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In todays modern world, there are various types of social problems, such as crime, theft and peer pressure. These social problems are mostly harmful and bring about negative impacts. However, one of the social problems - peer pressure, may be viewed as a positive pressure that motivates students to do well in school. Peer pressure is defined as a persons' influence towards another person's decision by pressuring them to do something that they would otherwise wouldn't do, or pressuring them to do something if they did not have the courage to do so. However, peer pressure can be a strong influence during student life when peers are quite important to a student identity.

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In my opinion, I agree that peer pressure is effective in motivating students to do well in school as such that it is beneficial for them. The first reason is, by putting pressure on students it can help them push their mind set to a higher step to gain entry into reputable higher education institutions/colleges. In today's world, paper qualifications are very important in determining the future of a person. To have an added-value, the institute that a student is studying in or graduate from is very important. Peer pressure will encourage healthy competition between students to obtain distinction grades to be qualified to apply for scholarship when they are entering colleges. Therefore, this leads to the second positive effect peer pressure has on a student which is, it serves as a good training ground for student to manage their resources and plan wisely. Besides being academically successful, peer pressure also encourages student to join school activities. These keep the student from social ills while living a healthy and active lifestyle. Involving in school activities such as event, social gathering, sport day and charity work will reflect a good bonus for future job application.

Also, physical co-curriculum helps the students to stay alert during classes, being able to concentrate and absorb whatever that is being taught. In fact, peer pressure is one of the main motivators for a student to practice making smart decision and good behavior in a student life. For example, consider that a student who is being surrounded with friends who are striving for good academic results. This way the student is pressured to do well academically as well as being supported and encouraged by his like-minded peers. This will help the student to make wise decision in his choice of friends in coming future. Peer pressure also motivates teamwork in the life a student. Projects and presentations in schools are normally performed in groups. To show a sense of responsibility as well as being accredited as the best group, a student is healthily motivated to do the best in doing his/her part in a group assignment in order to not let down the group. Socially awkward student can learn social norms from their other schoolmates to fit into the schooling environment. A positive peer group in school will prevent students from engaging in harmful or risky behaviors by motivating the students to be more confident and act as a positive mentor; setting a good example for their other peers to follow. Besides that, a little peer pressure can be a tool to motivate students to achieving great heights. For instance, when a weak student is struggling with his studies, his classmates can help by encouraging him in every little improvement he makes. This will not only make the weak student feel motivated to study, but also to improve his friendship with his friends .Therefore, this peer pressure is healthily encouraging all the other students to emulate the well-mannered student to avoid from falling into social ills.

However, parents has a very important role to play also because good peer pressure must also depend on the parents on how they control and how they teach their children with the right way of doing thing instead of the wrong way such as, scolding them without listening to their children explanation, physically beating up their children and much more. With all this kind of negative controlling and teaching their children, this is the time when negative peer pressure comes in and it will eventually make the children lives harder and harder. When this occurs, students might not be focusing well in school, stressful, emotional, and disrespectful. If those negative peer has been interrupts the student's mind, their attitude would change and will try to pick up some bad influences such as smoking, drinking and also rebelling against the authority. This entire negative attitude may lead to poor grades and crime. Student may also pick up those bad habits if they were not treated properly by their parent. Sometime students have to be pressured to mix with the proper crowd. In this case, that is where peer groups are also important and helpful.


In my conclusion, parents must also give positive peer pressure to their children when they were small. Most of the people think that peer pressure is a negative and harmful "every act has the negative and the positive parts" but when it comes to positive peer pressure it is actually a beneficial pressure. Positive peer pressure really benefits and helps a lot for student to be motivated in school and keeps them on track with their friends and studies. It is also important to give a little push of pressure to help them to achieve their goal and success in life for their future and realizing their goal in the future and to know how to differentiate the right and the wrong.

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Since the nineties, computer has become a very useful and popular technology; today the computer has become a necessity in our modern years and computers help very much in student's studies and for the working adult and so on. First of all, computer games are one of the main reasons why teenagers and young children even adults alike are attracted to the computer. With modern technology available now in this century, one can play a computer game through the Internet with the public from faraway countries. In my opinion, I think that computer games would affect our life as a college student or not depends on the time allocated for playing and the types of computer games played by the particular student him/herself.


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First of all, I would like to explain the reason of why playing computer games will affect our lives as a college student. Basically, negative addiction towards the computer games usually fall to the student who doesn't knows how to manage their time properly and having spent most of their time in playing computer games will make them tend to lose their interest and focus in more important things like their studies. Most college student likes to play computer games till midnight and the result of playing till midnight can cause them to have lack of sleeping time and will decrease their alertness and concentration in during classes. A decrease in alertness and concentration or focus at college will affect their academic performance. Nowadays game developers are aggressively introducing new and more sophisticated games. These games are strategized to ignite hunger for victory or satisfaction in the player of these computer games. Therefore, each victory fuels another urge for a new challenge, leading to the college student continually spending time playing computer games. Apart from that, there are some computer games which are classified as "violent" or "aggressive". These games may have adverse effect on the computer game players. A student may be too absorbed into the virtual world computer games until they have the tendency of losing control of themselves and become more aggressive, simulating the violent characters in the "violence-type" computer game.

Besides that, spending too many hours in playing computer games and not going out with friends will cause social problems in the life of a college student. Some social ills are the student that is addicted to playing computer games will become shy and introvert. Playing computer games does not involve any of the physical activity and the most physical parts are use while playing is just hands and fingers. Therefore, playing computer games may cause the laziness of playing sport such as football, badminton, and tennis and so on. Sometimes, as college students, quick high-calories snacks or junk food which is very unhealthy food becomes the choice of diet/food, because it is instant, delicious and the computer gamer can eat while playing computer games. This will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and also obesity problems.

After a long discussion of the negativity of playing computer games, I cannot totally disagree that playing computer games will affect our life as a college student. This is because it also depends on the various types of the games that they play and on how they manage their time on playing. And now I would like to explain the reason why I think playing computer games will not affect life as a college student. First of all computer games has never fail to come out with as a source of entertainment, relaxing, releasing stress for college students after a long day of studies. Some computer games might also train us to make quick decision and it also helps us to think "outside the box" and to be more creative. Computer games does not only promote entertainment but skills, for example strategic games, the player must have the strong sense, planning or idea in order to win the game such as how to balance the resource, maintaining alliances or defending the city against being attack by the opponents. This may be applicable in a college student's own live, whereby they can learn to balance their time resources, their studies resources as well as plan their studying schedule well. Besides that, cooperation and strong teamwork are more prevalent in computer games than ever, computer games require all the players to communicate effectively with each other in the team; for example following directions and performing the tasks expected to the team to achieve victory, whereby much like group presentation in college and so on.

Besides that, difference between time spent on playing computer games versus the time spent in watching television is that watching television is totally a passive experience because TV viewers just turn on and start to swallow whatever is presented on that show. On the other hand, we are more active while playing computer games and have to use analytical thinking skills on solving problems. So over time, the differences between spending time on playing computer games to exercise our brain is much more meaningful than watching television which is just sitting down. Another reason which is, most of the time we begin a game at the easiest level and by level to level it becomes harder and harder and with our constant practicing and slowly building skills, we have the confidence in handling more and more difficult challenges. Since we lose nothing in failure with playing computer games, in that case, we do not fear that much of making mistake and we tend to take more risks and explore more. Perhaps, playing computer games is much safer than having us addicted to drugs, alcohol and street racing in the real world, all this act will cause our life much more danger and shorter indeed.


In conclusion, I think that playing computer games will not affect our life as a college student as long as they know how to keep track of the time that is spent on playing computer games. This is because computer games played with wise time allocation are ways to relax our minds after a long day of studies. Besides, computer games can teach us how to manage our resources wisely, and to promote teamwork as well as train us to be more confident in taking risks. Always remember that spending too much time on computer games will affect our life as a student and also will affect our health.