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In this course, students develop an understanding of past and current fashion looks and learn how to evaluate coming trends. Emphasis is given to studying fashion designers and the use of trade trend reports, newspapers, newsletters, and other industry publications in the study and writing of fashion trends. There is considerable participation in fashion activities.

History of Fashion - FA2101

This course traces the evolution of garments and accessories from prehistoric times to the modern era. Special emphasis is placed on an awareness and understanding of the aesthetic, religious, sociological, and geographical reasons for various body adornments as well as how clothing and accessories from previous times reappear later in adapted versions.

Fashion Design I - FA1203

Students become aware of how to develop their creative inspirations into imaginative and marketable designs. The course explores the basics of colors, fabrics, and silhouettes. The course is conducted as though the students are actual members of a design team.

Fashion Illustration I - FA1210

In this introductory course to fashion drawing for design students, students will have the opportunity to develop a croqui or a fashion figure. In addition, students will learn to properly dress the figure utilizing style lines and will begin to use markers as a technique to color their designs by utilizing the correct properties of light and shadows.

Computer Basics - CS1101

This is an introductory computer course designed to meet the needed of the novice computer user. It focuses on primary hardware components, internal elements, storage and input/output devices within the unit. Students will gain basic knowledge and understanding of the booting process and the role of the operating system within the digital computer world. This course assumes little or no prior knowledge of computers and computer management.

Construction I - FA1201

In this course, students become aware of basic construction techniques used in the fashion industry. The classroom is conducted as a sample room. Students learn how to prepare markers for garments using professional patterns.

Pattern Making & Draping I - FA1206

This course makes students aware of how to develop patterns through the flat-pattern method and draping and introduces the tools and technology used in the industry. Students also learn the art of draping fabric on dress forms.

Fashion Design II - FA1204

This course emphasizes the skills and talents required to become a creative and successful designer. Students are taught the intricate interrelationship between fabrics, colors, and designs with focus on obtaining the necessary foundation to develop a collection of garments.

Prerequisite: Fashion Design I FA1205.

Fashion Illustration II - FA1211

In this advanced course of fashion illustration, students will further their knowledge of the fashion figure through breakdowns from actual photographs. Secondly, this course will go through the different fabrics, from textures to prints. Students will also explore the different marker techniques as well as the development of composition in preparation for third quarter model drawing.

Prerequisite: Fashion Illustration I FA1210.

English Composition I - EN1101

This course covers thought patterns in exposition as students concentrate on mastering the parts of the multi-paragraph essay. The central theme of Composition is the organization (or structure) of exposition.

Construction II - FA1202

In this course, students develop an understanding of construction skills. Projects are assigned to further refine skills, including the creation of a garment of their own design.

Prerequisite: Construction I FA1201.

Pattern Making & Draping II - FA1207

This course continues the development of an understanding of pattern making and draping skills as more advanced techniques are introduced. The course focuses on students working on the dress form using muslin to adjust the pattern.

Prerequisite: Pattern Making & Draping I FA 1206

Fabrics & Textiles I - FA1308

In this course, students study the development of fabrics from their raw state as fibers to their finished state as clothing. The properties of fabrics are stressed in terms of their physical and aesthetic qualities. Lab work is enhanced by reference to and study of the University's extensive Fabric Library.

Fashion Illustration III - FA2210

Using all the techniques learned throughout the first year, students have the opportunity to draw from a live model, thus gaining competency in the interplay between body movement, fabric, and lighting. Prerequisite: Fashion Illustration II FA1211

English Composition II ­- EN1102

This is required course builds upon the student's essay-writing abilities, and moves into the analysis of and written response to various fiction and non-fiction literary genres. Additionally, the student will develop library and electronic media research skills resulting in a documented research paper. This course fulfills 6,000 words of the Gordon Rule requirement.

Prerequisite: English Composition II EN1101

Construction III - FA2201

This is an introductory course to tailoring techniques used in the fashion industry. Students are taught the uses of the Serger machine and the applications of different sewing machine attachments.

Prerequisite: Construction II FA1202 and departmental approval.

Pattern Making & Draping III - FA2206

In this course, students master the creation if the patterns for each garment of their collection. The design and the fabric of each garment determine the pattern making method to be used. Students are introduced to computerized pattern making.

Prerequisite: Pattern Making & Draping II FA1207 and departmental approval.

Accessory Design - FA2285

This course focuses on illustrations for the specialty areas of accessory design. Students will learn to take their ideas from the original concept to the working flats to be used for patterns in production in each of these areas of accessory design.

Fashion Design III - FA2203

In this course, students research the relationship among the different markers and manufacturers in the fashion industry. As designers, they learn how to combine their creativity with business aspects of the fashion industry.

Prerequisite: Fashion Design II FA1204

College Algebra - MT1101

Topics emphasized are systems of simultaneous linear equations and their graphic presentation, quadratic equations, introduction to theory of polynomials, and elementary statistics with applications.

Construction IV - FA2202

The sewing techniques used in the couture industry are introduced to the students. Garment construction, using these standards, with strong emphasis on detail in hand stitching, finishing, and embellishing is stressed. Students will produce a garment using the standards taught in this course.

Prerequisite: Construction III FA2201

Pattern Making & Draping IV - FA2207

In this course, students further enhance their competency in the creation of patterns using techniques employed by the couture houses. Working with their project on Construction IV class, they perfect their couture design.

Prerequisite: Pattern Making & Draping III FA2206

Fashion Trends II - FA2251

This in-depth study of marketing, videos, and trend reports enables the student to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to become competent in adapting these trends to the retail world. Focus is also placed on developing good study habits which have been proven essential to staying abreast of this ever-changing industry.

Prerequisite: Fashion Trends I FA1305

Fashion Show Production - FA1101

In this course, students study the wholesale, retail, video, and television production of fashion shows. The responsibilities of the show director and coordinator are explored as students assist in fashion events. Starting with the initial theme and culminating in the actual production. The basics of professional runway and print modeling are examined.

Computer Concepts and 2D Applications - CS2202

This course is an introduction to basic theory and skill techniques of visual communications using computers. It gives students a basic understanding of technical devices for the electronic production of visual images. Students will receive training on Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Auto-Cad. This software will help them in producing professional presentations and high graphic quality portfolios. Lab classes consist of a series of full color projects designed to highlight the features of each program.

Fashion Trends III - FA2306

In this course, students work with color stories, fabrics, and trends as they are presented on the runways of Europe and the United States. This competency is then incorporated into the final project.

Prerequisite: Fashion Trends II FA2251

Computerized Pattern Making & Draping - FA2286

Using the latest technology, the student learns how to use the computer as a tool in pattern making.

Fabrics & Textiles II - FA2208

The principals studied in Textiles I are applied to the selection, application, and embellishment of garments. Students work with fabrics which reflect the latest trends, study which fabrics are best suited for particular styles, and learn how to combine different fabrics into one stylish outfit. This intensive course, tailored specifically for fashion design students, provides the foundation of the latest trends in fabrics into the line of garments. Prerequisite: Fabrics & Textiles I FA1308

Fashion Buying for Design - FA2204

In this course, students become competent in working directly with fashion buyers and fashion resources in determining the value of fashion items from the initial fabric stage to the finished garment. The practical approaches required for dealing with buyers and vendors are also addressed. Prerequisite: Fashion Design III FA2203

Introduction to Psychology - PS1101

Covering both classical and modern theories of psychology, this course is an introduction to scientific psychology, including human and animal behavior, motivation, human development, personality, intelligence, human sexuality, emotions, learning, memory, states of consciousness, perception, mental health and illness, and research. There is an emphasis on the reality to help students relate this course to their own lives, families, careers, and aspirations.

Portfolio - FA2280

This course focuses on compiling a competent professional portfolio to be used in job interviews.

Prerequisite: Departmental approval.

Advanced Pattern Making & Draping - FA2288

In this course, students use the knowledge gained during their courses on pattern making & draping and their computerized pattern making to complete their final collections. Prerequisite: Computerized Pattern Making & Draping FA2286

Advanced Construction - FA2289

Each student is required to complete a collection in this class taking his/her original ideas to the final collection. The construction of each garment is mastered form the layout, the cutting of the fabric, the final pressing and the fitting of model for final presentation.

Prerequisite: Construction IV FA2202

Career Development - CD2000

The course prepares students for the workforce through a series of lectures with hands-on exercises and projects; students will learn to develop their analytical and communication skills to ensure success in their future endeavors.

History of Western Art I - HA1125

This course offers a visual and historical survey from prehistory through the Middle Ages. Emphasis is placed on the visual analysis of painting, sculpture and architecture, as well as the relationship of the artists to the society of the period.

Knitwear Design - FD3203

Design and construction of garments utilizing various types of knitted fabrics and emphasizing those created through the strip of knitting process.

Entrepreneurship for Designers - FD3304

An examination of the multiple aspects of entrepreneurship and venture management. Students develop a concept, organize the enterprise, and develop the marketing and financial plans.

Specialized Markets I - FD3404

The focus of this course will be an introduction into the special techniques and demands of designing for the growth markets including junior, children, bridal, sportswear, and special sizes.

Creative Writing - EN2201/ English & American Literature EN2207/ Elements of Copywriting EN2206/EN2204 /Critical Writing in the Arts EN2202

Principles of Communication - GE1112

This course introduces the theory of communication and develops skills in interpersonal professional communication, including interpersonal relationship communication, small group dynamics, and corporate and professional presentations. It is a practical course improving areas such as listening skills, conducting meetings, and persuasive communication techniques. This course stresses the utilization of modern technologies, such as Powerpoint, for professional presentations. Prerequisite: English Composition EN1102

Grading, Marking and Cutting - FD3202

A course covering manual, mechanical and computerized grading, marker making, spreading and cutting procedures, as well as other cutting room functions.

Sourcing Textiles - FD3208

An examination of the process for researching domestic and international sources of supply in the apparel industry. Emphasis is placed on the impact of trade policies and the structures which facilitate and manage the flow of textile importing/exporting in the global marketplace.

Tailoring Techniques I - FD3207

Design room practices of making coats and suits. Includes construction, assembling, decorative details and finishes for tailored clothes.

History of Western Art II - HA2225

This course offers a visual and historical survey of art from Renaissance to the modern period. The relationship of the artist to the society of the period as well as the characteristics of painting, sculpture, and architecture is covered. Prerequisite: History of Western Art I HA1125

General Education - Science Elective

Computer Grading/Pattern Making - FD3386

This course introduces student to computer grading and further develops their pattern making skills on computer. Students will learn to digitize patterns on the computer, make computer markers and manipulate patterns.

Computerized Textile Design - FD4208

This computer-aided course will focus on the elements of fabrication and how they relate to total fabric performance. Emphasis is on determining fabric suitable in apparel design. Students will learn to develop prints and woven patterns with the use of industry specific hardware.

Tailoring Techniques II - FD3307

This course will continue to emphasize coat and suit design. Students will develop patterns and garments for this highly specialized industry.

Prerequisite: Tailoring Techniques I FD3207

College Geometry - MT2201

Topics emphasized are measurements, lines, angles, polygons, congruence, similarity, areas, circles, algebraic to geometry, and an introduction to coordinate geometry.

General Education - History Elective

Couture Sewing Techniques - FD4289

Students apply couture sewing methodology and construct skirt and a jacket in order to understand the fitting process, couture fabric selection, proper cutting techniques and inner construction methods.

Licensing - FD4406

Students will be introduced to the process of production for licensed products. License agreements and contracts will be studied.

Apparel Product Management - FD4280

Students apply principles of product data management using web-based computer software. Emphasis is on creating garment information and specifications at different stages of development from design to costing to manufacturing. Style packages and line plans are executed for sample development.

Elements of Copywriting - EN2206

This course covers the basic elements of print and electronic media copywriting. Specific coursework focuses on headline writing, slogan development, ad preparation, press releases, brochures, product description, sales and telemarketing scripts, website editing, and written and oral presentation formats.

General Education - Social Sciences Elective

Advanced Portfolio Development - FD4380

Students will work simultaneously on their portfolios and their final collection. The final collection will be incorporated into their portfolios.

Collection - FD4400

Students will work simultaneously on their portfolios and their final collection. The final collection will be incorporated into their portfolios.

Contemporary Moral Issues - HU2211

This course introduces students to the study of ethics with an eye toward the ethical/moral concerns we face in our own time. It will examine the major thinkers and schools of thought in moral philosophy and will help the student develop skills necessary for rational debate in matters of ethics and morality. This course explores various moral issues across a broad spectrum of ethical endeavor: biomedical, legal, social, business, and global ethics.

General Education Elective