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The desired topic of choice is childhood obesity in United States. Obesity has become a major factor with the young generation and continues to grow. Childhood obesity needs to be solved or our children's lives will be filled with unnecessary diseases and health complications due to poor health and eating habits. Obesity plays a huge part in the rising population worldwide. According to the Center of Diseases Control and Prevention childhood obesity has more than tripled in the last 30 years. (Center of Disease Control and Prevention, 2012)

Obesity can lead to shorter life span, depression, number of diseases and other physical and psychological problems. There can be many factors are involved that can influence childhood obesity. Cultures, environmental factors, lifestyle's choices can all play in the role of raising the population of childhood obesity in United States. It is important to stop the trend and give the next generation of children a healthy start in life. Who can the world turn to educate our society in the correct foods to eat, and physical activities so that the problem of childhood obesity is corrected?

It is true that children in the United States are in trouble in many ways. Of course, there are a lot of disagreements of exactly what all the problems are, and even more disagreement on how to solve the problems of childhood obesity in United States. Many parents in United States don't know what food to serve their children, and physical activities for their children. Because the parent doesn't know what food is healthiest, they provided their children with food that are not healthy for them. Who is exactly the blame for childhood obesity in United States? Parents must learn the correct foods, and physical activities to help reduce childhood obesity. Parents can influence what their children eat. Everyone is born with a sweet tooth and a salty one, but they must learn to enjoy other tastes. If parents are to protect their children from obesity, they must look beyond the home, and their children's schools. When children are introduced nutritional foods early in their lives, they tend to learn to eat smart. That's why it is important for children to learn how to choose foods before entering school.

Childhood obesity has become a growing epidemic and some may think that the parents are the blame. Lee Haney stated, "More than ever, we as parents, and a nation must do something about the growth of obesity in our children."(Haney)

Environmental factors, culture, and life can play a huge part in the rising population of obesity worldwide. Obesity leads to a number of diseases, shortens life span, depression, and a number of other physical and psychological problems. It is important that adults stop the trend and give the next generation of children a healthier start in life. This is an issue that is not just for individuals, but it a problem that affects society. The question in who is the blame?

Obesity is non-discriminating among boys and girls and occurs in all ages, races, and ethnic groups. According to the Institute of Medicine, parents (defined broadly to include primary caregivers) have a profound influence on children by promoting certain values and attitudes, by rewarding or reinforcing specific behaviors, and by serving as role models. These values start during the first hear of life, and can promote healthy lifestyles for children if implemented correctly by parents. (2004).

Some blame genetics for childhood obesity in United States. Children are more likely to become overweight if their parents are obese. It is contributed through genes or family lifestyles and behaviors? Children are either feed too much food, or not enough food?

Is it possible that dietary factors during the infancy stages of child development set the stage for future obesity? Birch states that fat cells (adipose tissue) develop in an infant during pregnancy and are distributed during childhood. Additionally, he states that once the adipose tissue develops in the body, it remains there for life. (Birch, 2006)

A child's eating habit is a combination of the food and portions' sizes that the children are offered. Children depend on their parents and caregivers to provide their daily food intake. With this being said, it is time for parents and caregivers to start becoming a positive role model in the children's life. It is time now for parents and caregivers to be responsible for what and how much is being feed to children.

There are many more working parents working now than in the past, this has cause many parent s to turn to fast foods. A child is exposed to over 40,000 fast food advertisements annually. These advertisements influence the food choices of children and adolescents, and the food is likely view while watching television. Consumptions of fast food among children and adolescents increased significantly from 1998-2001.(Bowman, S.A,Gortmaker, S.L.,Ebbeling, C.B.,Pereira, M.A.,&Ludwig, D.S., 2004)

Parents and childcare givers are responsible for the foods that are selected to given at meal time, and at snack time. Many years ago more adults turn to cooking a nutritional meal daily. Times have really changed. Unfortunately many parents today face many challenges, such as not having enough time to prepare, and storage space many adult not being able to provide healthy recipes, which makes it hard to cook homemade meals of years ago. With these problems, no wonder many parents are relying on fast foods, process foods and frozen foods.

Parents and childcare givers are responsible for the foods that are selected to be given at meal time, and at snack time. Many years ago, more adults turned to cook a nutritional meal daily. Times have really changed. Unfortunately, many parents today face many challenges, such as not having enough time to prepare, and storage space many adults not being able to provide healthy recipes, which makes it hard to cook homemade meals of years ago. With these problems, no wonder, many parents are relying on fast foods, process foods and frozen foods.

Many adults depend on the readily available fast food to feed their children. Yes, it is easier to just run by the drive in restaurant on your way home from work, but it is more educational and nutritious to make the same meat at home. Children must learn about using good food choices. Food supplier's gives people what they want. In certain neighborhoods, fast food is more accessible than healthier food. Sometimes living in a neighborhood where fast-food restaurants are more accessible than grocery stores directly affects how the children eat. People who live in food tracts with greater accessibility to fast-food restaurants than grocery stores had higher rates of diet -related death. (Gallagher, 2006)

One may feel that school lunch programs are an important source of daily nourishment. This is especially important for children that come from a low income home, where there are problems with food. Most schools provide children with two meals a day. These meals are breakfast, and lunch. Some children are in extended day programs where they are offered a snack, and sometimes supper. These schools are have limit calories and saturated fats in the school lunches, more that about 80 percent of schools fall to me these regulations. Are these programs the cause of childhood obesity? It is hard to say.

Is it the vending machines and competitive food higher grade schools? Some higher-grade schools offer school lunch, as well as different foods on a separate food line, and vending machines. With the use of these machines, or purchasing food from the competitive line of food this food, students can purchase additional food to eat then the required amount that each student is provided. Maybe these are the foods that are causing obesity?

Could it be that there is too little physical education offered for the children daily life? Schools in United States offer physical education. Each child is provided physical education at least once a week. Each child also has physical education provide daily through the recess, better known as child's play. Each child has limited recess opportunities.

Parent can try to change some of the things, to help eliminate childhood obesity. It is very tough to teach a young teen to listen to their bodies, to eat when they are hungry. Lasting behavior changes cannot be done from the outside. This is a change that has to be done internal. This can become a long-time battle. This is why it's very important to learn the foods to eat, and the correct physical exercise that can be use to eliminate childhood obesity.

There is a great need to correct childhood obesity. It is not as simple as asking, who is the blame for childhood obesity? There are many factors involved. What we need is education and information. United States is filled with people who are over worked, over scheduled, of activates. This is the kind of problem that cannot be solved overnight.

It is important to gain control of the issue of childhood obesity; this is not an individual problem, but a problem that affects many people in United States. Who is the blame, everyone in United States plays a part in the blame?

Everyone must manage their intake and monitor the food that enters the body. The epidemic of childhood obesity is global. The effects can be long-term or even life threatening. If United States looked at the issue of childhood obesity, and try to tackle it on as a society, rather than looking at it as who is the blame, we can if not eliminate, put a great big dent in the growing population of childhood obesity in United States. It can be solved. So, let's move.

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