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Water forms an essential part of every human being. After air water is the most important necessity for life. Since ancient times people have used water from mineral springs and it started the trend of using mineral water for drinking purpose. It gained momentum in mid 1970's when different bottled water companies started rising.

Contemporary the trends have been changed consumers need something which is easy, convenient and short-term use. Our company PURIFIERSPRIVATE LIMITED comes up with an idea of providing celestial micro filter bottle to the market. An innovative technique of using technology which will purify tap water, lake, stream or any other dirty water intended for short-term use only. In short we will be providing a personal filtration system which will not only give healthy drinking water but will be free from all the bacteria, germs, viruses with proper taste of water. The pet bottles and the cap will be manufactured here (in Pakistan) and the cartridge kit will be imported from Switzerland at the cost of $33 each including taxes. The kit consists of activated carbon granulate for maximal taste, iodine resin for killing of all bacteria and viruses and cyst filter for removing protozoa. Our product gives an indirect competition to the filters attached to the taps and mineral water industry. It's segmented on the geographic, demographic and behavioral factors. And the targeted sectors are youth, extrovert and travelers. Its price will be of Rs 6000 including all the costs and sales taxes. And promotion will be done at different trade centers or stalls at national level. All the details of marketing, financial and HRM are given forward. Ten percent of growth rate is assumed while all the economic factors are kept in concern.

Our VISION is to develop our company on ethical and professional basis in order to steadily grow and become a valued contributor to the economy and respected corporate entity. Moreover, providing the consumers an easy way of getting superior water.

Our MISSION is to make water healthy for drinking by utilizing the cartridge for any sort of water whether salty or sweet.


Our short term goal will be to boost sales and creating customer value.

Our long term goal will be to bring more awareness among consumers and making the customers more loyal towards our brand


Celestial micro filter bottle is an innovative project of Innovators private limited. The project is all about providing the customers with short handy bottle making water drinking water and giving them a personal filtration system whether they are travelling, hiking or in any emergency.

Our company is private limited consisting of partnership, having five partners.


The celestial micro filter bottle is our product. It is easy-to-carry, easy-to-use water filter. The Micro's filter lives inside the water bottle, so you've got a lightweight, maintenance-free means for acquiring clean water anywhere. The Micro's bite valve keeps you safe with a hands-free, no leak method for drinking from the bottle. The carbon filter and pleated cartridge provide improved taste, fewer chemicals, and a manageable flow rate. The Micro removes most microorganisms including bacteria and other harmful things. The high quality, value-priced micro filter bottle is perfect for everyday use. Carbon improves the taste of all water sources. Large pleated filter provides easier drinking than other bottle filters.


  • Drinking bottle with an integrated water filter.
  • Great for hiking, sporting events.
  • Prepare clean drinking water anytime and anywhere.
  • 3-phase water filter eliminates bacteria, protozoa, viruses and improves taste.


0.3 micron pleated glass fiber micro filter and granular activated carbon

  • Bottle Capacity: 21 oz after cartridge displacement.
  • Cartridge Capacity: Up to 26 gallons, depending on water quality.
  • Weight: 7 oz.
  • Height: 11".


  • Weight: 8 ounces.
  • Dimensions: 11 x 3 x 3 inches.
  • Material: Glass-fiber/iodinated resin/granulated carbon.
  • Removes/Destroys: Protozoa, bacteria and viruses.
  • Output: 0.3 liters per minutes.
  • Field cleanable: No, must change cartridge.


Celestial micro Water Filter Is Cost Effective

Due to the longevity of the unique ceramic design, a celestial micro water filter is the most economical, lasting 20 to 100 times longer than any other water filters on the market.

Celestial micro Water Filter Has a Long Life

Even after thousands of gallons of use, the celestial micro water filter can be cleaned, dried and stored indefinitely.

Celestial micro Water Filter - Easy to Use and Maintain

Compared to other products, the celestial micro water filter is the easiest to clean and maintain, posing less danger of losing a part or the water filter or re-assembling it incorrectly.

TECHNOLOGY:Virustat cartridge with pentaiodide (I5) iodine Activated carbon granulates Plastic membrane 1.0 micron.


The core element of the celestial bottle is a three stages filter:

In the first stage, the water flows from the bottom up through the cyst filter which removes all protozoa germs from the water - for instance the pathogens of amoeba and bilharzias.

In the second stage is the virustat cartridge with penta-iodide (15) iodine resin where all the bacteria and viruses are killed off.

In the last stage, which is consisting of the post filter with activated carbon granulate any foul odor or taste is removed from the water.

Contaminated water within the bottle flows through three purifying stages by squeezing the soft plastic bottle. First-stage filter removes large sediment and disagreeable odors, Second-stage cyst filter traps protozoa in a web of glass fiber and Third-stage ViruStat microbial cartridge kills bacteria and deactivates viruses with iodinated resin. This personal water purification system eliminates the need to carry or locate safe water, whether you are hiking, traveling abroad or contending with a flood or other emergency. Change the Cyst and Pre/Post Filters when water flow becomes constricted.


The raw material required for bottle is PET chips which are made in Pakistan and for cap we take PP bag which is available in market and its imported in market from Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Iran. These raw materials are put in the dryer to remove moisture and humidity. After that it's put in injection molding machine of 4 cavity mould which will make preform for bottle and final product of cap is obtained here. 4 cavity means that 4 preform will be made at a single time meaning 12 pieces per minute, 720/hr and 17280/day. After, the preform is made its put into the heating machine to make it warm in order to expand it. Next it goes into blowing machine which is of 2 cavity meaning per minute production is of 8 and per hour its 480 and 11,520/day. This is the stage where we get the bottle and after this the cartridge is fixed into the bottle.


The CELESTIAL MICRO Bottle is a practical drinking bottle with an integrated water filter. Prepare clean drinking water anytime and everywhere: Just fill the bottle and drink without pumping. Perfect for smaller amounts (e.g. for hiking, travelling or sports). The 3-phase water filter eliminates bacteria, protozoa, viruses and improves taste.


Market Segmentation

We will sell it primarily in Lahore. Our primary market is actually national and international - tourists who come to this area from all over the world. Our secondary market is local - household people or persons coming from out of town.

Market Demographics

The profile for the typical celestial customers consists of the following geographic, demographics and behavior factors.


Celestial has not set any specific target areas we can serve both local and international customer but for first year our target is Punjab after first year we will decide in what manner to expand our business.

The total targeted population is one million.


  • Gender : male and female
  • Age: 18 to 36
  • Income:50,000 and above
  • Family life cycle: individuals, family setups

Behavior factors

Users who don't prefer tap water over mineral or pure water. They only demand pure water. Users whose decisions are family and individual based.

Target market segmentation

We targeted

  • Youth,
  • Extrovert persons
  • Travelers

Market Needs

Water, we can't live without it. Pure, clean water is an absolute must for our survival.

Experts estimate that over 1 billion people lack safe drinking water. That's nearly a quarter of the world's population.

Each year, more than five million people die from water-related diseases; four million of them are children. You might be faced with a critical situation where lives hang in the balance. Finding safe water is just simply impractical or inconvenient.

There is acute need of water purification filter because of the common problem of contaminated water everywhere in Pakistan. Even if you think that you are drinking pure water there must be some form of contamination in water, it can be chlorine, bacteria's which can lead to severe diseases in body.

Quality craftsmanship:

The customers work hard for their money and do not worth spending it on disposable products that only work for a year or two. So for this reason we ensure them that they are spending money on the product which will work for years. They have to invest for this bottle only once. Spending Rs.6000 to provide clean drinking water to a family or an individual for years appears to be a high social return.

Well thought-out design:

The water purification market has not been addressed by well thought out product to serve customer need in Pakistan. Celestial industry experience and our personal dedication to the purification of water will provide it with the actual need to produce insightfully designed product. Our product's design is very appropriate by considering the compactness and comfort of water filter bottle.

Customer service: Exemplary a service is required to build a sustainable business that has a loyal customer base and we will make sure to provide that service.


Celestial will distinguish itself by marketing product not previously available in. In Pakistan the trend of filtration is more towards using mineral water to reduce the risk of using impure water. Clean water is everyone's need and one's right unlike any other product buy it or don't. So there is a world market for purification filters. The fastest growing segment in this area are travelers because somehow at home you can purify water by boiling but when one is outside one don't have any choice. So for these travelers this filter bottle is essential need to live a healthy life.

The trend of purification will grow because it's being introduced in Pakistan for first time. Here you don't have to buy extra filters with your water faucets and change filter again and again. In our filter bottles just add tap water, steam water or lake water and in second you will get pure water.


The global demand of filters is expected to expand 5.6% per year through 2010 to $45 billion. The filter market will be driven by a pickup in the world economy, growth in personal income, enhancement in building construction, increased water consumption, motor vehicle use, and rigorous environmental and product purity laws & regulations in a number of countries.

According to estimation, the sale in developing countries will outweigh the demand in America, European, and Japan. By 2010, China will exceed Japan to become the second biggest filter market behind United States. However US, Western Europe and Japan will remain the leaders in filter products consumption, accounting for almost 60% of the world demand. Some countries, which are also making their presence felt in the global filter industry, are India, Russia, Turkey, Indonesia, and Thailand.

As in Pakistan there is no such trend of micro filter bottles and our brand will start this trend in Pakistan. As more and more people are discovering and rediscovering the health benefits of pure water.

Industry Analysis

Being entrepreneur our product is an innovative design for the consumers which show that as such in Asia there is no such concept of filtration. After United States there are more chances of CHINA to lead afterwards. In Pakistan such type of filter bottles does not exist so it will be giving 80% market shares to us. We can go for vertical integration in a sense that in future we can make our own cartridge except of importing it from Switzerland.

Competition and main competitors

Celestial Company is forming its own market. Although there are few companies that can be main competitors of celestial but they are not the direct competitors if we go to local market only, because none of them has yet introduced such kind of filter cartridge fitted bottle. They only supply pure water for which you have to pay again and again but our filter bottles are something where you have to invest for once and for longer period of time. After many years in the market, these indirect competitors have yet to become direct competitors by manufacturing our kind of product.


There is zero level distribution for the first year; distribution of products from directs channels. Whole sellers are not included. After a year when we have to expand the business then there will be no zero level distribution. We will be promoting our products at different trade centers like (expo centre, stalls).


The strategies of our company are going to be simple and easy. We are producing a high quality bottle at high price.

Strategy pyramid Organizational Strategy

Our VISION is to develop our company on ethical and professional basis in order to steadily grow and become a valued contributor to the economy and respected corporate entity. Moreover, providing the consumers an easy way of getting superior water .

Our MISSION is to make water healthy for drinking by utilizing the cartridge for any sort of water whether salty or sweet.

Value proposition: We are proving our customers with the perceived benefits such as economical, functional and psychological. The customers will obtain those benefits in term of monetary, effort and psychological resources.

Competitive edge

First mover advantage:

We are first ones bringing such liquid filtration in Pakistan and this gives us a benefit over our competitors.

Innovative Idea:

This idea has not been presented by any other business previously. We on this bases gain a competitive advantage.

Environment friendly:

It does not have any effect on environment in fact it will keep people away from water diseases. It keeps the environment healthy and clean.


The Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal aspects influencing the celestial micro filter bottle should also be considered. Following are the factors that may affect our company.


  • Political instability
  • Social unrest can harm our business operations.
  • Changing Government policies can create ambiguities.


  • High Inflation rate.
  • Devaluation of money.
  • Decreasing GDP growth rate.
  • A high Interest rate resulting in inactive economic activities.


  • People are unaware of the product and the technology.
  • Due to high inflation rate people are under stress.


  • Resistance to adapt new advanced technology.
  • Availability of our components


  • Our product is environment friendly.
  • Using e- ride will not at all harm any environment factor.


  • Import duty and other taxes.



  1. Innovative product
  2. First mover advantage
  3. Environmental friendly
  4. Patent
  5. No direct competitor


  • Distribution system
  • Low awareness
  • New brand


  • Low tariff
  • Franchising
  • Government support
  • Inflation rate


  • Increase in tax slut
  • High inflation rate
  • New entrant

Marketing strategy

4 P's (Product, price, place and promotion)


Our product is celestial micro filter bottle.

  • It is easy-to-carry, easy-to-use water filter.
  • The Micro's filter lives inside the water bottle, so you've got a lightweight, maintenance-free means for acquiring clean water anywhere.
  • The Micro's bite valve keeps you safe with a hands-free, no leak method for drinking from the bottle.

Pricing strategy

Our pricing strategies are:

Mark up on cost: Markup of 10 percent to cost is added which is increasing 5% each year and after 5 years it's going to remain same.







  • We initially have introduced our product in Lahore.
  • Super market and markets like Al-fatha Hkb, Port pori, chen one, Macro , Metro, Hyper Star If someone wishes to buy aqua filter directly from us our main office is available at 15 kilometers Rewind road Lahore


Promotion objects

  • Our primary object to promote is that when our campaign will start, 80 % of our target market becomes aware from our product.
  • Our secondary object is to create perception of our brand to our customers.
  • Retention of our customers is also our object to promote.

We are doing promotion by


  • Spiderbles
  • Reader digest
  • Aurora
  • Times

Print media

In starting of our product launch our advertisement will run on TV in every three days. So that people can get aware of our product. But with the passage of time.

Bill boards

People get more aware from bill boards while traveling on roads. That's the biggest source we can attract people towards our product.

BCG Matrix

In the beginning, our product will grow rapidly it will fall in star. But in third and fourth year our product will fall in cash cows. Growth will become slow but relatively market share of our product become high.


One of the most important parts of the business plan will be sales management. Sales management is the process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling of personal contact program to achieve the sales and profit objectives of the firm.

For our business sales management is very important for this purpose we have 8 sales persons who will create our customer with personal selling. They will emphasis on making transactions and creating relation with our customers. They will be promoting our product by moving around on x-series or s-series, making the people aware of it. They will be wearing special shirts and jackets on which our contact number will be printed so that the attracted customer can easily contact us.

They will help to spread a good word of mouth. They will be convincing the high level management of different organization and institute, which will recommend there worker to use our product.

Special compensation will be given on fixed amount of sale done by individual sales person.


Success on the Internet is not just about "putting up a website". It's about building an effective online marketing solution.

There are millions of commercial websites out there, but in fact a very small percentage of them get found in the search engines and actually achieve their objective, if indeed they had one at all!

Before we start planning our site we must decide what the objective of our site will be. Without an objective, our website will end up being just another me too "brochure" style site that no one ever visits.

So we decide what we want our website to achieve

As our business is newly started so we want to advertise or promote our business or products through internet. In our website, visitors can view everything related to our business and products and also direct sale, a sales enquiry is also on our website.

We have set our objective so we go about creating a site that will lead our visitor to achieve that objective.

Time to start doing a little research on the marketplace we are about to jump into.

Our potential customers (elite class) are not looking for us. They are looking for information, and solutions to problems. So now we get our business in front of these information-seekers, give them the information they are looking for and then offer them our products or services as solutions to their problems.

Our site is largely determined by how well it ranks in the natural search engine results.

We follow four steps to develop our website

Step 1

Domain name

First we decide on a domain name for our company (www.Innovators.com.pk)

Step 2

Cost of our website

Our website is a truly professional Web site, so we hire a professional firm. The firm called "SEO". Web developers do more than just code HTML. They help us decide what information to place on our site. Create graphics, logos and other marketing collateral. Connect our site to databases and e-commerce systems and add multimedia and other types of content. Our web development teams include a dozen or more people, each with a particular specialty.

The professional firm cost is still expensive. We pay 20,000 Rs. to SEO for a professional business Web site designed for our company with a proven track record. For website developing, they will give these services to us;

Customized Website Template

Free Domain Name Registration

Search Engine Friendly URL

Contact Us/Feedback Form

7 Static HTML Pages

We give 5,000 monthly to SEO for maintaining our website. In that they will give services of;

Graphics update

Text update

Updates on daily basis

Updates via email

Free support

Step 3

Constructing our website

So we purchased our domain name and hosting and hired a professional to help with creating the website, you might also consider having professional copy writing done. There is no use in having a visually pleasing website with less than professional text. We take this step seriously as poorly written text on a website can spell doom for first time viewers and give off an unprofessional appearance for our whole company. We focuses on that our designer and copywriter should work with us to achieve success with developing our website.

Our web site is primarily for promoting their products or services and keeping their name in front of the public

We followed these steps during constructing our website with the help of our web developer team "SEO".

  • Less can be more, so don't overcrowd a Web page.
  • We are selling items, so we make sure our product photos are large enough to see clearly.
  • We try to illustrate the key features.
  • We title each page so that they are easily located by the user and by search engines.
  • We make each page easy to navigate.
  • we always have readers click to get more information
  • We make the home page the center of activity.
  • We clearly define the purpose of the site and create an image on our home page.
  • We provide customer service, phone numbers, and contact information that clearly illustrates an accessible business behind the site.
  • We make sure the color of our text is easy to read against the background we've selected.
  • We experiment with different colors to see which creates the best presentation.
  • We regularly double-check all links often to make sure they work.
  • We make sure the site loads quickly. Don't let graphics slow it down. Be diligent about copyright usage and also we make sure that we have the rights to all information we are posting.

Unlike the line in the movie Field of Dreams, "If you build it, they will come," to attract visitors towards our website we register our website with several search engines and promote the site on all company literature, with all sales, and on all advertising and promotion pieces.

Step 4

As our site is complete, we remember that it should grow with our business. We update and edit the site periodically to keep it up to date. Also, insure that to incorporate the website in our other marketing efforts.

Website domain name



Flat Organizational structure:

This new approach implies that workers, like managers, will need to become more flexible, tackling shifting responsibilities and undertaking a certain amount of re-education and retraining. Probably the shift brings a certain amount of workers empowerment. Taking a vertical/hierarchical organization and eliminating middle management does not make a horizontal organization. The skills possessed by middle management, to collect and analyze, to ensure corporate vision is met and referral to the most relevant decision makers are required in any organization. In a true horizontal organization, these are performed either by front line personnel or senior management, depending on appropriateness. None of these skills come naturally. They require talent, education, training and practice. In a horizontal organization, attention is paid to making sure that these skills are present. This takes time, planning and work.

Fundamental Principles of the Horizontal Organization:

Our twelve fundamental guiding principles for creating horizontal organizations are the following:

The first five principles concern the design of the organization:

  1. Organize around cross-functional core processes.
  2. Install process owners
  3. Make teams, not individuals, the cornerstone of organizational design and performance.
  4. Integrate with customers and suppliers.
  5. Decrease hierarchy by eliminating non-value-added work and by giving team members the authority to make decisions.

The next seven principles concern the institutionalization of the change:

  1. Build a corporate culture of openness, cooperation, and collaboration, a culture that focuses on continuous performance improvement and values employee empowerment, responsibility, and well-being.
  2. Empower people by giving them the tools, skills, motivation and authority they need.
  3. Use information technology to help people reach performance objectives and deliver the value proposition to the customer.
  4. Measure for end-of-process performance objectives as well as customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and financial contribution.
  5. Redesign functional departments or areas to work as partners in process performance with core process groups.
  6. Emphasize multiple competencies and train people to handle issues and work productively in cross-functional areas.
  7. Promote multi-skilling, the ability to think creatively and respond flexibly to challenges that arise in the work that teams do.

All core processes lead to one end objective: Creating and delivering something of value to the customer.

Management team

A management team is directly responsible for managing day to day operations of company.

CEO-Chief executive officer being top manager will be responsible for the entire operations of the firm and reports directly to the chairman and board of directors. It is the CEO's responsibility to implement board decisions and maintain smooth running of the operations. CEO will be the company president also and will be one of the inside directors.


COO is responsible for the corporation's operations and will look after issues related to marketing, sales, production and personnel. He will be looking after day to day activities while providing feedback to the CEO. He is often referred as senior vice president.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO):

He will be looking after all the financial data, reporting financial performance and preparing budgets and monitoring expenditures and costs. All analysis and review will be done by him. All the information is provided at regular intervals to shareholders and board of directors. Financial health and integrity all will be overlooked by him.

Identifying and Closing Team-Gaps:

The on-the-job behavior that helps a group accomplish its mission or, alternatively, what gets in the way can be organized into four major categories: Cultural Norms, Cultural Norms include all the behavior in a group that encourages or discourages adapting to today's complex and dynamic world, helping one another to change and improve (by giving positive and negative feedback to one another), continually learning new ideas and trying new ways of doing things, constantly striving to improve performance, and trusting other work groups and departments in the organization (including top management). A team-gap in Cultural Norms suggests that the actual functioning of the group on these "unwritten rules of behavior" is different from what is desired.

People Management includes all the behavior in a work group that encourages or discourages appreciating differences among group members (including differences in personality, motivation, and performance), keeping members informed about all the things that affect them (via the boss), respecting others' egos and nurturing self-esteem, freely sharing ideas and opinions during group meetings (with no fear of ridicule or criticism), and communicating no defensively. A team-gap in People Management indicates that the actual interpersonal interactions among group members are at odds with what is desired.

Problem Management includes all the behavior that encourages or discourages clarifying the group's goals and objectives, involving other people and work groups that have relevant information and expertise to solve problems, defining problems before taking action, analyzing assumptions when problems are complex (or are recurring), examining problems in an open and thorough manner (via the boss), and taking responsibility for decisions and actions. A team-gap in Problem Management indicates that the group's actual approach to addressing its problems is different from what is desired.

Time Management includes all the behavior in the work group that encourages or discourages clarifying and adjusting job priorities, planning how projects and activities will be coordinated, planning and organizing work group meetings and group discussions, setting the proper example for time management (via the boss), gaining the contribution of the quieter members in the group, and analyzing and improving group processes. A team-gap in Time Management suggests that the group's actual use of its time is different from its desired use the individuals in any work group have a great deal of knowledge and experience. But the bottom-line question is: Will all this available.

Talent in the group is used to manage business, technical, and organizational problems or will the expertise and information be wasted? This survey allows your work group to identify what might be getting in the way of its daily functioning. Part 1 of the survey asks all members to indicate the actual functioning of their group. Part 2 asks all members to indicate the desired functioning of their group. The difference between the actual and desired is defined as a team-gap, which can be significant for one or more of the four gaps: Cultural Norms, People Management, Problem Management, and Time Management.

Once a work group (or department) has surveyed its team-gaps, taking special note of any team-gaps that are significant (or highly significant), it is in the best position to close its gaps. First the group should discuss what impact its significant team-gaps are having on its daily functioning. Next the group should examine the root causes of these team-gaps: How did these barriers to success come into being and what keeps them alive? Then the group should derive alternative solutions for closing its team-gaps, pick one or more solutions, and develop action plans to implement the chosen solutions. Finally, the group must implement its action plans and carefully monitor the results of its efforts.

After several months of working to close its identified team-gaps, the work group can use the Team-Gap Survey again to assess the results of its efforts. Having each group member respond to the survey a second time will provide a sound basis for noting which team-gaps have been closed (have become insignificant) and which ones need more attention.

The Team-Gap Survey takes only twenty minutes to complete and another ten minutes or so to graph the Team-Gap Profile of a work group of five to fifteen members. Graphs are also available to show the Team-Gap Profiles of larger departments and the entire organization.

Management Personnel Plan:


Management Personnel Plan is an integrated personnel system addressing the employment rights, benefits, and conditions of our firm. The Management Personnel Plan includes four grade levels each with a salary delimited by minimum and maximum rates of salary determined by the CEO and approved by the Board of Trustees on the basis of comparative salary data from competitive public and private organizations. The salary ranges may be reviewed and adjusted as the CEO and the Trustees deem appropriate.

a. The Chancellor or designee shall assign each Management Personnel Plan position to one of the four grade levels within the Management Personnel Plan. The assignment of a position to a particular grade level shall be based on an assessment of the skills, knowledge, and other qualifications needed to satisfactorily perform the positions assigned duties as well as the nature and complexity of the program or organizational unit managed or supervised by the position, the scope of management or supervisorial responsibility, job demands, extent of independent decision making authority, accountability, and impact of policies administered and/or decisions made.

b. The CEO or designee may review and change the grade level to which a position in the Management Personnel Plan has been assigned using the criteria of subdivision (b). A Management Personnel Plan position shall remain in the grade level to which the position is assigned until a different grade level is assigned by the Chancellor or designee.

Salary Administration:

a. The appointing power may review and adjust a Management Personnel Plan employee's salary and perquisites. Such adjustment shall be based on the appointing power's evaluation of the employee's merit and the appointing powers need and shall be within funds allocated to the appointing power for such purpose. Adjustments of salary or perquisites or both salary and perquisites of a Management Personnel Plan employee shall be in accordance with a merit evaluation plan developed and administered by the appointing power.

b. The CEO shall budget a lump sum of money to each branch and to the headquarters office to support salary increases within funds available for this purpose. The President, as appropriate, shall determine the frequency and amount of salary and perquisite adjustments for Management Personnel Plan employees. An annual report of all employee compensation action taken shall be submitted by the campus President to the CEO or designee.

Evaluation Plan:

These appointing power shall develop and evaluation plan outlining criteria and procedures for consideration of individual salary adjustments. Evaluation plans require standards of expectation for each grade level against which superior, average, or unsatisfactory performance can be gauged, and against which the amount of a pay increase, if any, can be determined. The evaluation plan requires criteria that will assure equity in pay based on merit factors, including quality, productivity, and the like.

Management Personnel Plan employees shall be evaluated after three months. The criteria and process for evaluation shall be determined by the appointing power. Evaluations shall also form the basis for recommendations for management development, professional leaves or other activities related to career development and upward mobility.

Employment Status:

A Management Personnel Plan employee shall not serve a probationary period and shall not receive permanent status.

A Management Personnel Plan employee who was serving a probationary period may be awarded permanent status by the appointing power upon the successful conclusion of the probationary period. Except in the case of layoff, the President or Chancellor, as appropriate, shall give a Management Personnel Plan employee notice of termination at least three months prior to the employee's separation date or shall give a Management Personnel Plan employee corresponding salary in lieu of notice.


The appointing power may promote a Management Personnel Plan employee to a position with greater compensation either within the grade level to which the employee's position is assigned or to a different grade level. A promotion may be made after the appointing power has determined that the promotion is appropriate in light of its evaluation of the employee and the needs of our firm. A promotion shall be made to a position which has been duly established by the Chancellor or designee, assigned by the Chancellor or designee to the appropriate grade level, and made available by the Chancellor or designee for use by the appointing power. Promotion actions will be in accordance with affirmative action guidelines and objectives.


The appointing power may assign a Management Personnel Plan employee to different duties in the same position or may reassign a Management Personnel Plan employee to a different position either within or outside of the grade level or the Plan when the appointing power determines that such assignment or reassignment is in the best interests of our firm.

Holidays, Vacation, and Sick Leave:

a. Vacation. A Management Personnel Plan employee shall accumulate vacation at a rate of 2 days per qualifying pay period. Any vacation which the appointing power allows to accumulate beyond the maximum shall be taken in the first quarter of the next calendar year. Vacation shall be taken as directed or authorized by the appointing power and shall be scheduled by mutual agreement whenever possible.

b. Sick Leave. A Management Personnel Plan employee shall accumulate 8 hours of credit for sick leave with pay following completion of one month of continuous service. Thereafter for each additional calendar month of service, one day of credit for sick leave with pay shall be allowed. Sick leave may be accumulated without limit. Each Management Personnel Plan employee may be required by the appointing power to provide proof satisfactory to the appointing power of the necessity of taking sick leave.

Professional Development:

a. Professional development, maintenance of currency in the field, and professional improvement are normal requirements for retention and advancement in a position in the Management Personnel Plan. Each Management Personnel Plan employee is responsible to maintain currency in the field and to develop and improve management skills.

b. A Management Personnel Plan employee may participate in programs and activities determined by the appointing power to develop, update or improve the employee's management or supervisory skills. The programs and activities may include professional leaves, administrative exchanges, academic coursework and seminars. A Management Personnel Plan employee may participate in a program or activity only after the employee's participation has been approved by the appointing power and only to the extent that funds are available for this purpose.


The Chancellor or the President, as appropriate, may prescribe an informal means of hearing complaints from Management Personnel Plan employees who serve in the Headquarters Office The informal procedures so prescribed shall be the exclusive administrative remedy available to a Management Personnel Plan employee to address the employee complaints or to seek reconsideration of any personnel decision allegedly adverse to the interests of the employee.

Paid Administrative Leave:

A Management Personnel Plan employee may be granted or placed on paid administrative leave by the CEO under either of the following circumstances:

Up to sixty (60) calendar days of paid administrative leave for reasons related to (1) the safety or health of employees, (2) the prevention of the disruption of programs and/or operations, (3) an investigation of alleged misconduct by the employee or the employee's significant job performance issues or, (4) the best interest of the company. Such leave may be extended by the CEO for up to an additional sixty (60) calendar days in extraordinary circumstances deemed by the CEO to warrant such an extension;




  1. It is a private limited company having five shareholders with share capital of each amounting Rs. 3,213,417/-
  2. Innovators launching a new product in Pakistan
  3. Land area about 40,000 square feet (1-acer)
  4. The land situated at Industrial area.
  5. No borrowing from bank and any other financial Institution getting by the company
  6. Plant and Machinery a second hand, but in good condition.
  7. Depreciation is charged 5% on land, building, plant and machinery and 2% on furniture and vehicles. Then accumulated depreciation is taken.
  8. All material and machinery purchased locally except cartridge which is imported @ 33$ per piece including all taxes.
  9. Company planning to sale 2000 bottles per annum with the growth rate of 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and then remaining constant from 2010 onwards.
  10. The cost of local material for bottle around Rs. 76/- per kg including sales tax @ 16%.
  11. The cost of local material for caps of the bottle around Rs. 132/- per kg including sale tax @ 16%.
  12. It is assumed that the power & electricity expenses of amounting Rs. 80,000/- per month (960,000 per annum).
  13. It is assumed that all the expenses will be increase @ 5% with accumulated factor.
  14. It is assumed that all the share holder working in the project and getting salary equally of amounting Rs. 20,000/- per month with the increment of Rs. 5,000/- per year.
  15. Administration expenses including Office staff, cleaning staff and Security staff.
  16. Selling expenses including marketing and advertisement expenses of this product.
  17. Worker Participation Provident Fund (WPPF) charge @ 5% and worker welfare fund (WWF) as per charge @ 2% of profit before tax as per local law of Pakistan.
  18. All the purchases on cash basis, but some sale on credit basis that create the receivables in balance sheet.
  19. There is no current liability because all the purchases made by company on cash basis and no financial charges.
  20. The income tax charge @ 35% as per Income Tax Law of Pakistan being a private limited company.
  21. 60% dividend is paid on net profit for common share holders and in the fifth year its 65%.
  22. The cost of capital is 16% by considering the KIBOR (Karachi Interbank Offered Rate) 12.5%, its risk free rate and in it 3.5 % market rate is added, it's an economic assumption. Beta is not considered as our project has no direct competitors its sensitivity analysis can't be done.



1 kg= 2 BOTTLES

1000 kg = 2000 BOTTLES

Rs 76/ kg

76/2= Rs 38 per unit


(76/2)*2000*1.16= Rs 88,160 (for year 2010)


I bag of PP of 25 kg= Rs 3300

1 kg= 3300/25= Rs 132

1 kg = 10 caps

132/10= Rs13.2 per cap


13.2*2000= Rs 26,400 (for year 2010)

The rate of increasing raw material and caps cost is 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%.


1 Marla=250 Square Foot

1 Canal= 20 Marla

1 Canal= 20*250=5000SqFt

8 canal= 40,000SqFt


Selling to a Friendly Buyer

If you've become emotionally attached to what you've built, even easier than liquidating your business is the option of passing ownership to another true believer who will preserve your legacy. Interested parties might include customers, employees, children or other family members.

Of course, the buyer needn't come from outside. we can also sell your business to current employees or managers. Often in this kind of sale, the seller finances the sale and lets the buyer pay it off over time. The purest friendly buyout occurs when the business is passed down to the family.


  • We know them. They know us. There's less due diligence required.
  • Our buyer will most likely preserve what's important to us about the business.
  • If management buys the business, they have a commitment to making it work.
  • Selling to family makes good on that regrettable offhand promise made 30 years ago, "Someday, son/daughter, all this will be yours."


There are various risk factors also involved in this product.

Low market share :

As currently our product is just going to launch very first time in Pakistan that's why it has a low market share, many of the people may have no knowledge about this technology that's why rather less buyers in the beginning.

High Cost :

Due to high cost there is a risk involved that less people will able to buy this product. Specially middle class people thinks many times before buying this product. So, there must be some views regarding this product usage, durability and life must be given to them, that they can be easily convinced to buy this product.

Marketing Issue :

As this product is specially targeting to youngsters and travelers, So the risk involved in selling the product.