Does E Learning Enhance Academic Achievement

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As the technology is getting more and more advanced there is a lot of improvements in the technology we use now and the people who used technology 20 years back, due to the technology changes a lot of things are being done online like- meetings via video call, etc. today there is a lot of focus on e-learning and this technology is being used a lot nowadays in colleges, schools, and tuition institutes.

This essay talks about the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning and the research work that I carried out in an institution which has e-learning, I also asked the students about how they feel about e-learning, whether it is helpful or not. This essay also compares the technology now and the technology used in the 1990's when e-learning was first introduced. I also talked about how companies Cisco are following e- learning in different countries.

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My research question is:

Does e-learning enhance academic achievement

This essay will talk about the advantage and the disadvantages of e-learning, and how the technology has been improved and as more and more institutions and colleges are using it, the essay also talks about how the people started with e-learning in 1993 and how it has evolved today and also how will it be in the future.

For example- Willan.D.Graziadei was the person who started the concept of e-learning with e-mails and VAX notes in 1993 but at that time the technology was no advanced so they used e-mails and VAX notes, but the e-mails were not fast and it took time to reply as the people could not talk instantly and had to wait a day or two to receive the answer. The VAX notes Is a computer conferencing software that stores and organizes messages so the people can retrieve them whenever they want, this system was used to store the lessons and the students could access it whenever they missed it, but the disadvantage of this was that it could only manage about hundred users, so if there were more students there would be a lot of problems. But today's technology is much more advanced. We have facility like video conferencing, online chatting and we also have a lot of more research material available on the internet than the past.

There are a lot of college's like Gresham college in the UK which provides online lectures on their website, they provide lectures for subjects like history, business, finance, future computers, etc. there are also tuition classes which have e-learning e.g.- for my primary research I went to an tuition class KGT (Kothari group tuition) they use Skype for their physics lecture, this idea came to Mr. Vikas Kothari (the owner of KGT) when there was a lot of problem of providing the students with a good physics teacher because he had a transport problem, so then Mr. Vikas Kothari decided to use Skype so that the students don't miss any classes. When I went there for the survey it was their third day of using Skype and they only had a laptop and a high speed internet, but Mr. Vikas planned to install a projector, speakers, and a good webcam for all his class branches. I interviewed some students and they said- Natasha: It was quite nice though we couldn't hear you that well. (2) Pallavi: Private learning is better because e-learning wasn't so clear. (3) Shivani: Nice thought but could have been much better. These are some feedbacks that I got while attending the lecture.

The concept of e-learning is liked by a lot of people because it saves time for travelling and the students do not miss classes if the teacher is not able to make it, as the teacher can sit at home and give lectures to the students. But still some people think that private learning is better than e-learning because the students have problems in sharing their doubts, as subjects like mathematics would be very difficult online as the teacher may not see the sums in the book correctly and they would prefer the teacher to solve sums in front of them and not on the computer screen, e-learning picked up a lot of pace in the 1190's when it had first started because it was really new for all the people, but as the years went by the concept of e-learning declined the graph below shows the data.


E-learning can bring about a lot of changes in a student's life and can really help him/her to study better and excel more in academics, the students can solve all the doubts they have online without waiting for the teacher to be available in school or outside school. There are organizations like Cisco which are market leaders in providing e-learning to over 2 million students in over 160 countries they also have the e-learning programs in the least developed countries like Jordan and Egypt, it has also being implemented in the Indian state of Rajasthan, which has helped more than 30,000 directly. By this step the students would benefit a lot as they would be able to learn from more experienced teachers and this would help students to understand better and also enhance their academic performance.

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Plan of action

I went to an institution named Kothari group tuitions which had started with e-learning, I interviewed the owner Mr. Vikas Kothari and some students who were available, I asked them about the online learning class that they have and got the feedbacks. Actually I had planned to give out questionnaires but I did not have time some classes were busy and my topic had just been changed, I plan to give out the questionnaire after my submission of the first draft. Then I researched about the colleges which provide e-learning facilities to the students and mentioned a few names, I also researched about Cisco which is a world leader in providing e-learning facility all across the globe, I researched the website and got to know about their different online learning programs. After submission of my first draft I plan to go to more tuition classes which have started with e-learning and get the feedbacks of students, teachers and some parents if possible, I would also try and contact Cisco and get their reviews about the e-learning programs and how is it helping students to enhance academic achievement.

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