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Ralph Norris is known as a successful leader within New Zealand's corporations, he has an important record in terms of culture change and business growth. According to his experience he has realized that leadership is developed by problem solving and dealing with hard challenges as well as team work and recognition.

In addition, he has underlined that it is crucial that leaders encourage his own potential, while being open to new ideas. His view involves the importance for a leader to be a good role model in terms of values and behavior, as well as the basis that there are no chances to succeed in leadership without understanding our strengths and weaknesses and working on them.

1 Quality:


Ethical behavior and values, being a good role model he can expect the same from employees therefore set objectives and goals will be more accepted, respect and authority to counsel people will be gained.

Honestly is considers is important to be honest with the people then people will be honest with us; he underlines it as key aspect of leadership.

Self honestly He emphases that also honestly with our selves is a key strategy to work on our weaknesses previously identified and exploit our strengths towards continued growth.

Behaviors & attitudes:

Challenger, Norris has faced difficulties and big challenges which had increased his capability in terms of problem solving and therefore developed his leadership.

Inclusiveness: Being inclusive and valuing people he could get them to share his vision.

Outward looking: being open to new ideas and changes and also focused on a global view is a common attitude within New Zealand successful leaders.


Costumer and people- centered is considered as one of his particular skills and style of leadership, being focused on the people he has lead corporations towards growth and culture change.

Management: Due his expertise and experience he has directed important New Zealand corporations such as ASB, Air New Zealand and Commonwealth Bank.

Team work : he has recognized that working close with others is the best way to solve problems and deal with difficulties, collaboration is crucial to succeed, which means that he actually recognize others effort.

Knowledge and traits

New Zealand society: As a result of his experience he as acquired a wide knowledge of New Zealand society, enough to state points of view about socioeconomic mobility, communities.

Leadership in New Zealand: Trough his experience he as acquired knowledge about New Zealand leadership and leaders, identifying traits such as influential personalities.

Low- key approachability: As one of his main traits, he had made the people feel at ease to come up and talk to him with no pressure, therefore he has built rapport and engagement which also encourage team work.

2 Contribution to success

Honestly is a crucial quality towards leadership success, working on honestly basis decreases chances of confrontation and increases trust within organizations therefore team works tend to be more effective and confident.

Outward looking: "It's one of invitation and collaboration where leaders are genuinely interested in hearing the opinions of others. That's what great societal leaders do. They're so solid in who they are, and believe so strongly in what they do, that they don't feel that they'll be unduly influenced or "magically" changed against their will simply by listening, engaging, and discussing ideas" [2] 

Team work: Team work is one of the keys to succeed, as cooperation and contribution of members increases effectiveness towards specific goals, feed back and multi-effort also support development of tasks, self assessment and creates identity and commitment.

Management is a crucial skill in order to leadership success, as conducting affairs of business, having to work under pressure, setting policies and implementing strategies also providing direction and guidance to other employees managers lead business in the way to success and growth.

Costumer and people- centered "Empirical evidence shows the effectiveness of a people-cantered approach that delivers value to the customer, the employee, the organization, and the shareholders" [3] . It means that as one of his qualities Norris increases, stress in the need to attract and retain the best people. Which "has become a mantra for corporate executives and human-resource departments " [4] 

New Zealand society: with a large knowledge of New Zealand society, Norris has understood tendencies, behaviors and major issues of communities and population in the country, which clearly get him to have informed decisions and assertive strategies.

3. Profiling systems (definition)

DiSC r - Dominance, influence, steadiness and Compliance

According to the results, I am a "Spin Doctor", i have a powerful personality, self-directed and self-motivated, I tend to naturally gravitate towards leadership positions, naturally optimistic I seek out the possibilities in life.

I am creative and skilled in solving problem; my character is marked by originality, expressiveness, generosity, and determination. My energy and forward thinking can generate a team-oriented environment, helping to accomplish goals by motivating others, while creating an atmosphere that is fun and exciting.

How ever my weaknesses are that I can easily bored by routines, I find daily tasks to be mundane and like to mix things up, also I can mix business with pleasure and come alive in social situations. I am short-tempered and lack patience with others when frustrated. In these times, my body language and tone can become acutely direct, which can be threatening or offensive to more passive styles. [5] 

MBTI r Myers Briggs r Type Indicator

Classified as a teacher according to the report, I am a popular and sensitive person, concerned on how others think and feel, I tend to look from a human angle view, very interested in serving others, I have outstanding communication skills, how ever I dislike being alone and also don agree with impersonal analyses. [6] 

Enneagram of personality Types

Type of personality 2, called: helper. According to the results, I am empathetic, sincere, and warm-hearted, friendly, generous, and self-sacrificing, I am also well-meaning and driven to be close to others, I am considered unselfish and altruistic, and have unconditional love for others

My weaknesses are that I can also be sentimental, flattering, and people-pleasing, can slip into doing things for others in order to be needed, , I typically have problems with possessiveness and with acknowledging their my own needs.  [7] 

Belbin Team roles

According to the results, my highest scores are as a Coordinator (18). Driver (16) and supporter (11).

As a coordinator I provide of leadership, encouraging contributions of others, I have skills leading teams toward specific goals and effective resources usage. As a driver I provide leadership, directing, influencing and controlling teams. Finally as a supporter I maintain group's harmony I am aimed to keep members satisfaction and spirit within teams.

4. My qualities


Honestly: I am honest and reliable person, always tell the true as I expect people to tell me the true, I am always looking forward trustable relationships, at school, work place and day life. Example: getting late to school.

Loyalty: I am very loyal to my principles, beliefs, commitments and relationships, my ideas are not compromised even in hard situations. Example: friendships.

Ethics: I always behave in an ethical way according to my personal values and conditions but also according to the context and role that I have been assigned. Example: work position

Behaviors & attitudes:

Positive: I am always looking for the benefit or lesson even in the hardest moments; I do believe that in the middle of difficulties lies an opportunity. Example: day life problems, sadness or challenges.

Generous: I tend to I tend to look from a human angle view, very interested in serving others, sharing and supporting people. Example: friendships, Hospitable.

Proactive: I like improvements, creativity and new ideas; I am always looking for better ways to do things. Example: work place, new strategies.


Communication: I like to communicate with people, I have an extravert personality and I do not hesitate to express my point of view or my disagreement with others points of view, I have no problems interacting with others. Example: debates and classes, talking in public.

Team work: I have learned to work in a team and also to lead teams, whether the group comes from academic background, professional activities or social circles. Example: work place, supervising a café.

Problem solving: I have skills on negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution, due my academic background and work experience. Example: differences between communities regarding a specific project.

Knowledge and traits

Worldwide issues: Due my interest I have a wide knowledge of worldwide issues. Example: political and international affairs.

Determination: I had always had a strong personality and I don't give up easily, I always have a strict behavior towards my objectives and perspectives. Example: complete studies.

Empathetic: I always care about others thoughts, feelings and problems, I have the ability to put my self in others situations, understand their matters and I am always keen on support. Example: charity

Analyzing similarities and differences between the mentioned qualities and Norris's ones I can say that we have common qualities in terms of honesty, team work and world societal issues knowledge.

Probably I wouldn't say differences just points to work on which will be outward looking and management, how ever I strongly consider that those two qualities are achievable to be learned.

Potential leadership strengths:

Skilled in solving problem: I consider that solving problem is a crucial skill for leaders, it can eventually develop my leadership skills mediating between different points of view, compromising and supporting agreements between different parts, also a leader must be skilled analyzing problems and designing , planning implementing and evaluating strategies.

Goals accomplishment: By motivating others I am able to reach goals and objectives, encouraging people as a strategy to success is also one of the most relevant Norris's statements. By value others efforts and push them to go forwards it is a clear way to generate results.

Influencing and controlling teams: I have the ability to influence and control teams, crews and groups of people; it is an advantage in terms of leadership as it is crucial that a leader can get people to share their vision, points and ideas.

Potential leadership Weaknesses

Lack patience: This characteristic of my personality is a huge weakness to work on, as there are procedures than take time at as natural condition, impatience just drives to wastage of energy and time affecting effectiveness.

Easily bored by routines: Linked with the previous one, there are some many daily tasks that must to be done in order to reach goals and specific objectives. Lack of management when repetitive routines can derive in an unpleasant environment.

Mix business with pleasure: It can derive in lack of focus, problems when managing time and clearly affect effectiveness: also lack of distance between professional approach and personal approach could bring up influenced decisions that are commonly biased.


Looking forward to develop leadership skills, and taking advantage of the chance given by this analysis, a personal development plan will be detailed focusing in the gaps between current potentials and wished potentials., as follows:

Value/ quality/behavior /attitude/skill/ knowledge etc

Action plan


Team work

Be involved in team works

Lead team works


Be proactive in the classroom looking forward to work on teams overcoming cultural and languages background.

Participate actively in group activities at work place.

Look forward to gain respect and chances to lead the groups I am involved with.


Improve listening willingness

Be involved in public communication scenarios


Focus on listening more than talk when conversations

Attend conferences, talk's, lectures or debates and participate.

New Zealand society (knowledge)

get more involved in NZ culture

Learn political history of NZ.


Spend more time with friends or acquaintance from New Zealand.

Read and get involved in NZ politics.


Get involved in practical management

Take more advantage of current studies


Trough work places get involved with management and understand the organization structure.

To study in depth topics checked in the classroom.

Outward looking

Be opened to new ideas and alternatives

Ask for another point of view when decision making.


Look forward to see how others used different ways to achieve their objectives.

As for opinion, suggestion or advice when important decision need to be made.


Be confident facing new challenges

Confidence on problem solving and over coming difficult situations.


Mentally Rehearse in success, based on previous achievements and current qualities.

Self confidence, task focus and stability when hard times come up, rehearse on previous overcoming.


As a result of an interesting analysis based on tools such as profiling systems as well as leader's case of study, potential leadership strengths and weakness has been identified. It derives in a better knowledge of ourselves while chances of improvement are given trough development plan.