Dell Smallest Personal Computer

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Introduction of Dell

Michael Dell, the founder and CEO of Dell Corporation, founded Dell in 1984. At the beginning year of dell, it introduces their first computer called turbo which has 8 MHz processor. After the great supports of the consumer dell reaches its capital 73 million dollar in the established of first year. As a result dell went to the public in 1988 offering share for public for $8.50 per share.

After great success dell introduced its first printer in 2003 for the public after the short time dell printer spread the all over the market gaining goodwill name of versatile and easy to use in different sectors' consumers


Dell one of the world most and famous manufacturer and supplier of the personal Computer based in US. Dell offers the wide range of personal computer as well laptop and the technology products for the consumer, university, college; educational institute and private sector and government sector as well. Beside the personal computer dell also famous of data storage system server, network servers, network switches and computer Peripherals devices such as display device like projector. Dell always supplies its products direct to the users so it is very popular and reliable brands for computer users. (

Dell Introduce World Smallest Desktop PC

Dell Optiplex 780 USFFDell always believes a new technology and always tries to give fully technological advantage to the computer users. In the recent dell introduced the world smallest fully functional commercial desktop computer, it is really good news for computer user who want to used new technology day by day.

The new desktop called Optiplex 780 USFF is world smallest Desktop personal computer with Intel vPro technology and integrated power supply which help the PC running smoothly and save the power. Comparing other brands such as HP Compaq, Lenovo dell Optiplex deliver the more efficiency and more reliable power supply so integrated power supply technology is better for nowadays personal and desktop computers.

Dell Optiplex 780 USFF ultra slim desktop computer mostly reliable for various educational institute, business house and home computers users as well. Inside the dell Optiplex it has 250 GB Hard Disk which is really huge for data storage the ultimate data storage really helps the any organization from its costs and it also save the time and data. Beside this we can choose lower hard disk space if user want less. According to Optiplex product manager on the Optiplex processing board 180W power supply unit for efficiency and continuous power supply for the other component of the board.


Advantage of Smallest PC

It really good news for who want to pursue their skills and want to used new technology. The smallest pc save the power and space, we can put the number of pc in small places so it is useful for huge business house. In the case of power consumption smallest PC can save more power than other computer, in the dell Optiplex there are small chips used inside the board to reduce the power. The other hand dell Optiplex is easy to use so it is user interface and its graphic is really good because of GMA 4500.

Dell Optiplex 780 Computer is used the desk mount and all in one stand so that flat panel display also mounted, for viewing the best pixel and concentrating the health care and education to responding their needs. Part of this all the future of the dell Optiplex are suitable for all levels of users like professional users, business and other educational or academic as well (