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Everyone knows that University comes with its perks. The drinking, partying, socializing and the new freedom they never had with their parents. But what a lot of first year university students don't realize is the damage this type of activity can put on their marks and future career. While some students are able to achieve good marks while doing these activities on the side, you may find that a lot cannot do both and still achieve marks that will take them to where they essentially want to be in the future. Every student will somewhat feel these pressures throughout their first year of university (and some throughout all of university), but simply some can handle it and others cannot. Truly does drinking and socializing affect grades and marks during first year university? Were the marks of the university students lower than the high school students surveyed and was there evident data to support this understanding. I am going to answer these to which my data supports and proves why it may or may not affect certain aspects of learning.


For a long time now university students have used drinking and socializing as an outlet on weekends (and sometimes throughout the week) as a way to get away from their school work. Although studies show that alcohol affects woman more than it does men, it not only is dangerous for our career but for our bodies (Denise Witmer, 2009). Binge drinking has been one of the top reasons that students in university cause to miss classes and essentially fall behind. We don't just see this trend with binge drinking; we see it even more with heavy drinking. The effects that we see are don't just have a long term affect, it shows that is has an affect during the period in which the individual is intoxicated (Amy Wolaver, 2002). A lot of these university students think that they are able to handle the work load and the socializing part going in to university, but because they are handfed in high school this comes to a real shock when they are failing out and have to leave university or switch programs. The bad decisions and repercussions of drinking during first year


do not only affect the individual solely doing it. It could also affect the roommate or those around that person who could simply be easily influenced or distracted which eventually will bring their grades down as well. Some may also argue that you see binge drinking and heavy drinking at certain universities. In McLean's magazine every year they will rank the top party school and the school that has the least amount of partying or socializing. As a result a lot of people take this into consideration when choosing a university. Some females and males solely base their decision on it being the top party school which eventually could result in low grades that do not make the cut. In some cases people may argue that doing the whole binge drinking during first year is a good way to get it out of the way and learn from mistakes. That way when second, third and fourth roll around they will not make that mistake for the second time. On the down side they may not learn from their mistakes. They will continue to drink and party and will leave as said earlier.

The Results

The data collected is females vs. males drinking on a scale of how often they do it. Some other data I decided would be necessary and beneficial to record was how important school was (on a scale of 1-10) compared to their university marks/last year of high school marks. My data was collected recently but was based on either a previous understanding of their marks (from first year) or currently the individual's marks in high school. Some other factors I wanted to take into consideration was the age difference and how many nights a week the university students would go out and drink compared to the high school students.

Quick Facts: 29% of 15-19 year olds (35% male, 22% female) and 37% of 20-24 year olds (47% male, 17.9% female) report having 5 or more drinks on one occasion, 12 or more times a year in 2000-2001.


Drinking Vs. Individuals Average:

As we expect drinking would take toll on ones average during their marks during first year university. The more you go out the longer your out and the harder you drink or socialize will take a toll on ones marks due to effects such as skipping class, attending but not actually paying attention, arriving late for important dates and initially causing a mark drop.

The first data collected was how many nights an individual went out compared to their average during first year.

The data collected did not make sense to what statistics and my observations were allowing me to understand. Although there are some records seen in the trends that averages are lower the more they drink, the majority of them has high averages but drinks frequently or low averages and don't drink at all. I feel like the data I collected could be inaccurate which would account for a limitation. If the individuals I surveyed were being honest and truthful then my predictions and what I had read was not accurate and needed to be further researched to fully understand it. The trend line goes up which was odd because it should be going down which shows me that they achieved good marks but had a healthy balance of social and drinking life outside of school.


Average VS. Importance of School Work:

Importance of your school work has everything to do with your average. If you would be someone who does not study or care whatsoever what their marks are or what they are doing your changes of getting an average in the mid 80s to higher would be very unlikely.

The trend proves that your average is affected by how important school work is to that particular individual.

A lot of the trends I saw in this graph were that the individuals rated their importance an 8/10 and were achieving marks in the 80's to 90's. This proved to me that my predictions were correct but not only that, but the more important the better you did. These trends show constant data through the numbers shown. If their importance is higher their average is higher, the individuals who have a lower importance for their school work, and their average is lower. There are some numbers that show that even though their importance of school work is low their average is high, this doesn't make sense or they are putting extra time in to be able to gain these marks. This would be another limitation to me.


Female VS. Male Drinking:

Some would expect a certain sex to have more nights drinking than the other. Using a bar graph to compare each of these relationship shows which gender does drink more on what nights and vice versa.

Female VS. Male drinking how many nights a week each gender does so.

Using a bar graph has helped me differentiate the relationships between each gender and how many nights a week they drink. It is evident there is a relationship between the two genders drinking at least 2 nights a week. Even though more males were surveyed then females which could make my data inaccurate it is shown that some males will drink up to 4 to 6 nights a week when there is no evidence given from this that woman would do that. This is an interesting relationship because the data does not all connect or make sense somehow. An individual who drinks 4 nights a week rates his school work at 6 and still manages to achieve an 80-90 average. My predictions were wrong once again although it is thought that these sorts of factors do affect ones grades and school work.


Female VS. Male Importance of School Work:

The comparison of different genders on the importance of their school work is an importance aspect to consider when analyzing their behavior in these types of situations. Some may put in more time and effort than others but achieve the same as them but it all depends on the individual and their working habits in the end. Either way each gender and individual has different reasons to why certain aspects of their school work are the way they are.

A bar graph representing how important each gender feels their school work is to them. On a scale of 1 to 10 you will view the gender who finds it more important than the other.

In this bar graph it is evident to which gender feels more strongly about how important their school work is to them. Shown that there are a higher number of females who feel their school work is on an importance scale 7, 8, 9 or 10. It is also shown that the male aspect of this data makes it evident that most males feel that their school work is only on a mid scale of importance to them. Comparing that data to their marks is very unclear to me due to their lack of wanting to do better in school even though they are doing just as well in school (average) as the females who said that school was very important to them.


Future Work:

There are numerous ways I could have collected more data in order to analyze and understand further some of the information that did not make sense. Some of the data such as their importance of work compared to their average is an example of something that I could find out more information about to further understand how this would work. Even though collecting the data may take a lot more time than what I had to complete this task it would be beneficial to the studies and the understanding of the work.

Throughout the process I found there were numerous limitations I could have paid more attention to in the beginning to ensure my data was able to be analyzed. A limitation I came across in the very beginning was I allowed on my survey a numerous amount of yes or no questions which I could look at to understand better but could not use in trends to help me prove my data. This was a huge setback in this project because the data I was hoping to collect was cut down by almost half and I had to just use what I had. Another limitation I came across was making my trend graphs they were not coming out as they should have been. This made it very difficult to prove why drinking and socializing affects school work. My trend graphs were initially supposed to be going down proving that the more you drink the lower your average but this did not occur. Instead they lines went up showing the more you drink the higher your average which made no sense. And finally one last limitation I found was that I did not survey equal amounts of female and males therefore when tabulating their surveys and comparing the two, they would not be 100% accurate due to there being more males then females that I surveyed.



In conclusion, it is evident that drinking and socializing does affect individuals during their first year of university. Although there are different aspects and perceptions to what drinking and socializing is, either way on some level if these types of activities were cut back and not abused like some kids do in their first year, they would eventually see an immediate raise on their school marks and habits during school.

Drinking is related to the need for letting loose and having a good time. Some individuals during their first year handle this worse than others because they have never had that freedom or experience before. Although these types of situations can occur it becomes evident to them what is going on when they get their first term report letting them see just how poorly their partying ways are affecting their grades. On the other hand socializing and having a good time are much needed in university and throughout life but most individuals gain understanding about the line that separates the time you put aside to have fun and the time you take to buckle down and do work.

Whether or not these young adults want to learn the easy or hard way it is eventually is bound to happen to the majority of them that enjoy having a good time. Overall having a healthy medium between the two would be an idealistic goal for students preparing to enter their first years of university so that they do not need to experience the consequences that universities take if you just can't handle it.


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