance the welfare, health and safety whilst paying due regard to the environment and the sustainability of resources. Personally, there are three fundamental principles that I hold as guidance in achieving the high ideals of professional life.

Firstly, without any doubt, a professional engineer should normalise themselves with integrity and honesty. Professional engineers should adopt the highest standards of professional conduct, openness, fairness and honesty. Therefore, from now, I should start training myself to be alert on the ways in which my works might affect others and duly respect the rights and reputation of others too. I also need to avoid deceptive acts and take steps to prevent corrupt practices or professional misconduct. Bribery and improper influence should not be in practice too.

Other than that, I would weight leadership as one of the most important principle for professional engineers as we should aspire to high standards of leadership in the exploitation and management of technology. Being a professional engineer, it means that I hold a privileged and trusted position in a society. Therefore, I am expected to demonstrate that professional engineers are seeking to serve wider society and to be sensitive to public concern. Thus, I have to be aware of the issues that engineering and technology raise for society, and also listen to the aspirations and concerns of others. Moreover, I have to actively promote public awareness and understanding of the impact and benefits of engineering achievements.

Lastly, I believe professional engineers should be accurate and rigour. We have a duty which is to ensure that we acquire and use widely and faithfully the knowledge that is relevant to the engineering skills needed in their work in service of others. Therefore, I should always act with care and competence. I also have to get my knowledge and skills up to date and assist the development of engineering knowledge and skills in others. I also should present and review engineering evidence, theory and interpretation honestly, accurately and without bias. Professional engineers also need to identify and evaluate risks.

Discuss / reflect on how new experiences in university have influenced your assumption on the meaning of being a professional engineer and implication might have for your own future development.

I have learned a lot of useful insight from this whole module. Some of them have really helped me understand myself better. The questionnaires given during SESM1015 lecture have really helped me understand about the different learning styles and the style that best fits me. Knowing this information will help me utilize my strengths and ultimately learn better.


One of the expectations that I have for myself is to continue to complete all of my work because that is the only way that one can truly learn. I am also going to work on feeling more confident about myself and my abilities. I have thoughts and ideas and I want to feel like I need to share them. That is going to be difficult for me because I have always been a quite one, but I will work on it. I expect to be presented with ideas that I have never thought of, so I can learn from them. I want to learn a lot and look back on this year from now and be glad that I took it. Overall, I want to be taught things that I need to know in order to be the best professional engineer that I can be.

Upon finishing this essay, I have learned that time management is the most critical tool towards achieving personal goals not only in education, but also in other aspects of life. I have realized that my overall academic grades, as well as in extracurricular activities, improves with proper time management and the ability to work with strict time schedules.