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The topic given to us is over business ethics and human rights standards for workers. This topic was a real time related and a very interesting one whereby I had cover a number of macro level and companies wide issues in understanding how companies follow and implement ethics while also focusing money making at the same time. As in general it is thought that making money in business will scramble the ethical part since money making involve usage of shortcuts and exploitation in all means. But the current project gave me the opportunity to understand all such issues over businesses their governance model, ethics in place and also over the human rights element. During the project work, I was involved in a number of discussions with my fellow students and faculty who made me understand the topic clearly and in detail.

Recollecting experience

I got myself involved in four different stages to complete the project work as I started first with exploring the project and topic, researching over it, worked on analysis and representations, and documented the whole work. This has been a successful work that ended as a good experience and I recollect the way how I began with it and how I concluded.

Exploring the project topic and initiation

The day when I started with this topic, I was supposed to work with and in coordination of a small group of my mates. And as I started, I felt I was working with a group of energetic and knowledge filled set of people who have reasonable knowledge in several global business aspects. Once then I got this topic which is all about business ethics and human rights standards for workers, which initially felt to be a dry topic. Later I began by work on board with some exploration on internet to understand about the topic. Once began it, I attended few sessions and workshops that were related to my topic and got a reasonable amount of idea over it to which my faculty have provided polishing with in detail explanation when and where applicable and as per my queries. All such time that I had spent had really helped me in developing ideas to go ahead with my study over the topic. As I had a number of questions in mind over how to start the work and what best possible way, I also got needed guidance over conducting research and also about the sources that I need to consider in compiling such data. I was told that the sources which I use for project should be authenticated and genuine as if I had to work on a government organization, I must be considering only such articles and websites that are directly related to it. Also been told that the sources I considered include paper published both national and international, magazines and research case studies. All the accumulated time I had spent on knowing about how to do a project have clearly helped me in finishing the project with out serious issues. My group had helped me in working over my work through needed guidance, as I gradually progressed in trying to research and the time I faced certain hurdles, I got them solved by my friend who gave required help not just in doing it but also in connecting and searching through a number of key terms. I faced difficulty in finding the a range of sources that are required and also here my group assisted me in resolving issues without delay as they helped me in finding out globally associated websites that are related to the topic such as the website of International Labor Organization (formally called as the ILO). Also my group helped me understand how to set myself with objectives which would be my findings, the out come of entire case study. As I proceeded it was all smooth going in exploring the project topic which resulted in completion of the work.


Research was an important part in completing this project as it was the core and critical aspect of all. Basic research was all easy and good going for beginning the project work as I was looking at exploring a number of websites and articles, but the main problem I faced was to find exactly relevant articles and websites which would relate the topic I had in hand. This process for research had almost consumed twenty to twenty five days in total out of the entire project duration. As this was a new topic I was not in contrast, but as I spent time over all, I understood that the research would not come easy unless it is done smartly using certain key words. The day when I started the research process I had go easily over, as felt the difficulty in a number of ways that was mainly due to my low research skill where by I found incorrect or inappropriate documents, files and PDFs. As I tried to find latest of all, I has only manage website where I should be paying amounts to get articles i.e., those websites were for pay per use or with some subscriptions. Hence I felt low as I had only managed very few such articles which meet my requirement. I made my difficulty solved in a number of ways, first I shared my problem areas with my friends who actuated the problem and gave important suggestions like using certain data keywords using which I had refined my search capability. As I had only manage very few and minimum relevant articles, I felt I was getting deviated over from the actual project topic, where as I had approached my group members they again helped in sorting out the problems and have helped me in finding libraries and company websites which would suit my project, and rightly so, I was able to pick my pace and had got going again. As in the time of difficulty, I was feeling uncertain of completing the project work as I was bit worried over getting right and useful information but once on the verge of going ahead, I found all in good deal as I had manage finding a number of such websites through refined research process that became an important part of my entire project work and were really supplement on a key note. During the entire research process, I was well received and guided by my group members and faculty who have directed me in the needed directions.

Analysis and representation

The next procedure after research was to analytically connect and represent the data work that I had gathered so far. It was not an easy task as out of the entire data I had, I had to carefully choose which best suits for the research. As there was a huge amount of data in the article that are not really associated with my project title, it kept me in a dilemma and I was hugely confused to conclude over things. I had resolve everything once I prepared a project blue print where by I selected my points and created a project outline considering all such things and elements that would normally require to compile the entire project. Analysis was just not easy for me as I began it slowly and I felt it will bounce a number of times over my mind. As I was not too good in compiling and accumulating and giving shape to the data collected, I had consulted a friend of mine who works in the corporate governance department of a multinational organization, who had really clarified several things as this topic of mine is very closely related to his daily job. He helped me in a number of ways like how I should think over individual companies and what elements I should search for in companies with respect to their governance issues and others related. He also suggested me the key points that are covered under the corporate governance, ethics and related aspects in company and also in general. As I had began understanding how to analyze the entire project and how to correct where ever it was necessary I faced some difficulties where I felt I should get rid of this project work as the topic I was dealing was too deep and needs high amount of clarifications. The work was also supported by a number of other factors like the timelines that I had to finish the project with the expected level of research and analysis. I began interpreting the date in a format in which I planned before in a blue print. The planned structure of the project work helped me a lot to analyze as per the requirements and go ahead with the same plan. With upholding my morale and backing up myself, I had simplify all such difficulties through determination as I steadily began interpreting in a good manner while connecting things and also giving priorities to the topics where ever applicable. During the entire analysis and documentation process, I was made to take a number of decisions which were so important that had defined my project outcome. I was reasonably guided by my group members and the faculty in these respects and also the corporate governance professional working for an MNC gave valuable inputs required for interpretation and analysis work.


The final step in project work was documentation process. Documentation the prolonged process in all as it consumed almost 20 days with lot of time on job. Initially I felt it won't be an easy task to prepare a project report considering my experience in doing it and ideas as well. But I soon realized that it won't be possible for me to document unless I prioritize the data documentation which involves in putting around 12,000 words in place with neat phrases, language and topic connectivity as a whole. Once I started with a plan in mind over treating text with priorities, I felt it is good going which ultimately led in the completion off documentation process. As I progressed through the project work, I experienced the entire task to be insisted to me by my faculty prior and started relating the same in a number of ways as my faculties briefing given at the beginning of project has proved so much helpful, which knowingly of unknowingly took an influence on me in going forward. Another such reason that driven me through the documentation process was I had maintain the higher standards of information and its representation. As I began to understand the project, the work associated with it, I also began exploring deep into all possibilities of though process of varied authors who already have worked on this topic before I did. I was relieved in a number of ways and was free from any kind of stress due to the level of guidance that my group members have given to me, who have explained in a varied ways in depth such that I had easily understand the basic process that involves in project compilation to documentation is a clear understanding on all. Basically I felt it difficult to go on with the entire project work as I had faced problems with sources of data been secured with passwords and locks, which created some king of problem for me to copy any kind of content that was required during my work. Though I had to face these many difficulties, I had managed to complete the documentation successfully.

Personal learning's and how I felt throughout

As I had mentioned in a number of places throughout the report various efforts have been combined which resulted in this project completion. Since I had laid procedures and steps throughout, they all gave a thorough grip over working over project and had changed my view over understanding and interpreting at the same time. I got a great amount of understanding regarding various elements in running businesses through following ethics, logical policies and governance. Also, since I worked in a group, it gave me the feel of being dynamic and as a team player while responding to the needs of a team while also reciprocating with each other as per the requirement. The level of skill that I acquired from my group members, faculty and others involved in guiding me made my process easy in completing the project report efficiently. Initially it took some time for me to understand the requirement of searching sources and responding with the same while capturing required amount data. It took more than twenty days for me to focus on the objective of project work and there on to do proper research. For the entire period I was involved in a good amount of discussions with all my group members, staff and other professionals where by I accumulated required expertise and thoughts that kept me going for successful completion of the project work. And the most important thing that I learnt throughout the work experience is the time management aspect and effective project execution that not just helped me in completing project in time but would also help me as a management professional.

Learning experiences and grouped dynamics:

I felt extremely happy and fortunate to have got a chance in working with such a knowledge found team/group which supported me throughout the project process. The entire group has provided me a number of needy inputs ranging from initiation of project, understanding it and till execution of same in the form of documentation. The whole group offered all such technical subject wise assistance when and where required and was also given with experts advise from a corporate governance professional. All such data inputs have proved valuable to me as all of them have clearly molded me into a real team player where I just did not received assistance but also used myself into exploring my other group members' individual projects, which was very important in working in a group. I involved all my group members to bring up any possible solution to my problem areas as I had also put reasonable amount of efforts that required into clear exploration of ideas. For the entire support received from all, I give my sincere thanking to all of them.

Lessons for future

During the entire project duration, I clearly felt the need of developing in a number of areas. Therefore, correcting while proper learning and execution made me a better individual in understanding the concepts and made me an improved professional which taught me dealing project in time. I here by take a number of positives while realizing the focus areas where I should improve on in future.

Time management

During the project work in some instances, I had wasted time which though was not intentional but had have been avoided. I attended few meetings a bit late which I realize not to repeat the same in future. I should improvise in this regard at the earliest and should act well in meeting all kinds of my timelines.

Interpersonal skills

I feel I need to change my ability to interact with others in a free flow manner making clear the flow of speech while passing all the required information without hesitations. I should also involve in prolonged communications with others as and when required. This is one the key improvement areas for me and I believe I must rectify it at the earliest.

Improving self belief and analytical skills

As per the project duration is concerned, I have observed a number of loopholes in myself, which mostly I have successfully came out of. But there are still some which are needed to be rectified with possibly the lesser tile at consumption. It includes my self belief and confidence without which any challenge or task is possible to be accomplished. Also I feel there is a need to improve my understanding capabilities and analytical skills.


The paper describes my work experiences while compiling the entire project. I assessed a number of aspects that are crucial in any part of work and also look forward for a great amount of improvement in future commitments. I thank my faculty for their support through the duration, without whose guidance I wouldn't have successfully done this work.