Reflect Essay on Cope's Clients Stage


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Remember it is an evaluation of the client's stage

Records feelings and findings from the beginning to end

Conclude with a summary of your subject, the conclusion to a reflective essay includes what you learned from the experience, a little bit of conclusion should be in the body.

Example of conclusion:

I didn't want to go to South Dakota last summer, but by the end of our summer vacation I learned that the Black Hills are really more green than black and the Badlands really aren't so bad at all.


Describe what you went thru during client's stage, examining not just the interesting points why you found them interesting. You may include interview and bla bla highlights and reasons you came away feeling that "the company isn't bad after all."

Describe both what went wrong and what was right example is describing questions you didn't ask and answers you hope and didn't get and why. Also talk about question you asked that didn't get expected answers, information you got that never expected.

Finally, conclusion and body of essay must relate to each other


The introductory paragraph is used for describing the background of your project, your role in it, and the reasons for choosing it. It is also important to mention your aim and goals for developing the reflective essay writing.


Your professor, teacher or tutor will appreciate it if you explain and analyze the subject of your reflective essay thoroughly. Be sure to pay attention to both the weak and strong points; positive and negative experiences and any associated feelings. Give examples of your cooperation with others; tell what new and useful knowledge you have acquired; make a critical review of your progress when you write your reflective essay.


  • * Did you achieve your goals?
  • * What would you like to change if you had another chance?
  • * What useful expertise have you obtained from the assignment?
  • * Will you apply this knowledge in your future career?
  • * How could the project be improved?
  • A: Day 1

    use the university VPN network to read the book from safari

    actually it depends on the one you choose

    I chose Essay title 2

    its seems as if i can write 2000 words for it

    The 'MPH' mapping tool that helps to extract the whole story from the client and not just those aspects they prefer to offer.

    MPH client mapping: From the very beginning, seek to view the problem as the client sees it, not how you see it

    Wickham's view on rapport building emphasizes on making sure that messages are well interpreted and understood. Like Cope's view, decision can be aimed at satisfying emotion as well as wants and needs. Communication should be effective, implicit and be made in a way that encourages the receiver to understand the message. Messages should be passed in the right way at the right time with the right body language.

    Situation briefing in consulting must be carefully managed during personal presentation with client and other stakeholders. The presentation should be either formal or informal depending on how the listeners are expected to react to it. Actions are also to be well thought about considering how the receivers will interpret, support and react to them.

    Wickham's view on client stage also looked into 'Questioning skills'. Asking questions leads the way of communication. Asking the right question at the right time is really important so that the meeting doesn't lose view. Question must be concise and short. The client should be doing more of the talking so that more information can be collected. Finally, client expectations should be well managed from successful communication.

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