Environmental Scan Plan And Change Education Essay

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With the current period of unprecedented change, the colleges and other tertiary level education institutions are made up of students from various cultures and backgrounds. This keeps the administration on toes to make sure that every student regardless of his origin and background is able to benefit from the education programs being offered. This will therefore mean that the institutions have to work extra harder to ensure that this is met. In the process, there will be better opportunities realized that will make the institution even improve further and thus provide better quality education. The best reward for the school is the students excelling in their studies. If this is realized then it will be an added advantage to the school (Gordon, Habley, Grites, 2008, p.54 ).

With the increase in technology, distance learning will be well facilitated at lower costs and less time. This is to say that the teacher will be able to attend many students within a short time. For instance he could upload notes on a certain topic on the web page where all the students will retrieve the information from. Unlike in the traditional classroom where he would have been to go throw the notes with the students in class and may keep on repeating for the slow learners to grasp, online learning will ensure will save on time and energy for that matter. If look at it from a different angle, you find that the colleges will be forced to upgrade their learning facilities for instance by improving their access to the internet service together with equipment that could be needed. According to Frey (2006), this will be an improvement in the overall educational facilities of the college which would be an added advantage.

With increase in the number of colleges where students can choose from, the colleges with online or distance learning facilities will have an added advantage over the rest. This is because students that might be involved in other activities like jobs in various areas could still find time to advance their education without many problems. For instance one will be able to go to work and still take his lessons without fear of missing lessons. It will therefore enable students plan their lives better than they would have done with traditional classroom lessons.

As Frey says, the majority of the population in the Arizona is the composed of the young Asians, Latinos, Blacks, and Native Americans. These are actually the future students at the various colleges in the county. The current bunch of children grows up with enough access to computers and other technologically advanced machines like the Play stations and computer games. This is an indication of them developing faster in the field of technology and this will make it easier for them to grasp the online learning procedure. With their continued increase in this field, they will most likely find it easier to use online education than the traditional classroom classes. With the current competition inn this industry, Axia College and many more colleges of the same will have an added advantage over the rest (Frey 2006).

As a matter of fact, the enrollment of students in online courses is increasing at a faster rate than that of the traditional classes. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about 2.3 million students enrolled in online courses in 2005.the number has even grown bigger in 2010 (McPherson & Nunes, 2004). This is an indication that online learning in the way to go for most colleges that wish to keep track with the changing times. Statistics also show that the number of students enrolling in online courses is mostly those above the age of 24 with families and jobs. This is an indication that online learning has provided a chance for even the elderly men and women who would like to increase or upgrade their education levels can still go on with their daily duties and attend to school at the same time. This has made life vey convenient and affordable. People no longer have take education leave form their bosses to go and study first before they come back for any promotions that is not even guarantee. Convenience and flexibility is therefore the major attraction for online courses.

The view of online learning does not imply that we should reject traditional classroom learning. This is an approach that is still common in various places within the country and we should not pretend that it is gone. The classroom learning has been transformed into what we now refer to lectures but the fact still remain they are traditional common methods. However the educationalists have reveled that academic learning is not all about passive reception and acquisition of knowledge. The manner in which the learners handle the information is more important to academics is more important. The knowledge provided in education has a contextualized character meaning that it can not be separated from the context in which it is used. When learning is done in isolation, the learner might keep the information in his mind but he could never know when to use it. In this con text acquisition of knowledge is also of no importance if the learner does not apply it in the right way and even transfer the knowledge through various other ways (McPherso & Nunes, 2004, p. 4).

It is therefore important that the lectures come up with better way of transferring the information unto the students in a manner that the students can absorb and be able to use it in he right way possible. This is the greatest advantage with the online learning in the sense that you do not have to follow a certain specified timetable by the school where you are in class the whole day whether you like it or not. With online education, the student finds a given time that is suitable for him and therefore he can concentrate and grasp what the lecture notes might be communicating.

As Lockwood indicates that the kind of courses offered for online courses at the Axia college are Accounting, criminal justice, Business among many more. These are courses that need a little bit of individual thinking and therefore could easily be understand trough online teaching. More over they are more of practical approach and there would work well with the increase in technology. If you consider the time frame require to complete an online course, then you realize that it is very convenient. 20 months is such a short time considering that you are not in school for the whole day. This gives the student enough time to pursue his area of interest to the furthest level he would which or even undertake various courses within a short time. This is actually also enough time for someone to get as many associate degrees as he wishes (Lockwood, 1995, p. 10).

Formulation of accountability systems for the teachers and the school at large keeps everyone on toes so that better results are achieved. For instance, every teacher might be given a specific target of which his class should achieve. The teacher will have no option but to struggle his level best to ensure that the students performance as to the expectation of the school administration. With such cases, the performance of the school will increase a great deal and this will mean the kind of graduates that will be produced will be of the required standard to help steer the country economy forward (Lockwood, 1995, p. 12).

On the same not, there is no way a school can perform better in online education without proper infrastructure. According to Gordon, Habley & Grites (2008), this may include internet services and the necessary equipment and machines such as computers and laptops. This gives the college a chance to upgrade its infrastructure in totality and the kind of services offered. To facilitate this, the teachers will also have to undergo some training to enable them fit in this new kind of system that may be most of them were not used to. All these improvements in various departments generally raise the standards of the school to a higher level than it were before (p. 67).

The involvement of the community members in search like projects could be one of the best ways of strengthening the relationship between the schools and the community in which they exist. There is no way a college can exist on its on without support from the hosting community. In fact the community is usually the mother of the school. For the college to prosper, It is therefore important that the community is involved in one or two ways. For instance, the community could be asked to give suggestions on how they feel the services offered by the college should be conducted. Remember this is just about getting their opinion so that they feel involved. After this there is a panel of specialists that will sit down and evaluate the views and find out which ones could be used and which ones need improvement or being discarded (Lockwood, 1995, p. 12).

As the review has illustrated online forms learning are changing with the changing increase in technology. This has made it easy for various people to acquire various degrees as they continue with their jobs. Nothing could be better than this for a worker who wishes to advance in education. Although traditional classroom learning is also important, the fact remains that online learning is more convenient and affordable considering the fact that you can learn as you continue with your job.