EIGHT Weeks Plan To Built A Restaurant

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Research and planning:

      As a restaurateur, you are not going to serve just food but satisfying the guests' needs also, it's a great opportunity that we can serve the people and getting profits at the same time. Make your place as one of the best in all other establishments. Your restaurant should be a place like people would be nourished, entertained, stimulated, relaxed, pampered and satisfied.

Make sure that for which type of generation would you like to service, is it for family gatherings, or provide teens with a place to hangout? And plan to arrange for only the lunch crowd or be available for 24/7. Can you arrange for most of the kids' celebrations or cater to adults only? Would you like to arrange a band to rock on Saturday nights? You need ensure these all the things, because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


      Ensure the type of restaurant which you would like to launch and make sure about service you will offer, it may table service, counter service, take away service, drive-thru window or combination. Make the type of restaurant according to the location which you have been selected. They both have inter-relation in the matter that in the consideration about the type of people who's been living in that particular location and their food habits would be differ or be equal.

      So, our restaurant refers to mainly for food, it is must to analyse the location and kind of people whose are being survive over there. Like some areas will be religious areas so, their food habits may vary and standard. Regarding the locality condition we need to design our establishment. If it's a luxurious area, you can make your restaurant as a fine dining one, as per your financial targets and status. Then it seems to be equivalent to your location selected.


      The premier thing that which we consider to built a restaurant is where it should be located. It may be rental, owned or lease. But mostly we prefer a best business area and likely where the people desire to visit more. We need to think over about legal issues for the location which we selected, for that consulting a best well known lawyer and checking about the zoning and licensing issues and are a compulsion factor. After issuing the license, immediately refers with the local health department about outlines of the site is that agreed with the healthy environment, following to get food service permit. Get forms for a liquor service permit from the appropriate state agency, select an insurance agent to insure your property which regards your business. So, we got all the licenses and permits which need to start a restaurant. Make a list of available names for the restaurant; make sure the name that you would like to use for the restaurant is not being used by other restaurants.

Next to all of them, be confirmed and conscious with registration of your location and company's brand name, if it is rental or lease we have to be alert about the bond papers that had made regarding the particular matters.

      After selection, make remodeling schedule of the building, speculate about the repairs, paintings, decorating and designing of allocation for departments which are going to take place in the organisation.



      One of the important & decisive factors while planning a restaurant is the designing of a hierarchy for the organisation. As the average size of the establishment, could be like this the restaurant manager, Asst. Restaurant Manager, one head waiter, two chef de range, if the establishment having bar then one wine waiter, one commis wine waiter, bartender who is having artistically skills like juggling, creativity of making cocktails etc., and three commis waiters. Coming to the kitchen there could be executive chef, sous chef, departmental chefs and trainees or apprentice. Make intellectual interviews to pick a well qualified and effortable person for the organizational operations. By these interviews only we can choose a right candidate to fulfill our organizational goals. We need to use our staff in a systematic path, we should let them to follow our company's rules and regulations. Then HACCAP training certification programs and motivational seminars has to give for them.


      Financial matters should be considered that which plays a crucial role to run a business. Review your financial projections with your banker and also with your prospective partners or equity investor. Choose a well known bank that, which can give in a better interest,

The heart of the operation is in the accounting system. Make sources in which way we can get funding, that It may be useful to business to take another step forward. We need to make a financial data after the finding the sources of the funds.

      Control is essential to maintain any administration if you dishonor to control your system, it will control you.

The benefit policy of your restaurant is:

  1. To find out what's your market needs.
  2. Make them to satisfy those needs.
  3. Make people to lure about your food products and
  4. Make a profit while doing so.

      The procedure of action is depends on your planning and the implementation of your plan as a mean of controlling your organisation. The most important thing to manage your restaurant for profits is to establish a accounting system that provides you with the raw data for the accounting documents and that will be developed in this section. Your accounting system should be simple enough and that should make you or an employee make easy to understand to keep up-to-date on daily basis with the provisions made for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly summaries. The accounting department should contain cash controls {computerized accounts a debit card machine can}.Apart from that your method of accounting system should be suited to your specific needs. These financial documents need not be very complicated. Develop your financial statements with an eye on your information needs, using your common sense and your accountants experience as guides to the level of detail needed. {It's also possible to suffer from too much information}.

Total Controllable Expenses


Interest, Depreciation, Restaurant Profit, Other deductions, Income before Taxes, Taxes

Net Profit(loss)



  • Sources & applications of funding
  • Capital equipment list
  • Balance sheet
  • Break-even-analysis
  • Income statement projection
  • Cash flow projections
  • Deviation analysis




      Mostly lighting in a restaurant is should be a natural one. For that you can choose incorporated skylights, windows to bring in more natural light. Make certain these can be easily cleaned at least once in a week. Solar light also can give a good appearance for your restaurant. If can you use glass walls there is no need to use more electrical bulbs for lighting, the glass can reflect the light to the other side. By this type of reflective lighting also can enhance your restaurant appearance and this thing helps to power saving. If we would like to use air conditioning, need to choose a good company product.

Selection of linen and accessories:

      Wall paintings, colours using for decoration should mild, the bright colours may disturb the customers' mood. Even the curtains should be in mild colour and the white colour mostly recommended for that. For the curtains, we can choose different types of fabrics for different areas to the windows; the decorative items should not look heavy. It's better to decorate simply at all the time.

      Flooring, it certainly influences your over all impressions of our restaurant appearance and atmosphere usually. In a busy environment, there will be considerations on foot traffic where we stepped on the carpets or floor mats on flooring. So, while selecting the floor accessories make survey about the products running on the market make purchase on commercial grade which gives a great life span, quality and appearance. Another thing you need to look after is we need to use different types of floor garments in different areas and that which reduces the sounds of the footsteps.



      Selection of furniture is one of the most important aspects in the restaurant operations. According to our style of the service we need to select the furniture. If we have bar including with our restaurant, we need to select the bar equipment like bar stools, chairs, tables, counters, cabinets. While selection of furniture, we need to consider about the design of our restaurant.

According to our restaurant design we need plan and place the furniture, the placing of furniture also can affect your restaurant's appearance. Good colour, good wood, all these things will come under this consideration.

      After selection of your furniture, we need to shift into our restaurant. Make sure all the things has arrived or not, that which we need most for our restaurant operations.

      Then keep a log book for your equipment. Check up-to-date all the things in a daily basis, or weekly or monthly. We need to take a seminar to the staff and apprentice about proper usage of the equipment. After shifting the furniture to restaurant, check for damages any while transporting.



      As you acts as a restaurant planner, you need plan for safety needs of your organisation. We need to be responsible for ensuring food safety for your customers, we should take the necessary precautions to protect your customers, employees, and anyone else on your premises. You can avoid most accidents by taking the proper safety measures. An efficient restaurant layout can allow good flow of traffic, which reduces the chances of people running into each other. Before you going to open your restaurant, fire and health inspectors would make sure that your premises are structurally perfect and that proper safety equipment installed. Although, it is your responsibility to check and maintain safety levels regularly as you operate your business.


      Frequently check all your safety equipment and fixtures are working properly and safely, some of the considerable factors want to check are:

Inspect fire-suppression system and fire extinguishers every year. Some fire departments and insurance companies may require this to be done by a certified fire-safety inspector every six months.

  • Test all emergency lights and exit signs to make sure they are working properly.
  • When necessary, change furnace and air conditioning filters for equipment efficiency.
  • Check wires, plugs, and outlets for wear and potential hazards.
  • Test all alarm systems (burglar, smoke) to make sure they are working properly.
  • Check for any kinds of leak in the plumbing or in any equipment, such as gas lines.
  • Replenish any first-aid supplies if needed. Be sure to include bandages, gauze, first-aid tape, ointment for burns, antibiotic ointments, capsules, and antiseptic wipes.


      Include procedures and instructions regarding emergency situations in your operating manual. Your local building and fire codes will already have determined specific requirements, such as the number of emergency exits and the kinds of door hardware, you need to meet. In your operating manual, bring awareness for the staff about safety measures that how to help customers to safety and how they would be safe themselves. Fire and medical emergencies are a few situations that every restaurant must be prepared to face. Depending on your geographical location, you should also have instructions on what to do in case of emergency situations, such as tornadoes or earthquakes.



      You need to order some of the accessories for your restaurant needs. Like “opening soon” banners. Also, order plastic engraved signs for pertinent information such as ladies, gentleman, no smoking area & set up order books, maintainenance & cleaning calendar and an inventory system. Before opening your restaurant make sure all the things that you need are ready for the pre-opening of your restaurant, order sign of “New Hiring” for new staff if need. These are all things be considered while you going to open your new establishment like ‘grand opening', ‘coming soon' and “Now open”

      And also order for children's amenities [high chairs, boosters, crayons etc.] Set-up communication for your office, like a fax machine, pagers and hostess station equipment etc.,

“ONE week BEFORE”:


      This is most important peak week, beyond rest of the weeks. This is right time to publish to the public about your establishment. Then don't wait for any other thing just go by publishing mandatory posters on the public areas, business centers, movie theatres. And then give ads in

  • A Televisions.
  • A Newspaper.
  • A Have your employees tell all their friends and family.
  • A Have someone dressed in a costume out in front of the restaurant waving to passersby.
  • A Give the local radio stations lots of free food.
  • A Hand out fliers at nearby malls and traffic centers.

      So, make event for a press meet, give interview about your whole program covering the matter about the facilities which you are offering to the customers, etc.,

Then grandly open your restaurant by inviting VIPS and gazetted officials to your grand event.

      “Make your grand opening of your restaurant as grand experience”.


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