Computer Impeded Children Physically And Mentally Education Essay

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A lot of people say that children are getting influence physically and mentally by using computer. Computer has physically effect children with their eyes, and makes them obesity and mentally effect children with their education. However, the real reason is parents did not doing their responsibilities and do not want to face the fact. It is true that computer will cause some negative effects. However, these effects are come from people careless. Moreover, the developers are also working on these issues and try to fix them. Therefore, many of the software are invest to help people solving problems and also work successfully. Additionally, computer is not the target people to blame because people are the one who using computer almost every day. People should understand who is causing these problem and how to solve or avid them not to blame to the computer.

Computer Impeded Children Physically and Mentally

I believe most people are familiar with computer. Computer has become the most useful tool in our lives. Since computer has invented in year of 1936 by Konrad Zuse, it was huge, slow and only can work on calculation. Nowadays, computer has wrought major changes from the size, weight, features and etc. People are using computer for working, studying, communicating and so on. Furthermore, when the internet has invented, computer has become more practical to people. Therefore, it is impossible to isolate computer out of our lives. In discussions of children are overstay on computer, a controversial issue is whether computer has impeded children physically and mentally or it is the parents' responsibility to protect their children out of computer's effect. While some argue that computer is the culprit to cause these problems, other argue that parents are not doing their obligations is the true cause children overstay on computer.

Our lives are surrounded by computers, internet and etc. People use them so often, but when problems appear most of people blame to computer especially for children. Children are stay in front of computer too long will cause health problems such as eye, obesity and etc. Parents should tell children when to stop and help them to avoid these negative effects from computer. However, most of people are saying the reason why children have health problems because computer entice children to keep playing games and cause health problem because they stay on computer too long. On the other hand, when people criticize computer, they have forgot why children are stay on computer so long. The reason is children feel lonely. Nowadays, parents are working from the morning until night. To keep children safe, parents lock them inside the house. Therefore, computer has become their friend. It is parents who push their children into computer world. Because parents did not pay more attention on their children, computer will affect children on their health such as eyes, obesity and etc.

Some people believe children who got myopia, the mean reason is computer. What is myopia? Myopia is commonly known as "short-sightedness". A person with myopia is able to see close objects clearly but objects that are further away will appear blurred. Many eye doctors who specialize in treating children believe that using a computer too much can put them at risk for developing myopia at an earlier age (Dewitt, D. 2010). Also the rate of children getting myopia is going up. Number of people with myopia has increased significantly amongst children. For instance in Singapore the rate of myopia amongst school going children is about 75%, up from about 25% in 30 years ago (Hilpern, K. 2004). Some people are looking these data and blame all to computer. However, is it really computer fault? Should people ban computer and go back to old society?

Of course the answer is "No". It is hard to imagine people use letter to communicate with each other's. Therefore, people will keep using computer to make the lives easier even it has the negative effects on human body. Moreover, computer cannot active effect children; the effect only comes when ever using the computer. Therefore, the mean problem is on the people who using computer. Children don't have self-control with themselves, they don't know how to use computer properly. Therefore, it is parents' responsibility to guide children how to use computer without get hurting. There are four ways can help parents to guild the children on the right way. Vision check - Start by getting your child's vision checked; Take a break - Make it one of the computer rules for children to take a break every 20 minutes for at least 20 seconds; Lower the computer - Make sure children have a special place to work on the computer, or have them sit on a high stool with a foot rest that lets them sit at an appropriate height to use the computer; Lighting - Position the computer so bright light doesn't hit the screen and cause glare (Dewitt, D. 2010). Therefore, it is parents' obligations to protect children out of the negative effect and do not blame to computer.

Teens are stay in front computer is so long. In 2004, the average male high school student spent 15.2 hours a week in front of a computer, an increase of nearly five hours since 1999. Girls went from 8.8 hours of computer time each week to 11.1 hours ( Because they were stay too long in front of computer, they have become laziness. They do not like to move around and every minute are important for them to be on computer. The biggest jump in obesity was between 1960, when 13.4 percent of adults were overweight, and 2006, when 35.1 percent of the population was overweight (Weight Control Information Network: Statistics). The reason why the overweight rate was increase so fast because they favor food is such as KFC, McDonalds and etc. This is the reason why they are getting fat, fast food and lacking exercise. However, people do not want other people to look at them as slackers, and then they are blame to computer.

The developers have invested many programs to help these people to lose weight. Mr. Philadelphian has lost 9 pounds in six week by play Wii Sports and he writes: "According to The American Council on Exercise, I went from being in the 'acceptable' category to being in the 'fitness' category... I lost almost 2% of my body fat by doing nothing more than playing [motion] video games for an extra 30 minutes every day (Snow, B. 2007)." Therefore, computer is not the problem to cause people getting fat. Furthermore, computer program can attract people interest and encourage people to exercise and be healthy.

Computer makes our lives more fun and easily from the physically. However, in mental side computer also give us a lot of help. Nowadays, most people are still believed that old style teaching is good for children such as telling a store, read a book and etc. However, on teaching point computer has more useful because can stimulate children's senses by touching, hearing and looking to help them learn fast and easy to memorize.

People are learning things by using senses. There are many types of them such as visual learner, auditory learner, and kinesthetic learner. Therefore, human senses are work together with the brain. Synesthesia suggests that the sensory processes in the brain are designed to work together; the condition simply makes that more striking (Dave. 2008). When human senses stimulated, it will send the signal to the brain and brain will memorize the feeling and give human body an order. For example, when people touch something hot, the brain will memorize the feeling. If people see it next time, the brain will give order to the body to stay away from it because it is hot.

When people use computer, people can enhance knowledge by watching, listening and also touching. Computer stimulates people's three senses in the same time and easier to memorize. Moreover, the gold time of learning thing for human is the childhood. Therefore, the result for children use computer for learning is more effective than adults. Therefore, computer is not impeding children to grow up.

Nowadays, children study from internet is very common. However, not all of the people agree with it. Still have people are more concern learning by using books. They believe the knowledge on the internet is not reliable. The information on the books is more trustworthy.

Most people are teaching children by reading story books. The story books can catch children's interest. Furthermore, people can use the story to teach children some other knowledge relates with the story. Some people believe storytelling is one part of childhood that helped people a lot in learning new things while being a child. It is one way of educating children easily. Telling children stories, parables, and fairy tales with moral lessons can really help them become good citizens when they grow up (Smithson, J. 2010). I agree that use book for educate children is a pretty good way. In the other hand, are children really can memorize everything from the books that people read to them?

Telling a story or teach children to read can help children to lean. However, the children brains are limit by their seen and heard. When people tell story to children in their minds are also graphing a picture. Therefore, they may not able to understand everything from books. It is not an easy thing to explain to children and make them understand fully. Using computer can solve this problem easily. Computer can help children to create the picture and let them know what is should be look like. Computer also can make these pictures into live with sounds and let children feel immersive.

According to search, one public high-school digital art class using three-dimensional (3-D) modeling and animation software to produce original short animations. Results from the study demonstrate that everyday participant experiences with video games informed, motivated, and guided creative efforts in 3-D computer animation (Gill, D.V. 2009). This resource shows the games, animation and other stuffs are easier to catch students' interest than books. Stand in this point computer is more practical than the books. Consequently, computer can help children to grow up not impede them.

A lot of parents limit their children to use computer because of the negative effects. It is known that violent computer games increase children's physical, verbal, relational, and antisocial aggressions (Donnerstein et al., 1994). These negative effects of violent games on children are even more serious regarding the Internet because access to such violent games has become easier for unsupervised children due to free or fee-based online games (Collwell & Payne, 2000) (Chon, H.J. 2005).

I agree that computer games increase children's physical, verbal, relational and antisocial aggressions. However, the reason why they became like that is no one guild them properly. Children self-control is weak. Therefore, parents need to pay more attention on children to guild them how to contact with these bad information. Subsequently, parents should not blame to computer causing these problems, it is parents' responsibility to help children to stay away from these effects. Additionally, there are a lot for computer is investing to help children education.

Game developers, such as Relentless Software with their PlayStation title Buzz!: The Schools Quiz, have based game content on National Curriculum. Students playing DimensionM video games immerse themselves in a video game world while using algebra to complete missions. Online subscriptions to websites such as BrainPop and JumpStart have become mainstays for homeschool and after-school supplemental education (McGrath, S. 2009). Therefore, the computer game has already been use in the education and successfully. Accounting to my research, Simon is a 9th grade student in "Harvest Christian Academy". He has a very good grade on his history and geography class, but he never study about this two subject. He told me, the reason why he can get a good grade because he plays online games. These games he plays are related with history and geography. If he wants to play good in these games, he must understand history and geography proficiently. Furthermore, he has a lot of online friends and they are from different place in the world. Therefore, they can share with each other the culture, custom and etc. As a result, computer can assist children to build up their skills of physical, verbal, relational, and social by using computer. People should understand computer can help children to grow up not impede them.

In conclusion, computer is not the culprit to cause these problems. It is parents' responsibility to make sure their children using computer correct in physically and mentally. Therefore, before children using computer, parents should teach their children how to use computer properly. If children know how and understand they reason why they have to follow these rules, I believe it will be less people blame to computer and got negative effects from computer.