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On behalf of the generosity of Target International, the United Way worldwide grant enabled TCF to provide 168 children with quality education for the academic year 2012-2013. These children come from poor areas of Pakistan, living in misery and unpleasantness with limited opportunities for them to get education. This grant helped TCF in getting these children off the streets and into the classroom, helping create agents of change. This education will have positive impact on the families and communities of children through the values they developed at TCF schools. Nine teachers also got the opportunity to receive teacher training and become better educators.

TCF Golf Tournament to support education for less privileged

Golfers in Karachi were invited by TCF to support the cause of education by participating at the 9th Annual TCF Golf Tournament .It was Held at the Karachi Golf Club (in Karsaz) on December 15-16, 2012 the event comprised of team and individual categories. The Supporters of TCF (STCF) and TCF Team from Head Office work diligently to make this annual tournament a success.

November 05, 2012

Art Fundraiser in UK to support TCF mission

An Art Fundraiser, aimed to showcase paintings by established and emerging Pakistani artists, was organized in London. Supporters of The Citizens Foundation, Karachi Pakistan, in association with Director of Mica Hub, London came up with this event. The exhibition included a wide range of impressive art of well-known senior and upcoming artists. Most of the work has been donated by these munificent artists, who have volunteered to become agents of positive change by supporting TCF mission of educating Pakistan.All the funds collected from the show will go towards supporting TCF schools, which are funded entirely by donations.

October 17, 2012

Hassle-free donations via easypaisa

Easy paisa has made transfer of money simple and convenient. Donations can be done at TCF simply by sending from easypaisa .Every one can donate from their Mobile Account or from any of the easypaisa shops located in Pakistan. Each donation will be instant and confirmed by an immediate SMS sent to the sender. All donations through easypaisa will be transferred to TCF account and will be available for processing further.

An agreement was signed between The Citizens Foundation and Tameer Microfinance Bank on 11th October 2012. This partnership will bring ease for TCF donors and easy paisa will increase the number of donations to TCF and help play an important part in civilizing children's education in Pakistan."

October 05, 2012

Memorandum of Understanding signed by TCF & KESC to Educate Pakistan

Under the Social Investment plan, The Citizens Foundation has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC for receiving free electricity for 320 TCF school units. The MOU was signed by Mr. Ahsan M. Saleem, Founding Director TCF and Mr. Tabish Guahar, CEO of KESC. KESC would bear 100 per cent cost of electricity consumed by roughly 320 TCF school units and TCF head office in Karachi. TCF would be working with KESC to provide free electricity to other 46 schools units.


Currently they have no diversification plan as they are already well established in the country As the graph shown above shows that they want to expand their schools and want to open more schools especially in interior Sindh areas. The number of schools has been increasing every year.In the next two years TCF wants to establish 1000 schools so that more children can get education for free.In future they see themselves to be educating more students with best quality of education .On the other hand they want to create more job vacancies and expansion in their laboratories. They want to Establish initiative promoting performing arts and cultural education and establish a School of Sports with facilities for the under resourced schooling system of Karachi

How TCF is different from other NGOs

The Citizen foundation apart from their vision off bringing a positive change in Pakistan by providing education to the under privileged children, It also provides a platform where people donate money and they know that their money will be spent for the education of children. The money will not be wasted. The following are the major reason which tells us why TCF is different from the other Ngo's:

Education for the masses:

All schools of TCF are located in urban slums and rural areas of Pakistan. These are areas distinguished by severe poverty, where people neither have the means nor access to quality education.

National presence :

Presently there are 93 schools at different locations nationally.115,000 students have enrolled in these schools.

Mission :

Their mission is to provide Quality education and better Future to the under privileged children. Through the power of quality education TCF was able to provide moral, spiritual, and intellectual enlightenment. They also create opportunities to improve quality of life.

Professional management :

TCF is one of the few non-profit organizations in Pakistan that is professionally managed by a team of highly dedicated managers and staff employed on a full-time basis.

High level of governance :

The Citizen Foundation has been assigned non-profit organization governance rating of GR8+ by JCR-VIS Credit Rating Co Ltd. These Credit ratings are based on a scale starting from GR-1 (lowest) to GR-10 (highest). The assigned rating shows a high level of governance in TCF.

Certified by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy

They have been certified by the PCP after a detailed desk evaluation, field assessment and approved by their Certification Panel. Certification by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy is a close up for organizations that show ideal standards in organizational success. TCF is amongst the highest scoring organizations certified by PCP to date.

Purpose built schools :

The schools at TCF are designed by reputed firms of architects and are complete with a library, art room and all essential facilities such as water, electricity, toilets, play area, furniture etc.

Scholarships & assistance :

The Citizen Foundation also provides Scholarship up to 95% to all needy students. Due to this facility many students are paying as little Rs 10 per month. Books and uniforms are heavily sponsor and provided at easy installments.

Co-education system with a balanced gender ratio -:

TCF also believe in no gender discrimination. Due to which female student percentage in their schools is mostly 50%.

Comprehensive & dynamic curriculum :

The curriculum is properly modified and regularly updated to meet the demands of modern-day education. TCF schools follow a curriculum officially prescribed syllabus by the board of their particular region. They ensure that students in TCF schools receive the most up-to-date education available.

Regular quality assessment :

TCF Education Program is frequently evaluated through periodic inspections and assessments to guarantee that the quality of education delivery is up to TCF approved high standards.

Training centre for teachers :

Education in TCF schools is communicated through formally trained teachers. Merit basis hiring is strictly followed by TCF.It also organizes an extensive Pre-Service Training (PRESET) for its new staff every year. This training given to teachers is based on various modules dealing with psychology of child, different learning styles, and assessment methods and teaching strategies especially focusing on children. Apart from PRESET, thorough In-Service Training (INSET) is conducted every summer to keep existing faculty side by side with new trends in teaching.

No discrimination :

The education program is open to all persons and communities, regardless of their race, color, creed, religion or location.

Promoting women employment -:

TCF only hires female faculty and presently there are 5, 400 teachers and principals across all their schools.


The Education Program like TCF with a growing network of schools requires large resources of funds and support in various forms.

The Education Program of TCF is funded entirely with donations and we all as an individual must join them in their cause to fight illiteracy and help them in bringing hope and happiness to the children of Pakistan.

 Volunteer for TCF

There are a number of ways through which we can contribute our time to TCF regardless of age or country of residence. The Volunteers who work with TCF gets an exciting range of possibilities like projects at their Central Office, chance of mentoring TCF students, participation in the annual Summer Camp, running a donation force to help out in raising funds etc.We can personally contribute or raise funds for TCF's Education Program by collecting books for school libraries, by taking participation in teacher training and formally joining their support groups in Pakistan, Canada,USA,UAE, Saudi Arabia,UK and Bahrain and helping them out in their fundraisers. Spreading awareness about TCF is also one of the contributions to the cause.

The programs that the Volunteer Desk rolls out in schools every year are Rahbar and Summer Camp.

1. TCF Rahbar:

A Mentorship Program aimed at the development of youth as responsible individuals and as productive members of society. The age criteria for this program is 23 years or above. The Registration timeline is from September-October and February-March.

The main role of mentors in Rahbar is to encourage the mentees to develop a positive thought process, establish a vision for their future, make plans to realize that vision and built capacity to deal with the failures that they as individuals will confront in their lives.

Following its successful pilot in 2008 at TCF Secondary School, Cowasjee Campus, Karachi, Rahbar Program has continued since then. To date, seven phases have successfully concluded at TCF secondary schools.

It is aimed that every grade VIII student will go through Rahbar.

Rahbars (mentors) are from all walks of life and are between 23 - 70 years of age.

Every Saturday in the morning from 9:30am till 12:30 pm they conduct 8-9 week long sessions in the school.

Coverage currently extends to Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Rahbar Programme includes 'Hero Speaker' session where self-made and courageous individuals are invited to shed some light on their past experiences.

Rahbar is a completely volunteer based program where people from different age groups, backgrounds and experiences mentor, guide and counsel young students.

2010-11 Highlights of Rahbar Programme:

In Karachi, Rahbar was held at 29 different schools, involving 1,366 mentees and 375 mentors. This phase concluded in the first week of June 2011.

In Lahore, Rahbar was held at nine schools, involving 284 mentees and 70 mentors.

Rahbar session was held at Dhoke Chaudrian Campus (near Rawalpindi) for the first time involving 20 mentees and 10 mentors.

70% students eligible for Rahbar Program in academic year 2010-11 have been successfully mentored.

50 Hero Speakers from all walks of life inspired students by sharing their lives' stories

2. TCF Summer Camp:

TCF summer Camp takes place every year during Jun - Jul at various TCF schools in Karachi and Lahore. Hundreds of students who are enthusiastic volunteers from a number of esteemed educational institutes and they participate every year. Volunteers also get a chance to teach different skills and fun activities to TCF students during the summer camp. On the last day of the camp, the volunteers are awarded with a certificate in recognition for their services. The age criteria for TCF Summer camp is from 15 - 23 years. The Registration timeline is from April - May.


Education is the most critical issue for any country. No country will ever progress without quality education. Lack of funds is a major issue affecting the educational development of Pakistan since due to the low funds allotted it becomes impossible to construct new schools in areas where education is otherwise unreachable. Secondly, the lack of funds hinders existing schools from improving the quality of education through hiring of more qualified teachers.

On the other hand, the negative impact of corruption on education can't be denied either. From less funds being allotted towards education to the operation of ghost schools and everything thing in between be it hiring incompetent faculty, no maintenance of school building etc, corruption is taking a heavy charge on education in Pakistan.TCF has a clear system of management and despite of their vast network of schools TCF is able to maintain full transparency. The impact of corruption can be reduced if the transparency system is adopted at the national level and funds could be managed in a more effective way through prioritizing on need basis. Issues like corruption, politically pressure discourage from acquiring education are commonly hampering development of education in Pakistan.

NGOs working in various sectors are providing far better facilities than the government because NGOs specialize in a certain field of work therefore are able to allocate their resources better and strategize more effectively unlike the government that has to maintain a check and balance over many areas. The ideal strategy for Pakistan would be that the government and NGOs work hand-in-hand to cater to the vast educational scarcity and adopt a more up-to-date and standardized model of education along with focusing on providing education to rural communities to speed up the process.

TCF has contributed enormously to the poorest sections of Pakistani society by offering them quality education in distinguished environment. Further expansion will allow many more to benefit across the country. TCF can also contribute to Pakistan's education sector more widely by sharing its journey with education policy makers the relevant ministries and agencies. This in turn should help Pakistan become a society of agents of positive change.