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I have graduated with a bachelors degree in Engineering (Information and Technology) back home and now I am doing my MBA in Human Resource Management. The special skill that people don't know is that I can speak four languages which is a plus point in me while working with different range of people. I am always a hardworking person and can work efficiently and effectively in any working environment. I actually don't have any relevant job experience in business. I always wanted to work for an international company where the opportunity of moving around worldwide and I think that doing MBA in HRM will help me achieve it. After my MBA program I would want to be working in a multinational company.


In my MBA program, I have focused on core skills that I felt needed improvement and what initiatives to take to polish my abilities more. I have included three major skills that I considered are:

Listening skills:

People need to practice and acquire skills to be good listeners, because a speaker cannot throw you information in the same manner that a dart player tosses at a passive dartboard. Information is an intangible substance that must be sent by the speaker and received by an active listener. Listening is one of the key leadership quality that a world class leader should have according to the video of John Studzinski (The Blackstone Group) - 'World class CEOs master of the art of listening. Good listening skill involves paying attention to the speaker by maintaining eye contacts, nodding, not interrupting the speaker and lastly providing feedback. Analysing my current skills from SWOT analysis and good listening audit test, I came to know that I can do listen critically with proper body language and providing feedbacks but I do tend to lack attention as my mind wonder some times and I get other thoughts in my head.

Thus for improving this I need to be more focused and listen effectively to what the speaker is tying to convey. In business world, listening skill do play an important role for understanding team mates and work. I need to improve my ability of paying attention towards the speaker which will help me setting my future goals on right tracks.


Team occurs when a number of people have a common goal and recognise that their personal success is dependent on the success of others. Work is a group-based activity and if the organisation is to function effectively it requires collaboration and co-operation among its members. Working in a team within a group is essential for success and how players play togethers to achieve a single common objective. Team work involves member's willingness of working together by putting their skills to create the best possible result. Work is a group based activity which involves group consciousness, sense of shared purpose and ability to work in a unitary manner. According to Laurie J. Mullins (2010), a team occur when a number of people have a common goal and recognise that their personal success is dependent on the success of others. It is the pattern of behaviour or ways in which one team member interacts with another whose performance serves to facilitate the progress of the team as a whole. In my current skills of SWOT analysis and test shows my ability of leadership, teambuilding and influencing others. Influencing others is a very strategic process and I need to develop my skills on that. It is so rightly said that, "If we are strong, our strength will speak for itself. If we are weak, words will be of no help." John F. Kennedy. With good communication leaders can join with people for solving major issues. When in a group I need to learn different methods and ways of efficient communication between members and also saying what they need to hear for building a repo amongst members. I need to learn how to influence my team members both mentally and emotionally for building a strong team. The increase of globalisation and widespread development in information and communication technology has given increased the need of virtual team which requires strong communication and sensitivity to understand other people feelings. In my future work place, this skill of team work will help me have a good command over decision making, communication and will mould me into a good leader in this changing world.


Time management is a process of managing time for completion of work allotted even under intense pressure. For an effective time management one should be able to setting goals, planning, decision making and scheduling. Time management should be in such a way that I find ways of saving separate time slots for additional activities. The procedures and techniques for effective time management are as follows:

a. Clear Objectives.

b. Careful Forward Planning.

Definition of Priorities and actions.

Ability to delegate successfully.

Flexible working.

As discussed in journal in the appendix, time management is a very important skill that I need to develop for my future success. By Laurie J. Mullins (2010), a good time management should have a clear objective, planning, prioritising important work, flexible working process which is reflected on my ability of managing time. I can manage time effectively but sometimes when many tasks are allotted at a single time I find it difficult to manage time and fall behind to finish the work on the specified time period. For this I need to lean and manage time according to the importance of work so that more important work gets done before than the least important once. Being an HR manager I should have the skill of time management as my future work will be dedicating different work to different sets of people and giving deadlines to finish the work. I should learn to manage more tasks in a specified time so that I could add on to the success of the company I am working in.


Critical reading means reading the content effectively by identifying the topic, purpose and issues and also about understanding why we are reading. It reflects on skill of synthesizing, analysing and evaluating of critical reading process. Reading involves gathering all the available information from text, making notes that could be referred later for deep learning, getting a conclusion and giving proper reason. Gathering information depends on the way we think and making a framework in our mind that helps us know the actual content of the matter. There are some criteria are which need to be followed while doing critical reading and they are:

Read with open mind.

Read slowly.

Make notes.

Maintain a reading journal.

Concentrating while reading.

Look for connection between subjects.

Critical reading involves a through idea about the writers view according to its topic, issues, conclusions and a strong reason. Using the VAK (Visual, Auditory and Tactile) learning style, my critical reading skills will improve, by studying graphs, charts, tables, pie charts, etc. Being a visual learner, I am good at reading all these structures but I can learn more and implement it in my future working place.


From the Personal Development Plan, I have identified some of the skills that I need to focus upon for my future development. The questioners like listening skill, Time management, Team work and SWOT taken by me as mentioned in the Appendix gave me a brief idea about how to improve and develop my leadership skill as a HR manager. The questioner for critical reading as mentioned in the Appendix along with VAK style helped me understand that being a manager what all extra skills will be needed to direct and manage my subordinates. After critically evaluating my skills as a strategic learner I came to know that my skills like listening, team work, time management and critical thinking need more improvement. I believe that at the end of this MBA program my skills will be well developed to face this business world with strong dedication and determination to be a strong leader and 5 years down the line I will be recruited in a multinational corporation as a strategic manager.