Energy source

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Energy source is one of important needs for human's needs. Energy source generated from many factors that present in our earth. They could be the energy sources that could be renewable and not renewable. Energy sources have obtain energies from various energies.

The most common energy source that human use was electricity. Electricity was the main energy source use for lighting and used to support the electronics by giving them charges. However, electricity consume fossil fuels which could cause pollution and so that human must change their most common energy source which is electricity to the other alternative energy source that nature have given to them. Electricity help in many other than just give lighting to people. It also give us the more compatible energy source for our electronics such as battery that have electric charges in them that can be used until it runs out for the machine or electronics to function. People could also use electricity for other purposes which it could help in hospitals when people's heart don't have so fast heart beat that they need some electric charges for the heart to feel shock and beat faster for temporary. As the most common energy source, electricity is quite important in our daily life. Electricity also have help scientist many times in understanding the energy sources to be used well.

The most important energy sources needed by human is solar energy. It was important because majority of renewable energy technologies are powered by the sun. The earth-atmosphere system is in equilibrium such that heat radiation into space is equal to incoming solar radiation. Solar energy is very important because it affects other renewable sources that without sun, it is almost impossible for the plant that will be used for bio-fuel could grow. Solar energy also very important because it gives us light that are bright in morning and noon so that we don't have to waste energies contained in electricity for lamp. Solar energy even become more important as technology improves that some electricity circuit or electronics may use the energy or heat from sunlight to run or process. Also sunlight or energy from sun could be considered as limitless as they have no numeral limit even our technology have use much of them and they were captured by plants for their process of photosynthesis. As solar energy has no limits, it have saved our energy sources to save the energy used for lighting. Solar energy was also used by some technologies through their radiation that penetrate the earth. The system is in equilibrium as heat radiation into space is equal to solar radiation to earth.

Wind energy is one of many alternative energy sources used by humans. The wind energy uses natural wind power or wind flows to make the wind turbine spins that it produce energy. Wind power also help in renewable energy plants that they help in process of their mating when the flower give out their pollen to be spread out by the help of the wind so that it is spread easily for plant's growth faster. The wind turbines would be fitted when they were put in areas that have many wind such as offshore and high attitudes sites. As the airflows are faster and the wind is stronger in those areas, people commonly use that place as windfarm. It is even believed that energy produced from those wind turbines are much stronger than the current energy produced for electricity. Wind power was also a very benefited energy as they were from natural energy and people don't have to worry about losing the wind for our energy resources. Wind power is renewable and produce no greenhouse gases during their process or operation, such as carbondioxide and methane. Furthermore, wind power also have many uses that with wind energy, we could feel more cooler when in hot weather.

Hydropower is another alternative energy sources. The energy in water that were used as in the form of kinetic energy and temperature difference could be harnessed and used. The energy produced was taken from the flowing stream of water. The water also produces the electricity called hydroelectricity, they are one of power generated from hydropower. It have advantages as it don't use fuel for electricity so that the fuel could be saved and cause less pollution. The hydroelectric power produces less carbondioxide than fossil fuel powered by renewable plants.

The hydroelectricity was powered depends on the volume and height of water that will be extracted into energy. The height difference in water is called head. The amount of potential energy in water is proportional to the head.

The hydroelectricity powered by the turbine or generator that extract water into energy could be used for electricity. Because of the elimination of fuel cost in hydroelectricity, their cost become so much cheaper than fuel generated for electricity. The other hydropower energy sources was also extracted the kinetic energy from stream or water that they were renewable.

The other renewable energy source is bio-energy source. They are energy sources extracted from the things that people don's use anymore and later can be extracted into fuel and others that are useful. Some fuel station nowdays also use 10% of ethanol which is recycled from plants such as sugarcane, sugarbeets, cornstalles, corn and switchgrasses which can produce ethanol. As technology improves, to reduce pollution caused from burning of fossil fuel, nowdays they upgrade the machine or engine of the vehicle into biodiesel engine. With little modification, the diesel engine could use the recycled or renewable fuel gas. The major benefit of biodiesel use is the reduction in net CO2 emissions, since all the carbon emitted was recently captured during the growing phase of the biomass. Solid biomass is most commonly used directly as a combustible fuel because more ethanol could be obtained from combustion of solid biomass that later on used as renewable energy sources. Most types of biomass contain energy even cow manure still contains two-thirds of the original energy consumed by the cow. But liquid biomass is more easier or portable because they can have a high energy density, and they can be pumped which make handling easier. Liquid biomass was also sometimes easier to be burned to produce fuel or biogas.

Geothermal energy was another alternative energy source that maybe used. Geothermal energy could be obtained by tapping the heat of the earth itself. The energy gain using the heat present in earth's core that is very hot. The energy from geothermal energy usually taken from the very hot water that the temperature usually at 200 celcius that present in earth's core that later was taken into steam separators to separates the steam from water and runs the steam through the turbines to achieve the energy present. The other way to extract energy from geothermal energy source is from hot dry rocks. The heat resources consists of hot underground radiogenic granite rocks, which heat up when there is enough sediment between the rock and the earth surface. It is because the rock was extremely hot that the energy could be taken from the rocks was big enough for energy sources.

Many energy sources are maybe renewable. As stated in those above paragraph, energy sources maybe renewable but the cost sometimes may not cheap such as when we use the biofuel, we have to do some modification to the engine first. Though maybe some energy sources have difficulty in high cost but many of them have many benefits. For instance, hydroelectric power from hydropower cut the use of fuel in their main energy source. Energy source is very important to human race because even without food and drink, we still need energy used for lighting and other human's needs. One of benefits from energy source is to make the people's life became simpler and easier. For example, travelling vehicle, it was used as one of transport system used to make travelling easier for people. Energy sources are renewable that makes engine to waste less volume of fuel, as part of volume of fuel are bio-fuel extracted from renewable sources. It produce less pollution as less CO2 was to given out during the process of renewable materials.

To conclude, renewable energy sources was needed by human as substitute for their better way of life and also to preserve the natural energy resources. The renewable energy source is also the best or good alternative for energy as they don't cause pollution sometimes and more efficient also sometimes using the energy from natural resources.