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In today's modern day and age, there are a lot of changes everywhere. New styles, new inventions, continuous improvements and advancements in technologies and changes in everything we have and in everything we do. People are highly competitive and when it comes to work, everyone should have their own styles and technique on how to develop and position themselves in a long-term employability and be a successful career person.

Other people says that having a lot of different employers and being with different companies is not good for the employee, because it shows that he is not happy with his work and is not contented with what he is doing. Well, on the contrary, workers need to be more mobile in finding the right job. You need not be with the same employer for a long time if your career is not moving.

Developing a professional development plan starts with analyzing in where you are now and where you want to be in your career. The more you know what you really want in life is, the more you can customize and create plans in incorporating all the good aspects and qualities of work to make it on top. From there, a set of guidelines can be used to improve your career and achieve your target goal. Whatever it may be, all is possible if we will always do our best.


To be a successful businessman, professional skills, effective leadership and management is essential. Leadership and management isn't simply a technical discipline. A large part of the role involves building effective working relationships with a whole range of people and sometimes in challenging circumstances. The success of the business is also the success of everyone. A mistake of one employee can reflect as fault of the company as a whole, so, it is very important to make effective and efficient use of your team's knowledge and skills while planning work objectives in order to produce a sound management. Leaders know how to make people function in a collaborative fashion, and how to motivate them to excel their performance. Leaders also know how to balance  the individual team member's quest with the goal of producing synergy as an outcome that exceeds the sum of individual inputs. Leaders require that their team members forego the quest for personal best in concert with the team effort.

I know that I need to learn all of these in order to start moving into a new phase in my career and this is through acquiring knowledge and skills from a university with business and leadership expertise . First step, study here in London and be equipped with professional skills.

In terms of my work, I have encountered different experiences from my past jobs and I want to use them in making a professional development plan. I can still remember when I was still working as an employee at the Assessors' Office in our municipality. At first, I was handling all the records of the lot surveys and assessment of different properties in our town. It was more of paper works and record keeping. It was a nice job but still, I realized that aside from that, there are other things that I need to know and learn to better appreciate my job. I want to be more flexible and so, I started on studying and understanding the details and even asked my co-employees to teach me also their task so I can assist them if ever they need one. Later on, when the office assigned me to handle the onsite checking of the actual locations of the properties for assessment, I immediately accept it because I know that it is an additional learning experience for me, though I am still with the same department. Rotation to a different project or job is another step so I can move forward towards change.

It was a correct decision 'coz I also enjoyed the field work. If there are new houses, buildings or other properties needed to be assessed for tax purposes, we went to their location. Aside from doing my job, I was able to meet different kinds of people and got to see the different areas of our community.

It is quite fulfilling when you see the developing community, now with new modern houses and a lot of improvements on their properties. I remember an instance where I was able to talk to a resident while assessing his property. The owner of the property started from scratch but because he is a hardworking person, he now has a house and lot. He told me the story on how he achieved his goal and that is by grabbing the opportunity of working to a new company where at first he thought was a big risk on his part but because he really worked hard and developed a plan for his career, he is now in a good position in a big company. There I realized that it is not enough that I am just doing my job well. I realized that I am also responsible for my own career and I need to set a plan to achieve my goals in life and to be in a place where I really wanted to be.

But what will I do? Where will I start? What do I really want? Those were some questions that arise when I thought of taking responsibility for the success of my own career.

I thought of starting it by analyzing if am happy and satisfied with my job, sort of self analysis on different aspects of my work. I know that lateral moves or rotational assignments can also help broaden my experience. I can attend seminars and be promoted to a higher level, but is that enough? I think I need to do something more. Something better than what I am doing that time and something maybe I have never done before. In order to sort things out, I need to analyze what are my career issues and what will I do to deal with it. Do I need to continue my job and just learn new strategies on how to be more effective? or do I need to make a major career field change and shift to a new job and choose what I really want? I want to learn how to run a business and eventually have my own business in the near future. But the problem is the skills and knowledge I have which is different from what I will be needing if I will pursue my dream of putting my own business someday.

To evaluate the skills that I have, I need to assess myself by using the personal SWOT Analysis.



CREATIVITY - I can identify and suggest new and effective ways to get a task done

CUSTOMER SERVICE ORIENTED - I do understand the importance of serving the client

IMPRESS MYSELF FIRST - I have to connect my passion to the work and not depending on other people

LEADERSHIP - I'm influencing and guiding others to achieve our objectives

CONNECTING TO VALUES - connecting the work to my values, even in a small ways, one of my values is learning and growth

TIME MANAGEMENT - effectively manage use of my time to meet deadlines

TEAMWORK - work with others so we can accomplish a common goal

LINK IT TO GOOD FEELINGS - finding a way to make things to good feelings


IMPATIENT - when it comes to finishing my work I do my best to finish it on time

INSECURITY - I believe that this characteristic helped me sometimes. I mean, it helped me to improve my knowledge and skills and not to take for granted what I achieved

SHYNESS - I am quite reflective and I carefully weigh all the decisions that I have to take

INADAPTABILITY - I need to learn something in workplace when needed


LEARN - to know more from others in similar to mine

ABILITY - enhance it to manage the need to complete task quickly

COACHING - to improve my leadership skills

FEEDBACK - provide from others about their experience with me


EXPERIENCE DISCRIMINATION - It works both ways and goes hand in hand with ageism. If I don't have enough experience, so less chance for certain jobs. 

TIME PRESSURE - which can derail my plan for self-improvement because it catapults me back to my "usual" habits

All of these strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats should all be considered to come up with new plans and strategies for my career development. Yes, I can still improve my job performance and be promoted but still, I want to have my own business someday and I need more knowledge and experience far different from what I am doing with my latest job. New skills and expertise are required and the opportunity to study abroad can help me gain more knowledge, develop my strengths such as good leadership and learn different leadership models and techniques in managing a business. Weaknesses and threats will serve as a challenge for me.

We know that Learning Style is very important in identifying techniques on how we can learn to achieve our goals in life. I have chosen Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic or usually abbreviated to VAK Learning Styles Model this was first developed by psychologists and teaching specialists such as Fernald, Keller, Orton, Gillingham, Stillman and Montessori, beginning in the 1920's, these will provides or can help in a simple way to explain and understand an individual's overall personality, preference and strength. Essentially the visual learners can learn through what they see, an auditory from what they hear and kinesthetic from activity or doing something. While some people can make use of more than one learning style most people have a preference for one style. It is also provides a very easy and quick reference inventory by assessing people's preferred learning styles, to design learning methods and experiences that match people's references. Involve in visual learning style is by the use of seen or observed things, including here are the diagrams, demonstration, pictures, handouts, films. About the auditory it involves the transfer of information through listening like sounds and noises and to the spoken word, in self or in the others. And for the kinesthetic it involves physical experience like touching, holding, practical hands-on experiences and doing.

  Based on my previous work experience and my personality here are my self-test sample for VAK LEARNING:








when installing new

read the instruction

listen to the one who knows

go and learn by

program in computer



or ask for an explanation

trial and error

I prefer to…








when assessing new

look for the place

ask who is the owner

now get the area of

buldings I…





the building to be










when encoding data I..

open the program in

listen to co-workers

type for the data needed



the computer














when doing reports I…

write the instructions

listen to the boss

start for the reports


















learning new skills I…

watch the one who

ask the boss what im

wanting to try and work



knows what to do

supposed to do

it out











when concentrating

focus on what I need

discuss the problem

move around a lot,

to the works I…

to encode

I've encounter

try to relax










when explaining

show them what i

explain to them till they

encourage them to try it

something to my






co-workers I tend to…








my main interest is/are…

watching television

listening to music

play some sports







like tennis, basketball










most of my free time is spent....

watching television

talking to friends

cleaning the house, cooking


















I first notice how

with their looks

how they speak

their moves

















In this questionnaire, there are no right or wrong answers. My point for this is just to simply try to understand myself, my strength (my preferred style or styles) and then make the best use of learning methods that suit to my strength.


GOALS -The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life and what is your ideal future . By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know where you have to concentrate your efforts. Below are my goals in life:

To finish my studies here in London

To practise everything that I've learned in school.

To find someone who can help me or gave a sponsorship / working visa and find a good job

To gain experience in managing a big company

To establish my own business

To expand the business


-I can extend my stay here in London with more years

- I can go to a big company and apply for a higher position

- I can save money for my future and also for my family


- It is so hard to study and the tuition fee can be more expensive

- It's hard to find a company that will give sponsorship or working visa


- Professors who will teach me the skills needed

- Companies who will give me a break in their business


- Money, knowledge

-ability, diligence



- November 2011


Goal: To become a President of a big company in the future and eventually to have my own business


a. to finish my studies/ MBA here in London

b. apply for a job in a company wherein I can practise and explore my leadership capabilities

c. gain knowledge, experience, clients and friends

d. Save money

e. Use all my savings and other resources to build my own business

Dates To Complete: