Discovery Learning With A Computer Education Essay

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Discovery learning is very important for students especially in these days which witness a knowledge revolution and a variety of learning sources. In the past the teacher was the only source of knowledge, but now the student has been able to construct his own knowledge which is known as discovery learning which we can't ignore the key role of the computer. In this bibliography I'll write more details about discovery learning with a computer.

Saab, Nadira; van Joolingen, Wouter R.; van Hout-Wolters, Bernadette H. A. M.(2005). Communication in Collaborative Discovery Learning. British Journal of Educational Psychology, v75 n4 p603-621.

Both discovery learning and collaborative learning are very important for students to construct their own knowledge which is based on computer that makes discovery learning very easy and available. The researcher wants to show the communicative activities that are always used and habitually happen. To prove this the researcher made a study in 21 participants from 10 grade students in high school. The participants communicated together by using a chat box. The researcher studied the relationship between communicative activities and discovery learning and he found that there is a clear relationship between them and suggested other researcher to focus on positive learning outcomes. In my opinion it is important for students to use communicative learning and d discovery learning too because we are in the age of technology add to this that the teacher has become a guide for them not the main source of knowledge.

Janine Swaak &Ton de Jong.(2001). Learner vs. System Control in Using Online Support for Simulation-based Discovery Learning. Learning Environments Research, Volume 4, Number 3 ,p217-241.

We can't deny the benefits of discovery learning in the standard of our students and using the computer can support this kind of learning. The researcher aims at showing the importance of planning on discovery learning. The researcher pointed out that supporting students is very important without neglecting the role of the students themselves they should be self dependent too. The researcher made an experiment on two groups and evaluated them by following a pretest and posttest design. The results showed that intuitive knowledge grows faster than definitional knowledge.

Casper D. Hulshof ;Ton de Jong .(2006). Using just-in-time information to support scientific discovery learning in a computer-based simulation, Interactive Learning Environments, Volume 14, Issue 1 , p79 - 94. The researcher gives us an idea about the benefit of the interaction with the scientific learning discovery that should happen during learning. The writer also stressed the uses of simplifying access to knowledge and skills during just in time learning. He illustrated his opinion by making an experiment on two groups of students. The first one had an access to information during learning time whereas the second one didn't have any access to learning. At last he found out that the first group achieved better results than the other one. This research tries to answer two questions. The first if it easy to provide the type of just in time supports the students in a context of discovery learning with the computer simulation. The second question asks if such support will be effective. The researcher made an experiment on 32 students. He divided them into two groups. A two group pre-post test design was applied. The result focuses on the performance of the test. After all the tests there was no difference between the two school classes that participated in the experiment. Through the researcher's experiment I notice that using just in time information supports discovery learning and facilitates access to knowledge and skills constructing. So, I recommend school to use on time learning because it's more fruitful the other researcher can be benefited from the experience of this author.

A. Faye Borthick, Donald R. Jones. (2000). The Motivation for Collaborative Discovery Learning Online and Its Application in an Information Systems Assurance Course, Issues in Accounting Education, 15 (2), 181.Nothing succeeds like success so, the teacher should motivate his students to learn and enjoy learning. In this paper the researcher attempts to develop the motivation for collaborative discovery learning on line .In this learning participants recognize a problem and try to solve it and learn how to develop a solution strategy. The participants seek the knowledge they need and solve problems together by discussion on line which occurs in real time. This ways of learning makes the students suitable for the circumstances of wok and ready to face the new problems and help each other to solve them.. The researcher discovered that this approach is more effective than lecture based instruction because it used collaborative discovery learning on time. It is also more accessible because most participants can have an online access. In my opinion this paper is very useful because it is more practical and it is very easy to use the net in our technological age. It is available 24 hours a day and it can give us up to date information. It also teaches students to be self dependents and respect their time.

Njoo, Melanie & Jong de, Ton. (1993). Exploratory learning with a computer simulation for control theory: learning processes and instructional support. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 30 (8). pp. 821-844.In this paper the researcher presented two studies to gain more understanding of discovery learning which assess the effects of a number of instructional support measures. The researcher conducted two studies on university students. He formed two groups. The first group consisted of 17 students who work with the computer. And the second group contained 91 students who got an open ended question supported by instructions written in a sheet. The two studies that students were not showed interested in applying the learning process which is the main part of discovery learning. Moreover, students had problems with exploratory learning process such as generating hypotheses. In my point of view this research is very important because it shed the light on the problems that can face exploratory learning process especially those problems of generating hypotheses, interpreting data and drawing conclusions. I knew from this research how can students seek knowledge and educate themselves.

To conclude my bibliography, I should say that there are many researchers who shed the light on the effect of discovery learning with computer that's why; I have chosen to write in this subject. From my readings in this subject, I found out that the most of the researchers are for discovery learning and each one of them provided evidence on the importance of discovery learning. Some of them made experiments to prove their point of views. I should confess that I enjoyed reading these researches.