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My vision is to become a ten member team leader who is knowledgeable, prepared to accept challenges, confident in developing team spirit, work with integrity and trust and gain respect from followers.


Some of the values required to make my vision a reality are honesty, courage, commitment, competency and hard work.

By having integrity I will have a good relations in dealing with people because they will have full trust in me and give me full support when needed. Courage is an admired quality as it enables leaders to accept challenges and work as hard as possible to meet the challenge. Commitment is considered one of the basic foundations on which societies are built. For example a leader who is committed to followers is prepared support them at any time and any place. There many leaders who have risk their lives to save their followers and they are remembered in the history books. Competency is very important to inspire and assist followers to complete task.

Skills to Develop

Like all outstanding leaders I consider excellent communication skills, organizational skills, team building or interpersonal skills and ability to show assertiveness when required are skills I would like to develop in myself. For example Obama, the current President of United States demonstrates all the above mentioned skills as he is kind, talks politely to all people regardless of colour and creed and speeches are always captivating. As respected leader John Key has led his country well through recession with minimum job losses in comparison to other countries. This shows he has excellent organizational and team building skills. Although some of his policies were not well received by New Zealanders he showed his assertiveness and people had to follow them because it was for the welfare of the people. For example he increased the price of cigarettes and this was not liked by people who smoke.

Current leadership frame reference

The skills which I would like to develop in myself are to become confidence speaker like Obama. I would like to get engaged the public affairs and always find a way to help the needy with love and compassion. I have been doing this in the past. For example when I was the prefect of my class, I tried to make sure that every student in my class had a best friend. So that no student was lonely. This quality in me helps me to gain support from my team mates and will make me an effective leader in future.

Target leadership frame of reference.

As my position is a cashier, my target is to become full time supervisor at the Khybar Food & Spices Ltd so I am able to reach my desired goals in future. My target is to learn more information about the cash register and tills so that I can demonstrate effective leadership skills in my job. As leader I want to develop all

Knowledge of various skills required in the job descriptions so that I am able to do multi task and if any worker is absent I can fill in the position. This supports both the trait theory and the process theory of leadership. In the trait theory leaders are born with values such as compassion, integrity, honesty and empathy which depends on the values our parents passed on to us. The process theory supports the view that some useful skills are learnt

From watching and emulating great leaders and these are skills such as speaking, organizing and learning through research and training. According to Inkson and Kolb (2002) Heresy Blanchard's theory of situational leadership is most practical and useful because it be applied in four different situations depending on the type of followers.

Goal # 1

I want to become a competent cashier by the end of my three months training period at Khybar Food & Spices Ltd located in Mount Roskill.

This is important for me because my temporary work contract will change and I will become permanent employee of the company. It will enable me to gain an increase in pay provide opportunities for further promotion to become team leader of a shift.

To achieve my this goal I have to do my own research by reading books and come up with significant, sensible information which can be used in learning about handling cash. To gain training I have to take assistances and guidance from my current supervisor who will motivate me to perform task without making mistakes. I will also take up some part time course to gain new knowledge about the job and duties I have to perform.

To complete my goal there are some essential resources which is very important to me. I need to spend extra time to be research and studying and for this there is need for books and internet and other reading materials. I will require a knowledgeable trainer and his full support. I will require money for the full paying study fees, for typing, printing and doing research using the internet and computer. My brother and sister in law are very important to me because they guide how and where I can get better resources and which place I can go to study so that I can reach my entire goal.

I will monitor my keeping a checklist in which I will record the mistakes I make and as time passes the mistakes should decrease and finally leading to perfection. My trainer will give weekly feedback about my strengths and weakness and I will rectify my weakness. I will . Get feedback from my co workers whether I am doing all my work correctly and efficiently.

Goal #2

To become full time supervisors at my work within three months.

Becoming supervisor will be very big responsibility for me; I will do my best to keep all the things in a right way as it will be expected by the management. In the work environment there are staffs from much different age groups so I have to understand their values and how to communicate with them without offending anyone. It will increase my pay and my status which could lead to further promotions.

To reach this goal I have to show full confidence towards all the staff and prove that I have the knowledge of work requirements. I will inspire all the members to work as a team so that our work finishes on time that is 3 o'clock. I will help the staff to encourage and support each other. For example if a member is falling behind with a certain task which was given to him, I will be supervising the work and will encourage everyone in the team to finish the given task on time.

Some essential resources which are very important includes time. This has to be taken into consideration such as to see that which place have big production, so to keep the things in control I will have to divide the staff so that we do not run out of time. Group support is the main issue because sometimes will be the help from all the staff at work, such as if we see that someone is left behind with their work than the other staff should always help without any complain or discouragement.

The following people and experiences will help me to reach my desired goals: Team support by staff members. In order to complete the goal group member's support, guidance, cooperation and encouragement is considered necessary. To evaluate progress I will be assessed by the following way: Get feedback from the staff members that whether I will be able to do the things as it is required along with that I will be getting feedbacks from the management.

Goal # 3

To report to work regularly for next three months to gain recognition.

As the requirement of the work environment there will be goods and foods coming in the store which I will have to keep the records of and report to the management regularly, as all being punctual to work will help me to achieve this goal properly and fully. This goal is very important to me because I will get for opportunities to show my position and to know how well I can perform my job and duties, this will also lead the management to have more faith in me, and this will allow me to set examples to other staffs that coming to work. Being on time for work shows we are willing to put in a full day's work. It demonstrates a dedication to our job and as well to our employer. To reach goal 3 I have to wake up early so that I get to work before time without any hesitations. Be aware of the consequences - to do things with so that I do not get stuck anywhere and that makes me to be late at work. The resources which I need are Time - it should be kept into consideration so that I reach at work on time and start with my work which is given to me. To achieve this goal transport is also very important to me so that I do not have difficulties getting to work. The following people will help me to reach my desired goal are as follows, My supervisors - they are the one who plays important role for me, for example they will tell me which way to follow and how to do things. My Boss - he is the one who tells me how things to be done and which areas I need to improve in to get my goal faster. To get progress in my 3rd goal it will be assessed by the following way:

Get feedback from the staff members that whether I will be able to the things as it is required. Also getting feedback from management whether I am doing my job correctly or I need improvements.

Goal #4

To make five new friends at work place in three months,

Developing friendly relationship with co-worker can make workplace more enjoyable and help to achieve respect and support. For example if want to take a short leave, I can make arrangements to either swap with a friend or give my shift to them or vice versa. All the staff always helps one another so that we had good relation with everyone. Good relationship will help me to be more confident and relaxed. To achieve this goal I have talk politely with everyone so that it does not hurt anyone. Respect is most important thing in a work environment for me because I am working with different race of people and by respecting them I also get that respect back. Cooperating with all staff for finishing the work on time, Having good relationship with core works will give me opportunity to develop and acquire new skill, as well a support network that I can portray on. To get success in my 4th goal team work is very important, such as for when If I will finish my job and move on to help the other staff with their work will be more efficient. Experienced staff will provide the team with full support, guidance, cooperation and encouragement of how the work is being done. My behaviour will depict me whether I have achieved my desired goal or not. Get feedback from the supervisors how I am performing at work and if I am lacking somewhere how should I improve.

Goal # 5

Develop knowledge of Chinese, Fijian, Pakistani and Maori culture at work place

This goal is very important for me because it will give me the chance to work as strong team member in multi ethnic team. I can learn cultural practices of other races and understand their way of doing jobs and work in harmony with them. Having this knowledge will help me to take opportunities and to try new things such as their traditional food.. By developing different cultural background of staffs at work place will enable me to learn more about their values and culture, working with different cultural group has been tremendous experience for me.

To reach my fifth goal I should show respect to each staff, talk in a polite and professional manner showing enthusiasm towards their cultural values. This will help me to develop team spirit which is very important to me so that the communication between me and the staffs will make our work easy. Another thing is integrity by having this it will show my honesty towards the ethnic groups at all times. To be successful in this goal I will have the full support from my family who will help me to get engage with all different cultural people. I will also use films, documentaries and attend cultural activities such as Pacifika festival to learn songs, language and dance.

I will monitor my own progress by writing new words and having it checked by my workmates. Get feedback from the staff also self-evaluation for me will be effective as I will know on how the knowledge is impaired with relevance to business work.

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