Evaluation Of Current Skills And Knowledge Of A Student

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I was living in Guntur a few hours away from Hyderabad, the state capital of Andhra Pradesh, India. My child hood was spent and filled with loads of joy with my elder brother, who is always with me to save me from my father. My mischief's had no end and my mom is already tried of keeping a track of my location. My father holds a business which is yard in Guntur with approximately 50-60 members working under him. He is hard working and a person filled with full of energy and enthusiasm all the time. He is passionate and can speak up to 8 Indian languages. I am from a small family consisting of my father, mother, elder brother and myself. As mentioned earlier my mother is always there to take care of me and keep a track of everything I do. I can say, that she have guided me throughout my life for every small change and decision to be taken and ensured that I get into the right path. My brother is a kind of in-house competitor for my during my schooling in case of education, and all other activities I have participated.

My strengths during childhood are my energy & presence of mind, and as always, I am week in taking further step effectives without any hassles. My weakness had put me into lot of troubles during my child hood in schooling. My father was always strict towards his family and kids, he is the one who can go t any extent to get whatever i ask for, but cannot tolerate negligence in education. I have learnt from my father that one has to be serious about their life and career, be passionate for learning new things. My learning from my mother are many and few of them are being friendly, taking care of the family, taking right decision in the right time and rechecking on things.

My schooling is full of joy and fun with many friends. I used to be doing quite well in all my academic subjects except few subjects like mathematics and sociology. It was my higher schooling days where I had to be serious about my 9th and 10th standard marks. In India make of higher schooling always add value to further studies. Unfortunately when i was playing i got hurt and I am I have undergone a major leg surgery which have consumed about 6 months of my study period. My average markings are at 50 % throughout my schooling and never had negative remarks. (Evidence of certificates: appendix: XX).

When I thought about hobbies, shopping came to mind. I love buying new clothes and accessories, recently I bought some oversized sunglasses. Well I did get a few funny stares but I'll just put that down to jealousy because they couldn't pull of extremely large sunglasses. I also like playing sports, but i was never serious in making my career in one of them. All i can conclude my schooling life is that i have one single point that was my weakness, strength, and opportunity as well. It is definitely surprising to here that, and how could only one point can be all of them. That is my activities at home, as my father has may people working under him. For everything I need I have somebody to do it for me, which is one of my strength. But at a closer look it has become one of my weaknesses: the ability of handling my own work is nil and that had lead me to depend on somebody else for everything. Though it looks like a good opportunity for somebody who has no helping hand, it actually has made me depend on others.

I recovered from my leg operation and no later than that, i have entered into college life. College life passed with lot of friends and learning from life. I could say that college is the best place for a young lad that enters into life and learn many things from there. I made many friends that know me very well. I am good at making friends and keep up the friendship, i never hurt anybody, i think of my friend's fist then think of myself. My weaknesses are unable to organise work well.

There are eighty questions of the learning style questionnaire (evidence: Learning questionnaire) through this questionnaire helped me pinpoint my learning preferences so that I am a better position to select learning experiences that suit my life. The score of this questionnaire showed I am a reflector, like to stand back to ponder experiences and observe them from many different perspectives. I collect data, both first hand and from others, and prefer to think about it thoroughly before coming to any conclusion. The thorough collection and analysis of data about experiences and events is what counts, so I tend to postpone reaching definitive conclusions for as long as possible. I listen to others and get the drift of the discussion before making my own point.

I also concerned about the feelings of others, relationship and maintaining wide ranging interests. I am good at listening to others and assimilating information is my strength as a reflector, however, I usually consider lots of things before making a decision cause me slow to make up my mind. When I face a problem I will think many aspects of the events and consider what will be influenced by my action, after I think all of situations then I can make up my mind. In this period, I am also not good enough at English and the skills of I.T, they would be a very big problem for me to study in the university in Leeds now. I need academic English to prepare my report and assignment during the years I study in the university and also need the skills of I.T knowledge to do the work in computer and for the future job, especially, I am study on the business management.

Though i have good friends everywhere, somehow, any good friend that I make will never compare to my mother, because it was she who gave me life and not the group of friends that I spend my evenings with. I value each and every one of my friends, but Mum's the greatest, I have something very special with her. She's a role model and mother and most of all a best friend. I only have one mum and that fact is unchangeable, and I'm glad because I don't need any one better. Everything that I do in life she's taught me, she's always there for me she's one person who I can tell everything and that's a true friend.

I worked with my father for a period of 2-3 months in his business and have had many understanding about myself and business. I aspire to be a Businessman and willing to excel in that area.

As I enter my Masters into Leeds Metropolitan University. I realise now that this is the place that is going to help me realise my dreams. I now know college is not a place just to hang out, it is a place to learn; a place that will help me on the journey to reach my goals. This year I have focused a lot on my career, I have found out a lot about being a best businessman like my father and i am taking steps to achieve my goal. Taking all of this into account I suppose I have matured and of that I'm am very proud.

In this period, I am also not good enough at English and the skills of I.T, they would be a very big problem for me to study in the university in England now. I need academic English to prepare my report and assignment during the years I study in the university and also need the skills of I.T knowledge to do the work in computer and for the future job, especially, I am study on the business management.

Social and Inter-personal

Belbin team roles - self-perception inventory (evidence beblin report)

There are eight sections of roles that are company worker, chairman, shaper, plant, resource investigator, monitor/evaluator, team worker and completer/finisher. In the roles, I am good at team worker, most sensitive in the team -the one who is most aware of individual's needs and worries, and the one who sees most clearly the emotional undercurrents within the group. Knows the most about the private lives and family affairs of the best of the team. I am the most active internal communicator, likeable, popular, and the cement of the team. I will be a good and willing listener and also helps other members to be the same. When the team is under pressure, my sympathy, understanding and support are especially valued. The uncompetitiveness and dislike of friction may make them seem a bit soft and indecisive, but I am a permanent force operating against division and disruption in the team. Individual contribution may not always be visible, but it is the one most missed when not there, especially in times of stress and pressure. For this section's weakness is indecisive at moments of crisis and can be easily influenced.

Strategic and Operational

I prefer to have as many sources of information as possible - the more data to considerthe better, as I said above that I am very slow to make a decision, I think that decisions based on a thorough analysis of all the information are sounder than those based on intuition, and I like to ponder many alternative before making decision, so I always be perceived as indecisive. Meanwhile, I am not good at spontaneous activity which does not allow time for planning and preparation and take immediate action and short-cut to produce results. However, I am also poor at time management, I used to leave things to the last minute, I don't know why the times always goes too quick, when they gone, I suddenly realized that I have not done my work and got very cross. Then I need to take quick action and make a quick decision, it means what I produced always not high at quality. That is what problem I have and where my weaknesses are.


In conclusion, I would like to improve my weaknesses in this personal audit plan. I have realized my weaknesses that are sort of things like not good enough at English and I.T skills, and slow to make a decision. They are two different things for me need to progress, one is particular skill I don't know it very well, and I can study hard, pay more attention on it to make it better in short term. As I study more and more in college, my English will be better than now, and I also will have more I.T knowledge one year after. Another thing which is slow to make a decision that is not what skill I don't know, it is about personality that I need to improve to make me be successful in my future work. It needs to take long time to improve it, and slow to get an achievement. When I face a problem, I should make me think not too much and make a decision quickly, it is really difficult to change my mind in a short-term, I should practice myself to do it lots of time and it will be getting better day by day in the future.