Determinant Of Academic Performance Is Intelligence Of Pupils


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According to Gifted kids, intelligence can be defined as the ability to learn about, learn from, understand and interact with one's environment. It is the ability to adapt to a new environment.

According to ehow, Academic performance refers to how well a student is accomplishing his or her tasks or studies. Pupils' academic performances are not just based on the exams they do, there are many indicators they contribute to how well a student does in school. These include Grades, Behaviour, attendance and Standardized test. This shows the level and quality of the students' performance.

Objectives of the research

The main purpose of this research is to find out if intelligence is a main factor of academic performances of pupils. This project is also aimed to identify how well intelligence contributes to pupil's academic performances.

Statement of problem

The main concern affecting this topic is that some students didn't have the time to fill in the questionnaire because they were very busy. Some of them didn't fill it property because they thought it was too long so they ended up writing anything.


Intelligence is the main determinant of academic performances of students.

Chapter 2

Literature Review

Intelligence can be defined "as being capable of learning, reasoning and understanding a new environment", according to dictionary reference.

According to Wikipedia, intelligence is "an umbrella term describing a property of the mind including related abilities, such as the capacities for abstract thought, understanding, communication, reasoning, learning, learning from past experiences, planning, and problem solving".

Francis Galton was the first scientist to discover the theory of general intelligence. He believed that a person's intelligence had nothing to do with their head size.

Many other researchers and scientists came up with their own definitions of intelligence one of which was Alfred Binet who said intelligence is the ability to have value judgment in order to adapt to new situations or circumstances.

According to Skyview, There are nine types of intelligence:

Naturalist Intelligence

It can be also called being nature smart. It is the human ability to tell the difference between plants and animals.

Musical Intelligence.

It can be also called being musical smart. It is the ability to create music from what was heard or taught. It is also being able to tell the differences from a pitch, a tone and a rhythm.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

It can also be called being number smart. It is the ability to solve and calculate mathematical operations. Logical-mathematical intelligence is usually developed amongst scientists and mathematicians.

Existential Intelligence

It is the ability to be able to question on human existence on for instance why do we die, how did we get here and also ask the meaning of life.

Interpersonal Intelligence

It can also be referred to as being people smart. It is the ability to interact with fellow beings and understand them. It is the communication and the ability to distinguish people.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

It can also be known as being body smart. It is the ability to manipulate objects and being precise with timing. Athletics and Surgeons have bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.

Linguistic Intelligence

It is also known as being word smart. It is the ability to think in words and to use language to express and appreciate complex meanings. It allows

understanding the order and meaning of words. Journalists, Public speakers and Poets are very word smart.

Intra-personal Intelligence

It is also called being self smart. It is the ability to appreciate and understand oneself and one`s feelings. Psychologist, spiritual leaders, and philosophers have a good understanding of this.

Spatial Intelligence

It can also be referred to as being picture smart. It is the ability to think in three dimensions. It involves being able to have mental images and being able to manipulate images. Painters and Architects have spatial intelligence.

The factors affecting intelligence are biological and environmental according to Wikipedia.

The biological factors that affect intelligence include the ratio of the brain size to body weight and the volume and location of gray matter tissue in the brain. It is said that intelligence is least partly dependent on the brain so genetic engineering is used to enhance the intelligence of animals through a process called biological uplift.

Intelligence can be influenced by many environmental factors. The lifestyle we choose for ourselves can contribute to intelligence for example working long

hours. Another factor is the maternal effect of the prenatal environment of the mother's womb. Cultural factors also contribute to intelligence. For example instead of grouping food and tools in separate categories a "Kpelle" said that "the knife goes with the orange because it cuts it."

Chapter 3

Research Methodology

The method of research adopted in this research is questionnaires. The questionnaires were distributed to Oxbridge Tutorial College amongst Teachers and Students.

Method of research adopted: Questionnaire

Number of respondents participated: 25

Number of Teachers: 5

Number of Student: 20

Numbers of Questions: 11

Number of Open-ended questions: 3

Number of Closed-ended questions: 7

Chapter 4

Analysis of Data

Closed-ended questions

Question 1: Do you think that academic performances are based on the intelligence of the pupils?









Question 2: What role do you play in the school?









Question 3: How often do you think pupils should read in a day?


Less than 1 hr



More than 5hrs










Question 4: Do you think cramming contributes to intelligence?









Question 5: Do you think cramming is risky in terms of exams?









Question 8: Do you think people are born with intelligence or do they develop it?









Question 10: Do you think a child's intelligence is based on their background?












Open-ended questions

Question 6: Why do you think cramming is risky?

The results gotten from this was that both students and teachers thought cramming was very risky because it is easy to forget when cramming and people tend not to understand what they crammed.

Question 7: What is intelligence to you?

The main ideas given for the meaning of intelligence is that it is the ability to learn and study out what one has learnt. It is also the ability to understand a concept and apply it to new situations.

Question 9: If you think they develop it, how do you think they do so?

This question was in relation to question 8 which most people said intelligence is developed. Intelligence can be developed by various factors and these include studying, learning new things, the environment on the child and the family. These factors have great impact to the child and contribute to intelligence.

Chapter 5




In order for students to attain the marks they want from school, they must keep on learning inside the class and outside the classroom. They should be able to understand and apply what they learn into their everyday lives. Achieving high grades in school is important because it shows that the pupil has taken time to read and understand what the teacher has taught in preparation for exams.

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