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For this task, I working at Unique Management Focus SdnBhd based at No 27, 2nd floor Jalan 20/14 Taman paramount 46300 Petaling Jaya Selangor. I started working on 08thSeptember 2012 and end on 29th September 2012, every Saturday from 9.00 am till 02.00 pm.

The reason I choose to work unpaid as accounts clerk as my task in this portfolio because I want to learn new experiences and gain new environment in different working place. This position requires me to perform variety of duties which involves basic account. Hence, one of my duties also including maintaining files, including account payable documents and others, type's variety of document, report and record, record all payment transaction such as cash and cheques, handle customer and employee accounts receivable, others duties as assigned.

I am trying my best to do my entire task given by my superior. During my working, there also have a deadline or due date to submit the report and since I only working on Saturday. Luckily, my colleague willing to teaches whenever I am facing difficult or problem while doing the task given.


Even though, I am working in finance industry at operation department for 4 years. With this new job, it gives new perfective in term of experiences, environment and also knowledge. During my services in the company, I learned many things, such as conflicts, problem, stress, team work and time management.

There I learnt that we need to capable to solving and build trust within colleague. That is very important in order to adapt myself while working there. Besides, I also can develop my communication skills whereby I have to build good relationship among

my colleague in order to have their support as my senior. Enhance, I can improve my knowledge by able to do my task accordingly.

Furthermore, I learnt how to improve my teamwork and time management. It is also important, whereby in order to finish my task, I need my subordinate favour or help since I still baby in this field. I also learnt to improve and develop my time management in order to setting my working schedule in order. Hence, it develop the ability and improve my awareness so I won't do twice while my task given.

I learnt how to manage stress. Since, my job requires me to be more careful and alert so I don't have a room do a mistake. Stress is part of their life workplaces and I have to accept and realise that it's also can make us perfect.

All jobsare very important to ensure the company success in future. Each division play their own role in order to accomplish company goal for example by preparing

and handling an account, in order to know the company condition.

"My strength and weakness"

Since, I don't have any experience working in account department before it's a difficult to me to accomplish the task on time but my willing to learned and explore new experience and knowledge motivate myself to worked harder. I am flexibility in handle change. While working as account clerk, I realise that I was able to working to in different environment besides with my current job, which mean I be able to adapt myself with changes. Besides I also can develop my skills with the support from my team/colleague. So far I still feel that my skills and knowledge could be stronger from time to time and I am willing to make improving.


According to the Fisher & Scriven (1997) stated that "is a skilled, active, interpretation and evaluation of observations, communications, information and argument". Critical thinking is a subjective that we cannot be define, whereby it is a situation that makes us to thinks and be able to analyse, assess and improve the argument. Argument also can be defined with two kind of it, which is a conclusion and supporting reasons (evidence). Argument occur whenever there are no decision can be made, so the used argument to persuade others on a particular viewpoint. Scholarly argument is a both side view, which content the positive and negative side or opinion and the used the reliable sources that can support the arguments.

A key of critical thinking is by review how I can make a right judgement through the issues. Firstly is I have to understand the problem, then collect information, observed and the last part is to analyse and interpret it based on the issue.

Critical reading is a crucial part of reading. The objective is not to read the whole thing but to find the evidences of the argument, which mean find and summarize the key point. Besides, reading is for our initial learning as example student preparation. Therefore in order to understand more detail on the subject or topic, read actively but quickly, taking notes and review what we had read and lasting finalise the notes.

Note taking is a recording ideas and fact which you had learn and use it to help to remember and use it as references. Other than taking notes, we can put double line or highlights the main point in order to easy to trace the point. The important in taking note, the sentences must short and simple but at the same time can understand. For example, when having a test, many students will write note in a piece of paper or in the body to cheating.

Structuring is the relationship between the ideas in the argument and the pattern in which they are presented. Structuring is a step, that can applied when do writing. It is to ensure that we can see the objective of the writing clearly. As example before start to do our essay, it is important to writing frame first or we call as mind map and it's very useful in order to write the essay accordingly.

Signposting are methods of indicating changes of direction in your argument. It also as a supportive statement and the next direction of writing to expand ways of writing and a meanwhile can create a fresh ideas. As example imagine that I want to cross over and it is important to create and write it in the long essay to make it interesting. While creating a long essay, also need to input the reason and where I plan to go next.

According to Daft (2008) state that "communication is not only passing the information but it's more with transference the understanding" .Communication is a process transferring information to receiver in order to understand and concern each other which appear in every element. Furthermore, it's also important to interact and influence team member in order to making decision, solving issues and implement changes. Communication with effectively is very important to apply in group and teams. There are three levels in successful communication, which are understanding, acquiescence and action.

Team is a form of group, which can collaborate in two ways. Learning environment is a group assignment/presentation or researches. Working environment is more focus on problem solving, planning team, executive and board of director. The benefit is in term if division labour synergy, motivation and diverse approaches to problem solving.

Group is more to individual accountable when the projects were failed. Besides, the objective of group is approach to work shaped by manager or superior. However, working or studying group in can rely each other to get the work done.

"Personal Statement"

I am a faster learner and willing to learn new things. I also can adapt myself to changes especially related workplaces. Enhance, my hobbies is to listen to music, meet new friend and travelling.

"Key Skills"

"Personal skills"

"Professional skills"

Fast learner

Multi task




Communication skills


Stress Management

"Personal Skills"

I am a person who can work in team, whereby team work is very important to accomplish task in my current workplace. On the same time, team work builds a good relationship and understanding among the co-worker. Enhance, it's also develop the confidence and faith within my colleague with myself, which can leading to accomplish task.

"Professional Skills"

I am a person who can handle and reduce my stress or pressure. My workplace environment requires to able me to perform in perfectly, which mean there is no room for mistake. I also believe that stress also can make me to become a better employee, which it's can approach my skills and knowledge in the next level.



"Debate preparation"

This debate been made to improved our communication skills which mean the way we present the debate and communicate with each member, as neither proposition nor opposition.

There wereseventeen individuals that involved on the session which consistnine of people as is proposition arguments, seven of people as an oppositionarguments and one person as organizer on the event. The writer and the others eight people as a supporting on the arguments whereby another seven of people as contender of arguments.

The whole team member had given their full support in order to complete the debate. We also gathering, sharing information and having a discussion as preparation to do that debate. The team members used internal and external sources to collects information. In the same time, we also used the books and internet as references. Enhance, we also contribute all our experience regarding the issues.

Since it's was the first time we having a debate, we done a rehearsal as preparation to anactual debate. During rehearsal, the duration on the session is around one hour as trials. In that way, we also can improve and develop the skills and knowledge for the actual session. Hence,before we starts the debate our lecture also helping us by givingand providing more input and information, whereby we can have a better started and concluded arguments.

"Arguments and Lecturer Comments"

The organizer will give a short brief of team member and a simple introduction. The debate start by opening speech by proposition with the introduction team member, then one of opposition member also introduces their members. Once introduction, a proposition continue to give an introduction of the regarding the issue and opposition tried to fight back to encounter the points. She explained that we are too dependent to computer, whereby we can do online to do, purchasing, selling and exchanging of good and services through computer and we can called it as E Commerce. For the opening speech's its take more than ten minute since both side continue to support their own argument. The lecture have commented to give a short opening since it's only the opening and the first candidate for both team should not drag it into bigger issue.

Writer and team member were support the argument by explaining the benefit on the argument through technology, organisation, culture and education. Then the opposition will mentioned the weakness base on our argument.

The write team member delivered by mentioning through technology whereby provides the fact and benefit to support the argument. Hence, today is a technology age which they using computer in order to build or create a technology. On the same time, the opposition argue on the matter and strictly spokes on the issue by providing the impact technology on us in negative way.

The other team member is more focus on benefit on culture. Writer team member provides supportive evidence as proved which show to support the issues. Furthermore, the speaker also does a survey in order to convince the statement.

The other speaker is talk about education and they did a good presentation by using supportive evidences. The write team member did a plenty researches such as through internet and present to lecture and opposition. After that, writer also mentions thesame

by providing the example point to support the point. Writer give sample by using Sekolah Bestari by government and the other team member show the statistic and the report through I Pad.

The other speaker is talk about an organisation. The speaker defence the statement and continuing proving the reason why we support it. To support the point, writer team member provide the valid and reasonable fact that show the important computer to organisation.

After the proposition and opposition arguing regarding the matter and come to conclusion, which both side need to do a closer to support each issue. The speaker did a good job to make a conclusion and to end the debate. The writer team member stated that we are too dependence to computer and based on the input and information that given on the session. Computer also makes our life easier; we can easily online for payment bill, shopping, entertainment, applying for jobs and so on. Besides, we also don't have to worry to check our grammars error because we have a function that can check for our mistakes. The opposition as usual will argue and protest regarding the issue. They stated that, they did use computer but not too dependence to computer until addicted.

Overall through this debate,the write find it is a good way to improved their knowledge and skills. Besides, writer learnt that time management is one of the important thing to ensure and prevent to us to setting the duration on the event or session. Furthermore, it's also to develop our communication skills and build confidences to speak in front of people or team member.