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Currently Singapores education is elite world-wide. Based on the latest information from Program for International Student Assessment, 2009, Singapores rankings for math, science and reading literacy are 2nd, 4th and 5th worldwide respectively. Quoting MOE Teachers' Pledge:

We will continue to learn and pass on the love of learning to our students.

We will win the trust, support and co-operation of parents and the community so as to enable us to achieve our mission.

From the pledge, we see that parents' trust, support and co-operation with teachers are crucial factors in the success of Singapore's education. The love of learning in a student is just as important.

The aim of this paper is to direct readers' attention to the current education landscape in Singapore. It covers how teachers pass on the love of learning to students, parents' educational role and why students' love of learning is a requirement to excel academically-wise, in the twenty-first century.

2 Teachers passing the love of learning

The passing of the joy or love of learning to students is an important role of every teacher, but how do they do it? Students are like babies learning to walk; he must stumble, pick himself up, and try again till he succeeds. And as teachers, they need to provide support, but not so much that students stop trying. To cultivate this love, teachers have to build confidence in students as they progress to more difficult tasks. Teachers must have the right amount of challenge relative to the ability of the child - not so much as to overwhelm, and not so little as to bore. Getting this balance right is a difficult feat. When students succeed, praising him appropriately is crucial. Praising students on their success may cause them to reject challenging tasks over easier ones. With each success students improve on their confidence and further develop the love of learning.

3 Parents' trust support and co-operation

Parents' trust, support and co-operation play a big role for a child to have a positive school experience. Effective communication between parents and teachers helps parents stay connected with their child day-to-day life. Students are able to benefits tremendously when parents and teachers are on the same page as where the child is. Parents' co-operation at home is essential, parents have to prevent or correct learning problems, to help your child get a head start or to reinforce what is learnt in school. Some ways are building a strong relationship with the child, develop child literacy and there are many more. Teachers must trust that parents help their child to become self-directed learners. In doing so, the child will establish effective learning practices that will carry him throughout life's challenges. There will come a time when a child needs to be punished. Teachers and parents have to support each other when they punish the child. Teachers with parents' trust support and co-operation will be able to help the student advance academically and have an amazing learning experience.

4 Students love of learning

Every student requires the love of learning. Love of learning is having the passion to gain knowledge about the world and one's place in it. Why is this love of learning important? Youth who demonstrate this intrinsic motivation, persist in spite of challenges and have a growth mindset. Students with love of learning demonstrate greater success in school as their learning is deeper, richer and long lasting. Student have better emotional health as they are less anxious and resentful as compared to students coerced by bribes or threats while achieving just as much or more. Student may also have a lower depression rate because they develop skills to overcome obstacles, rather than ruminate over problems and setbacks.

5 Conclusion

In conclusion, three of the main factors that contribute to the outstanding education in Singapore are the parents' trust, support and co-operation with teachers; the passing of the teachers love and the child love for learning. Among these factors, there is one that stands out above all and that is the love for learning in a child in education. Why? With the love of learning in a child the teachers' parts of passing on their love become redundant. With the love of learning in a child, the child is able to be independent in learning which also eliminate the parents' factor. This is why the love of learning is the above the other 2 factors. I believe that once a child has that unique quality, it will take him far in his education.