Classroom management of classes is an important issue

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My topic for inquiry is implementing an effective classroom management plan. I think for a school to run effectively the teachers have to have an effective classroom management plan. I have experienced many challenges in my first few years of teaching and through my research I learned three key ideas. I feel the classroom management of classes is an important issue to principals. Without it the school will be chaotic.

The first idea is the importance of an effective classroom management plan. I've learned that a successful teacher has an inviting personality and creates an inviting classroom environment According to my research to teach our students effectively it is critical to the success of our students that we teach, by promoting a positive learning environment, and minimizing the poor behavior of the students that we teach (Wong 2005). Classroom management strategies and techniques can be taught, and they can be learned by any type of student (Wong 2005). Even the most experienced and effective teacher experience behavior problems in their classroom on occasion, it's up to us as teachers what our action is. Our goal as teachers should be to empower students to take a part in their own learning while being held responsible for their behavior and work product (Wong 2005). The responsibility of the students can be developed through a system of freedoms and responsibilities within the classroom. The best way to help students see the goal-setting process in action is to set a class goal and work together to achieve it (Wong 2005). I believe in focusing on each students needs, and involving students in the process of their learning. I believe that all students have strengths, and that it is my goal as an educator to assist students in identifying and building upon these.

The second idea is touching student's hearts before we touch their minds. Many would wonder what does this have to do with classroom management, but highly successful teachers understand that students will work harder if they feel appreciated (King, 2003, p. 69). Students will forget most of what you teach them, but will remember all of how you made them feel in your class (King, 2003, p. 70). Students want to be successful, but some students have few fans at home pulling. Many parents are stress from working long hours, so by being stressed they often criticize and don't take as much time with there children as they want to. Making students feel significant is a vital part of being a highly successful teacher (King, 2003). Students will please when they feel encouraged. Ten percent of our students will excel in spite of our encouragement or lack of, but the other 90% depends greatly on the ability to nurture and encourage (King, 2003, p. 72). Teachers may be the one person in our student's life that can give them security and make them feel important (King, 2003) How can we expect students to care about classroom management and course content until they know you care about them as a person with all their hurts in life? (King, 2003) Communication is the primary tool to touching students' hearts.

Third idea setting limits in the classroom. Classroom dances are patterns of communication and problem solving that play out over and over again when classroom rules are tested and violated (Mackenzie, 2003). The best way to stop a classroom dance is not to start one. We need to begin with a clear verbal message, avoid the bait students use to hook us, and be prepared to move quickly to our action step if needed (Mackenzie, 2003, p. 128). Teachers who operate with unclear or ineffective limits develop their own special dance of miscommunication which they perform over and over again when rules are tested (Mackenzie, 2003). The most aggressive student will challenge the clearest verbal message and does everything they can to get the teacher back out on the dance floor (Mackenzie, 2003). In the third idea I learned that if I set clear firm limits with my students I am establishing a climate of respect and cooperation and eliminating power struggles and handling disruptions quickly.

Using the many different books I read as a foundation, it takes about three weeks to prepare for the first day of school.  I first start by creating a PowerPoint presentation that explains everything I want my students to know about the classroom.  I explain the procedures for everything I could think of. I have PowerPoint slides on how to hand in papers, the make-up work policy, how to enter the classroom, how to exit the classroom, and what to do when they need to leave the classroom during class (Wong 2008). I tell my students we are not only going to learn about computers, we are going to learn about being professional and successful.  I also tell my students this is going to be one of most interesting classes you will ever take because you will be successful here, and being successful here means that you can be successful anywhere (Wong 2008).  My position is that teachers should take classroom management and student motivation. I think it's important for teachers to take classroom management and motivation courses about the techniques of motivation and management in classrooms today.