Engineering and Health Studies Personal Statement

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I have always had an interest in the way things work, and since I was young, science has been one of my favourite subjects. My interest in sciences, particularly physics, has developed

throughout my time at school, and I enjoy the challenge of using scientific and mathematical

ideas when solving everyday problems. Last year I took part in the Engineering Education

Scheme, working alongside three other students, with the local water company, to work on a

project involving the removal of sludge from a drinking water clarification tank. This helped

me to develop time management, problem-solving and teamwork skills, as we encountered

several problems along the way (mostly involving the sludge), as well as having to cope with

each other for long hours in order to meet deadlines. I found this both challenging and

rewarding and achieved a Gold Crest Award as well as being able to take part in the regional

final of the Young Engineers for Britain competition. The scheme gave me a useful insight

into the types of problems that engineers have to solve, and convinced me that engineering is

the career path I want to follow. I aim to secure sponsorship for my course with a local

company, as this will provide me with the experience of industrial work during the holidays,

as well as helping me financially through my time at university.

I believe that good links between engineers and businesses are essential for an efficient and

profitable future for British industry. Studying Economics to AS-level, along with sciences and

Maths, has helped me to understand some of the scientific principles behind production and

management techniques. Physics has taught me about how things behave, and how these

properties can be used in solving both practical and theoretical solutions. Studying biology

has helped me to appreciate the role that engineers can play in helping to balance industry

and natural environment. My favourite part of the course is the environment module, as I

enjoy learning about how different species can adapt to their surroundings. Mathematics

gives me the opportunity to apply familiar concepts to unfamiliar situations, and I enjoy the

challenge of solving mathematical problems. I also find further Maths enjoyable, as I find it

more challenging than my normal Maths lessons.

Alongside my school work, I have been studying an Open University science short course

entitles �Food and Health: A Chemical Story�. I enjoy working on the course, as it helps to

broaden my scientific reading, and covers interesting topics in more depth than my school

studies. It also helps me with my independent study and time management skills. I am due

to complete the course at the end of October.

I like to be involved in other aspects of school life, for example I took part in the junior mock

trial competition lower down the school. Last year I was assistant house captain, helping

encourage younger members of my house in competitions. I helped backstage in the sixth

form show, which I intend to do again this year. I am a year eight �buddy�, which involves

helping an able younger student with extra schoolwork. I take drama lessons out of school,

and recently passed Guildhall Grade 6 solo acting with honours. I have been involved in five

musicals since starting at this school, and am currently rehearsing for my first principal role in

the schools� production of �Les Miserables�. I have also taken part in several productions with

local youth theatre and amateur dramatics societies, ranging from William Shakespeare to

Willy Russell. I play the violin in the school orchestra, and enjoy singing in the school choir. I

also take part in music activities outside of school, and am involved in groups such as Burton

Sinfonial and Staffordshire Youth Choir.

Although at the moment I intend to complete a degree in manufacturing engineering, I do not

feel that I am in the best position to make any final decisions about my career yet, and have

chosen courses with the first year (and in some cases the second year) common to degree

programmes in many disciplines of engineering. My experiences of engineering so far have

been both challenging and rewarding, and I hope that my future career will be too.

*This person got 5 offers including an offer from Cambridge.

BTEC Health Studies Personal Statement

The time I have spent on the BTEC National Diploma in Health Studies has been informative,

challenging and enjoyable. During this course I have particularly enjoyed the modules on

Psychology, Equality, Diversity and Rights and Microbiology. Undertaking this course has

prepared me for the academic challenges, which I may face in university life.

I have decided to apply for cultural Studies and sociology, Criminology and Contemporary

culture, Medical and Environmental Microbiology and sociology. I have made these choices as

I have a passionate interest for these subjects. Through my BTEC I have been given the

chance to touch on these subjects and also before applying I researched the courses by going

online and contacting a careers advisor, and I would like very much to study one of them to

degree level.

During the BTEC course I have earned my key skills certificates and a food hygiene certificate

and have also undertaken a number of work placements. These placements have allowed me

to observe the type of work involved within various caring professions.

During my time on work placement I have undertaken work experience at *** ***** County

Primary School, *** **** Residential Home and I have also spent time at the ******* Hospital

Children�s Centre and ***** Ward, which is situated in the ******* Hospital I have also had

experience with the District Nurses. These placement have given me good people skills and

communication skills, they have also given me self-confidence. I also used to work voluntarily

in the Cafe in the ******* Hospital, which I enjoyed very much as I got on with the other

employees very well.

I am currently working for an employment agency at various places, mainly factories as a

production operator.

I am currently unsure about my future career and am hoping my time on the course will help

me decide what I ultimately do.

I am a good listener, independent, organised and self disciplined which should prove

invaluable preparation for life at university.

I enjoy socialising with my friends and meeting new people. I enjoy listening to all sorts of

music but I am particularly interested in rock, acoustic and indie music. I like watching films;

I also am currently learning to play the bass guitar.

Earlier this year I started a nursing course but found it was not for me, as I realised my

interests lie in sociology and cultural related studies, although I feel the time I spent on the

course showed me what university life is really like and I feel I gained a lot from the


I feel that BTEC National Diploma in Health Studies has helped to prepare me for university

life and skills required for the course and hope you will look favorably upon my application.

*This person wrote this statement for a foundation year to progress to a degree and all offers

were unconditional.

Computer Games Programming Personal Statement

I find the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Games Physics interesting and so I have

decided to study a course to include these areas. I am currently studying an A level in

Information Technology in which I have used Visual Basic in Microsoft Excel and Access.

At home I have used the action script language in Macromedia Flash to build an

interactive personal website. I found this aspect of computing very interesting and so I

will really enjoy programming in C++ and other programming languages. I am also

studying an A level in Mathematics that I really enjoy. This would be useful for many

parts of the course such as games physics.

When I�ve played computer games in the past I have always wanted to be able to

create something similar. Consequently, the computer games programming course

stood out as something that I really wanted to do. I have used some software

programmes such as Mocrosoft Visual Basic, Softimage \ XSI ESP 3.0, Discreet 3DS MAX 5

(evaluation version) and Maya Personal Learning Edition. I would like to see people�s

enjoyment when playing a game, knowing that I took part in producing it.

I have e-mailed a few programming companies such as Valve Software, id software,

Lionsoft, Electronic Arts and Codemasters explaining my situation and asking whether it

would be better to take a games programming course or a software development

course and learn game specific items afterwards or in my spare time. All of the replies

advised me to take the computer games programming course as this way I would

already possess the games programming knowledge.

Undertaking my work experience as a sales assistant in a computer store allowed me to

develop skills such as working in a team and dealing with customers. Although I was

working with others a lot of the time, I also had to work independently. This allowed

me to use my own initiative and solve problems.

Whilst attending Sutton High Sports College, I have done a large amount of voluntary

work. During years 10 and 11, I helped with the schools open days and sports days

where I did scoring. I also took part in after school activities such as playing music.

Outside of school I have helped at �Darby and Joan�s� which is for old aged pensioners

where they can get together for company, and to talk and play bingo. Year 12 saw me

helping with the year 6 curriculum induction day, and assisting with scoring on both the

school�s open day and the St. Helens Athletic finals. Participation in a first aid course

gained me a certificate in �Emergency Aid in the workplace for Appointed Persons�.

This involved areas such as resuscitation and control of bleeding.

Hobbies and interests include reading books; the genres preferred being science fiction

and horror. I also like playing piano of which I am currently working towards grade 8,

and I have played �The Skaters� Waltz at Parr Hall (a concert Hall) in Warrington. I

enjoy using my computer for playing games, including playing games online, and using

the internet to keep up to date with current news in the computing and gaming world,

new hardware and software releases.

My interests cover a wide area, which I believe will help me in both academic and

social life at university.

My aim is to become a computer games programmer developing any type of game for

PC or console, and I believe that a university course will help me achieve my goal.

Business Personal Statement

My decision to apply for a degree in Business is due to my desire to aim for a career in

the promotion of electronic music. This initiated from a visit to London, where I had

the opportunity to experience the deeply fascinating influences of the local club scene

to the culture of our times. This experience made my involvement with that specific

branch of the music industry a primary objective.

During the following years I succeeded in establishing a presence within a field I knew

very little about, even at the expense of other activities. In fact, I managed to occupy

myself in an independent record store, where apart from being given a chance to be

involved in the management of the business I was also given an opportunity to test my

creative skills, by creating a web page to promote the company.

Furthermore, the Economics and Business courses I attended during my studies in the

International Baccalaureate gave me the opportunity to utilise and put into perspective

the knowledge I had previously acquired through personal experience. This, made me

realise the effect that a university education would have upon me both as person and

as future professional.

Hence, if I were given the opportunity to continue my studies along these lines I would

be more than willing to devote myself to the hard work necessary in order to qualify

for a degree. I am fully aware of the effort as well as the risks involved, still it is the

advice of a friend that inspires me �do what your heart says � it will bring your greater