Development Of Education System


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In a village there are so many elementary school be there. According to performens, some are good or some are bed. On the basis of discussion between ward member or peoples there are some finial suggestions between them regarding ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, are follow.

Basic education at elementary level rarely equips young men and women with the knowledge, skills and attitudes which enable them to achieve their full potential as individuals and as members of society.

At the elementary lavel,in education Vocational and educational programmes which support the concepts of business and entrepreneurship and are not available, so it must be there.

Decision making subject at elementary education level not be included, so this type of subject should be included.

Cultural program at elementary education level should be arranged more and more, becauses all the senses and mind can be developed of the students. But in so many school not arranged these type of program at elementary level.

School life has traditionally provided a stable social unit in which a child grows and develops. So at elementary level, best socially environment should be given.

At elementary education level, students need support from a variety of sources such as school, family, and the local community. So all of support should be provided to the student by the school, which full - fill a needs of the students.

Education at the elementary level, should be designed which helps to student, for make a successful or great person, in their future.

At the elementary education level, school environmental support is often viewed as the single biggest factor in the establishment of internal behavior or motivation of the students. So elementary level school provide a best environment for the student.

Education at the elementary level, should like that, who gives the moral values, culture values. And also helpful for students to become a enthusiastic person.

At the elementary level, Security of the students very necessary. Because at this stage all the students wants to go outside of the school.

At the elementary education level, different educational levels and different media should be available in the elementary level.

In, education at elementary level should be included and used the Instructional Materials and Teaching Aids, for making a effective teaching, that's why all the droughts and problems could be remove or clear of the students.

At elementary level, education must be flexibal.and number of student in a class should not be large.

At elementary level education, education should be according to students, means one or two subject according to student like painting or drawing also be there.

Education at elementary level, education should be psychological based, because it is primary education for the student, education not fully based on bookish type.

In elementary school, child will learn core subjects and develop fundamental skills, so at the elementary level, more emphasis on these type of skills.

Science is generally taught to the entire class, and science fairs are commonplace in elementary schools. Additionally, child will have regularly scheduled physical education and art classes, rounding out his academic experience. So this type of things should be remembered at elementary level education.

In elementary school, child will learn core subjects and develop fundamental skills. Language skills are taught from first to sixth grade through spelling, writing, and reading, like that teaching more effective then, only bookish based at elementary level education.

Without a full, daily schedule of school, summer provides your child the perfect opportunity to improve and reinforce his academic skills. So at the elementary level education, this type of summer camp should be provided for the student. If child may not be very enthusiastic about learning over the summer. Then gives the idea to encourage his progress by enrolling him in a summer tutoring program, or providing him with other ways to learn.

In our village, there are so many element school be there (private or government), but private elementary schools are not held to the standards of the public board of education, curriculum and standard. Requirements might vary from one to another. So variation not a matter, if it is god for student.

Elementary school is a fun and challenging time for student. It's a time to build new friendships and discover subjects that and special interests. The elementary school curriculum is usually a general education that exposes child to arts, music, math, and literature and he can find out the subjects that stimulate him the most. So these types of needs of students should be remembered at the elementary level education.

Conclusions :

So on behalf of discussion between ward members or peoples, we can say that if at the elementary level education, we remember these all things like psychology of student, interest of student, needs of student then we can provide much better education to the students.


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