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Today's schools and educators feel that letting kid go to recess to play is waste of educational time and isn't needed and is often the first thing to go to make more time in the class room or it is cut due to the lack of funding. In many school systems health is still a course that is required and can help along with recess and physical education program to help fight obesity. As of right now the "experts estimate that nearly 20 percent of the nation's elementary schools have dropped recess in favor of extra classroom time"(Tyre 1). By cutting these programs and with a severe lack of exercise  we are just asking to put on the pounds on our kids and hurt their educational development. Recess and PE is school active that is more than kids playing on the playground or in a gym. Recess and PE is a chance for a child to burn energy and bonded and learn interactive skills with other kids. Recess and physical education is more than dodge ball and jump rope it is life learning skill that develops a person love to be active.

By recess and PE not being there for the students, can we really give our kids the tool to show them how to be healthy and not to be obese. If the schools don't include physical activity, obesity will keep being an issue and obesity will keep growing. One of the issue is very little amount of physical activity during school and the high number of calories that are taken in. The lack of physical activity and physically education is cause this issue to grow in large number and effects many children and has caused "childhood obesity to grow more than tripled in the past 30 years"(Wilson 1) and that is due to children today do not have the physically education that will help them later in life. "Physical activity is one key to tackling obesity as well as other positive health and lifestyle outcomes" (Dosanjh 1). Active life style and having recess is good way to help make sure that kids will burn off calories from their meals that they eat and promotes social skills and develops interaction with their peers and will develop lifelong habits that a child will need as adult to help live health life style. Due to the growth of obesity and the link between cutting recess has state looking at the issue and now making laws to help protect recess from being cut out of public schools. "Two years ago Michigan and Virginia lead the way by mandated daily recess"(Tyre 1). Obesity has been a rising problem across all public school systems as a whole due to the inactivity. It is impossible to stop obesity without the growth of these activities and with them being cut or even removed the chance of stopping obesity are getting smaller everyday that they are gone.

Recess and PE are very important to children's physical well being and growth. "Childhood obesity is such epidemic that it is estimated that one in three children are considered medically obese" ( Wilson 1). "Childhood obesity is such epidemic that the federal government and its leader have taken noticed and came up with plan called FIT Kids Act, calling for more physical educations in the schools and to high light the importance of including physical education in to the Education Reform Act to stop the cutting of physical education from school day" (Harkin 1). More than 80% of adults support daily physical education yet such programs are being cut from many local school districts and this bill is to help show that physical education is one way to control childhood obesity.

"The FIT Kids Act renews the emphasis on physical education in public schools and the act would work on ensuring that kids are active during the school day and are given opportunities that promote overall health and wellness" (Harkin 1). "This bill gets to the truth in order to develop healthy mind you need healthy body" (Harkin 1). The goal for the FIT Kids Act is to help public education get funding to keep physical education class and to make sure there is set amount of time each day for the children to be active. The debate in congress is who is going to pay for the cost and is it that big of issue where there needs to be set amount. Congress and other government agency , local and national need to step up and help cut obesity down by funding activity's for the children and not cutting recess and physical educations. The budget crisis that many public schools are facing and the time need for instructional time has grown to a point to where physical education and recess has been the easy answer to cut these programs out to either make more time for instructional time or cutting them due to budget issue. The problems that school administrators may not have notice are the consequences of cutting recess and physical education that are view as pointless and not serving a purpose in child education. Many educator and school districts now have goal that their kids in their classes have to hit to so that there school doesn't get in federal or state probation and if the children don't hit their goal the teacher will lose their jobs. The teacher feel that to pass the state wide test they need all the time to teach and not having kids out at recess isn't big issue in their eyes. With recess and physical education children develop healthier mind and heather body in which will help a child learn more and help them do better on state wide test and will benefit the teacher and the school districts in the long run . "Researchers say that when it comes to kids, the all-work-no-play formula doesn't make sense. Give a child a 20-minute break makes kids more focused, less fidgety and less disruptive"(Tyre 1). Children need a way to let out there energy so that there isn't that classroom disruptive and waste of the educator time to correct the disruptive student and then regaining the other children attention and getting them back on task.

"Having physically education in the classroom, a child develops the knowledge and the skills necessary to perform a verity of physical activities, knows the implications of and the benefits from involvement in physical activities, does participate regularly in physical activity, is physically fit and values physical activity and its contribution to healthful lifestyle" (Wilson 1). "The National Association for Sport and Physical Education suggest that children's elementary physical education programs should include a curriculum that provides many opportunities to develop the movement competencies that allow successful participation in a variety of physical activities while simultaneously promoting fun"( Wilson 2). Public health officials have been concerned for years that kids today are not leading active life's and by doing so cause the issue of obesity to grow."There is research that report that children age 6-7 that watch more TV than having physical activity, that there lifestyle behavior will lead to excess weight" (Brown 1) . Studies have shown that students who are more active during school hours are more likely to stay active after school hours than students who have no physical activities. These students are likely to participate in county league sports rather than play video games.

In conclusion recess and physical education is vital to our kids health and wellbeing and needs to be in there day to day activity at school and shouldn't be cut to give more classroom time. For those that argue that recess is just kids out playing and has no purpose I hope I have shown that kids need active life's and it is good for their growth mental and physically. Cutting recess and physical education does more damage in the short and long run by making obese kids and unhealthy kids which could lead to a child missing school due to poor health and one of the keys to preventing this is recess and physical education and it is one of the keys to the well being of our kids and our society because with these two things kids will grow up healthier ,happier, and have better social skills all they learn on the playground. Recess isn't something that should be taken away to make time for more education classroom time it is just as important as reading, writing, and math. Our kids need a strong core educational system that views physical wellbeing along with mental wellbeing to grow are kids futures. A strong public push for recess in our kids life is very important to their adult health and the health of our society. If a child learns now that being active is a key element to living health, long life and that it is one of the keys to not getting disease that are related to obesity like diabetes. high blood pressure and heart disease. We as parents need to speak up to are law makers at all levels of the government to make sure that this epidemic is brought under control for the health and well being of our family's and are country. By researching the topic of childhood obesity is linked to the lack of education and active in schools that is helping the spread of childhood obesity, I have found that that the facts that I have found have backed up my statements and that society has seen that without this key part of public schools education that the future and health of our kids won't get better.

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