Current Personal Philosophy Of Classroom Management

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How the teacher should act.

  • Teachers should come across like they want to be in the classroom themselves.
  • They need to project an attitude of positive awareness and let their students feel that they too want to be in class that day.
  • Motivation is the key to success and all teachers need to good motivators. If the teacher is not motivated then the students will follow suit.
  • All teachers should show a high level of professionalism and ethical consideration for their work environment and for their students.
  • Compassion is not as common as it used to be in the classrooms of the past.
  • Teachers need to act compassionate towards their students daily as this will help the environment to remain safe, positive and productive.
  • Teachers need to be aware of the legal requirements for their state and follow suit to those requirements to ensure they are not breaking any laws.

How students are expected to behave.

  • Students along with the teacher should have a positive out look.
  • All students should be caring and compassionate towards their peers and towards the staff of the school.
  • Students are expected to be accountable for their actions and for their decisions.
  • Teachers need to make their expectations clear on the first of school and they need to reinforce this daily to help the students stay accountable.
  • Students need to take pride in their work and make an effort to learn

What the classroom might look and feel like.

  1. The classroom should project a positive learning environment for all the students assigned to the room
  2. A sense of community and comrodaity should be present.
  3. The classroom should portray a sense of trust, consideration for others, and security for all students and guests.
  4. Student involvement with interesting activities would be present as it would create an environment of positive participation.
  5. All students would know what is expected at all times and positive attention from the teacher and their peers would be seen.

How the teacher helps students conduct themselves properly.

  • Teachers need to make their expectations clear and concise.
  • Teachers need to make their expectations age appropriate and reachable.
  • Provide students positive feedback when they are meeting the classroom standards or expectations.
  • Just as positive feedback is given it is imperative that immediate feedback be given when the classroom expectations are not being met.
  • Each teacher needs to “teach” their students how to behave in their classroom.
  • For example if a teacher expects their students to raise their hand during the instruction to answer a question then make that clear before the lesson begins. Or if the teacher is allowing the students to blurt out the answer as long as they do not interrupt anyone who is speaking then make that sure that direction is understood before the lesson begins.

What the teacher should do about misbehavior.

  • Provide the students with positive and productive discipline that moves them towards self-control.
  • Teachers have a responsibility to investigate the reason behind the misbehavior and to encourage the student to make an effort to better themselves.
  • Provide the proper intervention tools and approaches that are suited to each individual that are involved.
  • Teachers should have an organized approached towards various misbehaviors and classifications of misbehaviors.
  • Having an organized approached is the key to success

(Charles, 2008, p. 12)

How students should be taught what is expected of them.

  • Clear communication of what is expected on a daily basis is the key to students succeeding.
  • Repetition is the key to learning and understanding what is expected.
  • Post reminders throughout the room of the top 5 expectations.
  • Remind the students through the lessons what the expectations are and how the adhere to the top 5 or how they have temporarily changed for that specific lesson.
  • Build a sense of awareness of the expectations and remain positive.
  • Teachers need to build their students awareness of what is expected of them and how they met or did not meet the expectations on a daily or weekly basis. By reminding the students that you, as the teacher are watching, then it will remind them to begin to watch themselves.


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