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Euro Disney is justification of the important role of HR as a strategic partner. It was the lack of HR strategic management that led to the numerous mistakes in the Euro Disney's project development. Lack of awareness of the French culture, the French labor laws, the business risks, and the lack of training and assigning the right personnel were all factors that contributed to the failure of Walt Disney in Europe. The moral of the story is that if a company wants to be successful in today's competitive and culturally diverse

world, a company's decisions should be carefully aligned with a company's strategy. In this respect, if a company's HR management is aligned with a company's strategy, it holds the key to the company's success in the host country. HR professionals increase the capacity of a business to execute its strategies and to execute them well.( International Business & Economics Research Journal - January 2009 Volume 8, Number 1 77 )

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U.S. Mint


To demonstrate its commitment to human capital, agency leadership at the U.S. Mint (Mint) has supported several initiatives involving the use of human capital flexibilities. According to officials at the Mint, the full support of agency leadership was attained for these initiatives that were pursued for their strategic value and alignment with business goals. The Mint has pursued approaches in the areas of recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining talent, increasing the flexibility of the workforce, and respecting and rewarding employees.( U.S. General Accounting Office, Management Reform: Elements of Successful Improvement Initiatives. GAO/T-GGD-00-26 (Washington, D.C.: October 15 1999).

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Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Because of the varying needs of managers at different program and regional offices, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) refers to its personnel specialists as account representatives in an attempt to integrate the human capital function into management teams. Approximately 5 years ago, the Office of Human Resources within NRC attained its goal of providing full service operations by creating one-stop shopping for its clients.

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Internal Revenue Service


In response to the Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 (Restructuring Act), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has taken several steps toward modernizing its organizational structure and its performance management system.a The Restructuring Act led IRS to adopt a new mission statement that places greater importance on serving the public and meeting taxpayer needs, developing and implementing a reorganization plan, and enhancing taxpayers' rights. In responding to the requirements of the Restructuring Act, IRS has begun to align human capital approaches to assist in accomplishing its strategic goal of improved customer service

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Air Force Materiel Command


The Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) has taken steps toward improving the collection and use of its human capital data to manage the risk it faces in light of retirement eligibility projections and the potential loss of institutional memory by developing plans for reshaping its workforce to meet its future business needs. The mission of AFMC, the largest employer of civilians in the Air Force, is to develop, deliver, and sustain the best products for the Air Force.

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State Department


Widespread shortfalls in the human capital area have contributed to demonstrable shortfalls in agency and program performance in the information technology (IT) area governmentwide. To address its challenge, the State Department is making targeted investments in its IT workforce to ensure it has the critical skills and competencies on hand for mission accomplishment through the use of retention and skill development strategies.a(aU.S. General Accounting Office, Human Capital: Meeting the Governmentwide High-Risk ChallengeGAO-01-357T (Washington, D.C.: February 1, 2001).

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Department of Agriculture


A number of agencies across the federal government have made a business case for additional human capital flexibilities. Lessons learned during a demonstration project at the Department of Agriculture are currently under consideration for broader applicability in the area of hiring flexibilities.

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National Institutes of Health


As suggested above, agencies are taking different steps to create cultures that empower employees, are inclusive of different work styles, and resolve workplace disputes effectively. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of the Ombudsman is an integral part of the agency's strategy to create a fair, equitable, and nondiscriminatory workplace.

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The Veterans Health



One tool available to agencies for aligning individual employee expectations with agency goals is the executive performance agreement. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) has used performance agreements between career executives and the Under Secretary for Health since 1996.a For staff at lower levels, agreements are being cascaded to varying extents.